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The Soup That Sang


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   Never before had anyone seen or heard of anything quite as tantalizingly as a singing soup. Quartermaster Irving Doublepawn didn't really know what to expect when a bowl of soup began to belt out old showtunes like "Bye Bye Birdie" and "Oklahoma!" out of the blue. This was unusual, even for Irving. That was not to say Irving regularly stumbled upon singing soups but other strange things did seems to always be happening around him. For starters there was that exploding frog last July and that damned disembodied foot that kept kicking footballs through his windows and blaming it on the cat. What a man was supposed to do in this situation depended on the actual man and the situation. This occassion required heavy -duty weirdness deducing powers of a kind seldom seen by normal men, but envied by all followers of the paranormal.
-"...Spinach and termayters!", the
soup exclaimed in a rich, sonorous baritone, whereupon Irving dropped his spoon and exploded.



The Soup That Sang

Anders Bylund
2004-05-18, 14:13:25

Anders Bylund
2004-05-18, 14:13:16

Anders Bylund
2004-05-18, 14:12:50
Um, I need to get the Oklahoma! lyrics off the writing page. So here goes...

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