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You should not have any other commitments than the ones provided by the Department.
2. You should never speak ill of your Vice-Chancellor, Director of Studies, or Faculty Dean unless they have screwed up, which is unlikely by definition.
3. You should not use the logotype of the University in situations where other graphical elements display even partial nudity.
4. You should not take for granted that your office is cleaned by authorized personnel only.
5. You should never fool yourself thinking that you are more clever than a professor.
6. Gosh, what a stinker!

andy | 2004-09-26, 17:27:52
Sorry, Lad, but apart from your priceless twist "by authorized personnel only" (which made my day at the time - thank you!) I'm fed up with the blandness of this one. Let's co-write a much better one at our next Faculty meeting instead...
andreas | 2004-08-23, 07:59:35
Yup. Why limit yourself to one style, when you can have two for twice the price?
andy | 2004-08-23, 06:20:05
andy | 2004-08-23, 06:19:05
Stylistic ping-pong...
andy | 2004-08-20, 16:14:56
Please note the Kafkaesque definite article and capital D...
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