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He knew nothing about all this, in case nosy reporters would ask about it, and he would always deny every last bit of knowledge about anything that anybody wanted to know something about, even if those persons had video of him knowing it. To get to the core of the issue, you would have to dig deeper than you really wanted to. It was not really what we wanted though, so let's move on to bigger things. I won't waste your time anymore.

anders | 2009-05-13, 05:17:15
Jorå, så kan det gå. Och nu när vi kör på stabilare hårdvara vore det inte fel att bjuda in nytt folk heller (wink, wink, nudge, nudge ;)
Mans | 2009-05-13, 01:37:39
Javisst, dintur verkar ju ha fått en nytändning och det tänkte jag fira med att starta lite nya berättelser. Och då får man ju lov att rensa lite bland all gammal bråte.
anders | 2009-05-12, 14:48:54
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