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It all started when a few high school students found class to fall short of fulfilling deep-rooted emotional needs, and they needed a creative outlet. A piece of paper was shuffled around, and a few words at a time added, first in a haphazard fashion, then by strict rules. Not only did this activity provide relief from terminal boredom, but it also produced an invaluable by-product:

Really freakin' funny stories.

As the sophistication and epic scope of these fictional marvels increased, the simple notebook sheet turned into a three-ring binder, brimming with borderline insane prose. However, those days are long gone.

The end of high school looked like the end of Stafettskrivning, and the world wept, for a great beauty was no more. Until now.

A decade later, the tradition returns, revived, resurgent, and ready to kick some ass. The core team of original authors have joined forces with new talent across two continents, and have resumed the creation of what may be the finest collection of textual comedy since P.G. Wodehouse. Inherent in the rules is a blatant disregard for traditional narrative structure and logic, but there is indeed both structure and logic here. It's just not the same old boring kind everyone is used to. If this was a book, it might have had Terry Pratchett, Monty Python, Douglas Adams, or Povel Ramel embossed on its spine, but it isn't, and they didn't write it.

So go now and partake of this feast of the unfettered mind, this carnival of half-baked and twice-baked ideas, this joyous expression of human ingenuity. We're done here.





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