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Robert Lee Brewer

"Breaking and Entering"

Some lines break easier than others,
but I've always been a fool for
following the paths they lead,
because they always teach
me something brand new
about myself
as if I

to explore
hidden within
my own subconscious
like a waking dreamscape
that only asks the courage
to wander long enough to see
if there are any doors to unlock.

(67 words)

Leader of the Brave New World

"But I don't want comfort. I want God, I want poetry, I want real danger, I want freedom..." Aldous Huxley, Brave New World

She wanted life without its gilding
She learned with all the other worlding
Was kept inside gigantic building
Garnered new knowledge, ashes swirling
Went to sleep, ideas waning
Woke to deeper colder morning
Went to work instead of paining
Felt the clangor, felt the borning
She wrestled, went outside to brand
New system just as God had planned

gpr crane

(89 words)
taylor graham


Come inside this new world.
Yes, it's a clutter, a chaos of world
in the making. An Eden before
the fall into understanding,
before gates and doors. This space
has room for dust and doghair;
let it be, its doors and windows open
to weather. Take off your mask
and breathe. Don't try to say what's in
and out, your lungs and lips know
without your language
which is always growing from inside.
Roof is sky and floor is earth,
as you've always known without
knowing. This is the room
of your evolving world, your poem.

(97 words)

by Paula Riggs

She's finding
herself once again
In a world
filled with the
familiar ~ she's blossoming
among wildflowers.

(25 words)

the world used to be an oyster
but now it's just four walls
and the world once held millions of people
but now it's just us four
and in this moment
the world has never been bigger
or more small
because the outside world has disappeared
yet it still exists at our fingertips
and now there is even more of it
than there has ever been before
and possibly more
than there will ever be after
if there is an after
if things ever return to normal
if the world ever becomes an oyster
with millions of people
once more

(101 words)
RJ Clarken

I'll Be There Someday, But Maybe Not As Planned

"There's a new world somewhere
They call the promised land
And I'll be there someday
If you could hold my hand
I still need you there beside me
No matter what I do
For I know I'll never find another you"
~Tom Springfield/The Seekers - I'll Never Find Another You

I still believe there is another side
to the sad and solemn tides of the fray.
And I believe we'll emerge there somehow
but I want you with me, 'though that's implied.
In the rear view mirror, 'bye yesterday:
we'll seek tomorrow in our here and now.
It's odd that a song from so long ago
can conjure words which speak volumes to me.
"I know I'll never find another you."
It's odd that memory makes a cameo:
sings it eternal in whatever key.
Just saying this, 'though you already knew.
I can't say if we'll find that promised land,
then again, nothing ever goes as planned.


(167 words)

First Light of Spring

Lacing up my runners
I take one hesitant step
One giant leap into
a world I once

Sidewalks glistening
from morning rain
First hint of crocuses
Even they have a question mark
written on their soft petals

Into the silence the
thunder of birdsong lands

The morning blows cool
on my cheeks
I join the desperate line
of those of us trudging
One foot in front of the other
Heads bowed to grey pavement
We fight to recall our before

But then a chalk of
color in words unfolding
First In lilac
Sharing song
'You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one'

Then a blush of pink
'I get by with a little help from my friends'

Child's play beckons our way out

At the first sign of
another body advancing
I cross the street
We're a trickle of POWs
stretched in a neighborhood
artery choked into isolation

Until the first hello
snaps my head up
And I keep on
because something strange
is happening here
No hand extended
But a smile
of hope
on the

(197 words)
Nancy Posey

I have missed out on the countdown to April prompts as I have been making the transition to teaching classes online, but I can't wait to be back to this sweet place where I will see familiar friends and meet new voices! Thanks for being reliable? Robert. Back soon.

(49 words)

Waking Up in a New World

The morning I woke up
Immersed in joy,
I stepped into a new world
OF possibilities and hope.

I had not realized
Hope was not in my heart
Until joy flooded my soul, and
I had awoken.

Mary Elizabeth Todd
April 1, 2020
Last October one morning I woke up and suddenly I was filled with joy and I have been happier than I have been in decades

(74 words)

A world a worth of having must
Be first in true novelty, dust.
While in that hour of sleep burst forth
The creation of a true north.

To seek and find such a new place,
One must begin with a fresh face.
For only fearless comes henceforth,
The creation of a true north.

(53 words)

Out There

I imagined it there,
sprawled under an oak,
in that shadow, napping, snoring,
as a beast might snore,
its lungs filching and hoarding
a sweet midday air;
so I'll creep, as a cat,
step from this chair
to catch a quick glimpse,
a sight I can keep,
the beast, a shadow,
a moment, that air;
it all waits, patiently,
yes, somewhere out there.

S. Thomas Summers

(69 words)
Sally Jadlow

This New World


Sees long lines at Costco
with carts loaded with toilet paper,
bottled water, and ketchup.
People darting about
careful to remain six feet apart.
Faces covered with bandanas
or face masks
as if everyone is there to rob the place.
If I had my choice,
I'd choose the old world
over this new one.

(58 words)

Chills pierce frozen pads on my feet
Matted fur fails to keep in the heat
Blanc par-tout's deceive my fragile mind
Belly groans, food's hard to find

Burrow deep, shovel a den down in the ground
Pick a spot, curl in a ball, cozy, nice and round
Fat slow burns as I slip into a state of zen
All system functions lowered waiting until when

Shafts of warmth come shining through
Nostrils tickled with smells so fresh, so brand new
A whole new world in which birds doth sing
Time to arise and shine, for here comes Spring

(101 words)

Thanks for the prompt! Looking forward to lots of poems this month!

In the New World

What if in the new world
we yearned for the sight of trees,
said thank you to cashiers,
thanked god for open grocery stores,
and counted our blessings
as we counted each square of toilet tissue?
What if the new world could be
born, bloody and screaming with life,
from this one?

-Laura Purdie Salas, all rights reserved

(74 words)
Tom Hayes


April dawn
seeding hope
a new day

the spring rain
feeding hope
a new dream

each green sprout
speeding hope
a new world

(25 words)


his Brave New World,
I was incredulous,
but now I can guess why Huxley
thunk it.

(22 words)


Competition is good, they say
fighting to get ahead
is how we become great, again
and again and again and again
until you have to believe it.

But the big players, the smug percent
are computer gamers with cheat codes
who slaughter the enemy mercilessly
and enslave the masses to their desire
to hoard gold in their bottomless pits.

Competition is good, I say
but we need a greener playing field
with whiter out-of-bounds lines
as bright as the endzones'
and referees with bigger guns.

(86 words)


The jingle states
"We know a thing or two
Because we've seen a thing or two"
But this is new
for everyone.
And it really doesn't matter
Race, creed, gender, age, or nationality--
This is new.

And it's not new
As in fresh or enticing
Though to stop in isolation,
Rest and contemplation,
Does refresh the soul--
To recall to mind what was beautiful
Before the old world

And it's not new
As in innovative or imaginative
Though every single person
Will need to see differently,
Multifocally, collectively,
And individually,
To make it work
In this new world.

(100 words)


To explore a new world
Is always enlightening
To find things that sing
Not just songs are feral

I was thrusted into a new
It started at two
My sleep was disturbed
I sat up in my bed
Not knowing yet
A new world was
To engulf

One side dropped
My angel woke
She saw my smile
911 was stroked

(61 words)

A Glimpse Over Yesterday

Morning shines, despite
all things that darken night.

Last night's splash of thunder
and lightning's lash of tongue.

Puddles of rain and a pale
breeze that spells of absence.

Despite all things that
darken night, the church bells

ring to the swell of the sea,
and wild garlic tweaks the air.

In this moment, time is fixed
as stone. To greet, to see

hawthorns return to deep
garment green, and bees

drowning in honey. We all
drown in our own honey.

Today, I woke to a rooster's
song. It's a new day, but I'm

still anchored to yesterday,
despite things that darken night.

(107 words)

The Aliens Have Landed

I wake today like
every day since
the world turned
upside down and
revisit my waking
dream that I will
find this has been
one big universal
hoax a la Orson
Wells. Well, it's not.

(39 words)
Empress of All

Thank you, Robert. I'm in.
I'll probably post towards the end of the day. This is totally new to me except for some haiku attempts so be gentle.

I love your column in WD.

Ro Clarke, AKA Empress of All

(40 words)

Life Now

























the rule




We all


at home,



back yard,

























to create

a whole





than the



lived in,

just a




(83 words)
Modern Day Magi

What is this place?
It's not where I'm from
Animosity. Strife.
Corruption. Greed.
Indifference. Intolerance.
Is Trump the cause?
Or, perhaps the catalyst
Laying bare
What has always been here

(30 words)

Topsy turvy, upside down,
Silence is the only sound,
As dawn retreats,
Away from streets,
And fear comes lurking 'round.

In dark left swirling, wildly hurling,
Reaching, arching, arms uncurling,
We aim to break
The pace we take
When foundations come uncurling.

A foothold tender, near surrender
As fate become the new bartender
And we toast
And nearly boast
LIFE is a contender.

Dawn will come the light, the sun,
Ushering in for everyone
Joyous songs,
Triumphant throngs
Of victory in the long run.

For now, we wait, our breath withholding
for promises as yet upholding
Peace is here
Ever near
and right-side-up unfolding.

(105 words)
Tom Hayes

Our Choice

No buzz
No bees
No flowers
No trees
More fires
More storms
More drought
New norms
As each next species dies,
and the surging oceans rise,
Mankind has a choice
whether to use its voice
and actions to fashion
the type of world
we will leave behind
for our children and theirs,
the legacy for our heirs.
A new world,
dark and dead,
or bright ahead,
Our choice.

(70 words)

New World

You can blame me all you want but
those men who came for me held the key
that locked your voice. My people
so long left alone in innocence did not
recognize the difference between subject
and object, no words in our language:
Subjugation, objectification--concepts
tense and sharp like a double bladed ax
to carve out your heart.
I lay with them and they dressed me
in silver and gold they dug from beneath
our homes. I sang them to sleep night
after night, then searched their clothes
for any key that could free us, for any
words that we might use. They had taken
them all. Blame me now but I watched you
stand abject with your flimsy knives
and offer them your throats.

(127 words)
Anders Bylund

The PAD challenge search tool is up and running, as always:


Happy poeming, everyone!

(15 words)

What's New about the World?

A broken record offers no pleasure
to listeners
like speeches delivered by
leaders who spin, and spin
in the same spot of their record
scratchy sounds repeat,
rewind, replay, reverberate
a discordant drum beat

news isn't new in the New World
I forget how long it's been
called that -- a few centuries maybe
of the fragile, unrealized
American dream.

(c) Neetu Malik

(68 words)

The day has arrived
Where I had to decide
To step through the portal

What if
I went ahead
Followed my guide
Found what I liked
My old world I shall shed

This new rousing feeling
Many imaginings I am seeing
So long, unyoung doings
The unknown is calling

Val the Wonderful

(52 words)

The Saga of Poetic Workshop 2020

I begged and pleaded
in front of the board,
nervous and shy
struggled to be heard.

Please, let Gillette
hold Workshop 2020.
It's a wonderful location
we have venues a plenty.

The Board voted yes,
the planning began,
a venue selected,
buffet menus to plan.

Juliet, workshop presenter,
chapbook reception,
room reservations,
educational convention.

All meshing together
an event to be seen,
quashed into oblivion
by Covid-19!

(73 words)
Pat Walsh

I am so grateful to be here - thank you Robert. I hope everyone is well.

new world
by Patrick J. Walsh

numbers are enemy
the air is thin
the churches empty
daylight sits alone
in the soft chair
staring at the window
counting every soul
in the hours waiting
for redemption

(52 words)
Mrs. B

The new world is really
just the old world
seen with new eyes.
Friends, family,
home, nature
is all a big surprise.
We have been rushing,
striving, focused
on gains and size.
It's the little things,
that are really important
we now realize.
When danger is gone
and we're about again,
don't fall back into the old lies.

(58 words)

"the world turned upside down"
But, April brings poetry and an incentive to "rise up."

(15 words)

Dusted irises
Print a grayscale image:
My pen hovers idle
Over the familiar comforts
Of work, desk, bunk, rigid chair, scraggly office carpet,
Northern Atlantic island
From whence I depart to bask on rocky shores,
To drift in freezing waters.
Morning dawns
On bright green walls,
On warm wood,
On chaotic stacks
Of dragon-hoarded treasure-
I feel for the solid cold
And it is missing.
The warmth is smaller than I remember,
More filled with spirits,
An afterlife different from the old...
I recognize it. But it is not the same.
Warm sand is gritty.
The sun shines too brightly here.
Shells of experience bring forth pointed claws of memory.
Seagulls have come to terrorize the quiet, small things.
This dredged coast
Sets one thinking of the mountains.
But I take a deep breath and count empty seashells.
Their solid, sharp curves
Have not changed,
Have perhaps eroded.
They make a beautiful wreath,
With a little wire, hot glue, and elbow grease.
Today I mount it on the front door.

(170 words)

A single day
to lose my way
wandering aimlessly
through the chambers
of my heart.

Every second I'm away
the darkness preys
picking tirelessly
until there's nothing
left of me.

May there be words to say
to clear the path ahead.


(42 words)

Create within me a New World

As I step into the wilderness,
This one of reflection
For a deeper understanding
Of others in these days
While walking alone.
Let my soul seek
Not its own worth,
But the worth of others.
Let my heart sing songs
Of joy and not mourning.
Let my mind seek out knowledge
And use it for good.
Let each step I take
Grow my strength
That I may go where
I am sent.
Create within a new perception
Of a new world that
Is loving and kind and patient.
Let that new world begin
This day with me.

Mary Elizabeth Todd
April 1, 2020

(109 words)


I know my spackled ceiling, mirrored face,
freckled hands. I know a tree
by a Florida bookstore, and three routes
from here to there. But I'll take your map
any day, and if its stops and turns
don't lead me to St. Petersburg
but to some neighbor's pond, it's one
I never would have dreamed
of trying to drive on.

(61 words)

Geese pair up and soar
mourning doves lay claim
to space in the evergreen
outside our south windows
the cat twitches with delight
from her sofa back perch
her world is new, again.

(33 words)

The New World

A newly formed world has started to appear.
Things have changed, everything we hold dear.
No going outside and playing at the amusement park.
Staying indoors from the morning until it goes dark.

The usual work situation, turned on its head.
The new workstation is at the end of the bed.
Escaping to grab a drink or some food on the go.
In the spare time, learning a new skill like to sow.

A new world where people hide their faces behind a mask.
Time when you don't need to rush a mundane task.
Sitting on the edge of your seat for the latest count.
A brand-new day that has never the same amount.

The shopping experience that is new for everyone out.
Waiting in door queues, trying not to scream or shout.
Three items maximum for purchasing within the store.
Being policed by people you meet like they are the law.

Stay at how and stay safe is what is being told to us.
Don't do things that you did before, don't cause a fuss.
Protect yourself and protect your local community/town.
One day it will be over, one day you won't need to frown.

(199 words)
Tony Derbyshire


In line I stand
Twelve items or less
And the woman ahead of me fumbles
Slowly, as she reaches for her coupons
Anger boils in me as I look at her basket
Can this woman even count?
Or is she just completely inconsiderate?

But I hesitate
As I'm about to slice her up and set her straight
As hard as it may be
Holding my tongue, the exchange that was to be
Plays in my head
Like the strong breeze in the parking lot
Grotesquely kicking up the dust and litter
Tossing it about
There's plenty going viral in today's world
As I watch her turn her head toward me
Holding her hand up
To silently say she's sorry
And I nod and smile
And tell her to take her time
A new moment, a new space
Absent of the pride of getting in the last word
And the aftertaste of subtle shame

I watch her walk away
Looking over her shoulder, she checks again
And, once again, I smile
Who knew so much would be so catchy
As it lingers for a while

(185 words)

By goldmiel

One summer I worked in Alaska,
and sailed from Whittier to Prince William Bay
on a tour to see whales.
The guide said they could be identified
by their tail fluke and their white underside
as individual as our fingerprints,
and to breach they need a force as great
as the thrust of a jet engine.
They did it effortlessly with a joy and letting go,
in their movement from one world to another.

(83 words)

Grocery Shopping in the New World

The future used to seem limitless
but now I can't see past 14 days.
Two-week wait for online grocery delivery.
We have the essentials
but I indulgently crave bananas.
Is it worth braving the snow, the microbes,
the condemning looks of neighbours
as they peek out from their blinds?
I poll everyone for their needs, wants
and substitutes. Who knows which shelves
will be empty today? I add yeast to the list.
Creating a sourdough starter is an act of faith
I never needed until now.
I clear and disinfect a counter. Order everyone
to treat it like a surgery table. Do not touch.
When I return, laden with bags and worry,
I need a safe spot for cleaning. To sanitize
everything from out there before we use it
in here. Wipe boxes, scrub cans, bathe
fresh produce in a soapy sink, like I did my babies.
When I return, I'll throw my gloves and mask
in the garbage bin. Leave my boots at the door.
Strip and carry my sullied clothes down to the laundry room.
Wash my hands, I've lost count how many times today.
Clean everything I think I touched.
When I return, I won't answer my kids when they
ask me how it was. Craving some taste of the
outside world more than the chocolate ice cream
they're watching me unload from the bag.
How can I tell them that no one smiles, not
even the ones without masks? That no one even
makes eye contact? That store aisles now
islands of solitude -- only one person at a time
may survey soup selections. That every product
selection comes with risk mitigation. Strategy.
Can I reach that box of cereal at the back
without touching any others?
How long
can we last
without touching?

- Kim Mannix

(308 words)

New World

Nacre, you say?
Sweet mother of pearl.
Adorning the mourning its creamy white swirl.
Lives lost, torn apart, by death taken away.
Left behind, left to mind, left wanting the day,
No loved ones go missing,
All are set free,
Virus defeated,
A new world we'll be.

(49 words)
Michelle Hed

The Sun Still Shines

in my heart
I walk a weary road
and in the news
life has slowed

but life still blooms
the birds still sing
and from these rooms
I twist my wedding ring

as I pray and wait
and turn my mind
we have an inside date
and for a bit, I'm blind

we laugh and joke
work and play
buds grow on the old oak
and I'm thankful for the day

it's a different world
full of guidelines
and within our houses we are furled
but... the sun still shines

(94 words)
Robin Zabel

Six Feet Apart

Desire lingers after
an inadvertent touch
stolen when he
handed me my delivery.

An apology hung
in the chill morning air
between us as I
escaped to safety inside.

Until now, I didn't
realize how much I
missed a man's soft
breath on my cheek.

Momentarily perplexed,
I wash the package.

(54 words)

New Worlds

Purples place of plenty
Beyond civilized, assigned lives
a class above
Yellow wastelands left barren
toxic skies on the horizon
primitive lives meant to die

(27 words)
Kilani Richardson

Eyes of You

Open your eyes
To an open mind
And explore the possibilities

Close of your heart
For a brand new start
And embrace the naivete

Today is yours to seize
So try to own your peace
And welcome to the positivity
Welcome to the new you

(48 words)


Rosa was constantly faced with
what was wrong with her world.

One day in rebellion she would not be moved.

This small, stubborn woman
sparked simmering outrage
into full rebellion.

It was a pivotal moment, a paradigm shift.

People had to ask why
some people were better
than others.

The answer was: they aren't.


(56 words)

New World

I follow the rules
of the new world,
shelter in place

stay inside the lines,
inside the white walls
of my apartment.

I distance myself,
stand six feet away
from the cracked mirror

watch the person
staring back at me,
wearing the startled look

of a new immigrant
stepping for the first time
into a foreign land,

one filled with empty streets,
ghosts drifting across
the fog-shrouded fields,

people hidden behind walls
pulling back curtains with
hands cracked and bleeding.

(82 words)


(2 words)

A Brave New World
flaps its wings
but still plummets
into the dumpster.

(14 words)

I May Be a Poet

Always rhyming.
Same syllable lines.
Now I can stop
and make the poem mine.

Forming, writing, painting pictures. Discovering
new forms, new words. Using
sounds, images for expression.

New ways of creating. Open to
the idea. I may be a poet.

(46 words)
Robert Lee Brewer

"Breaking and Entering"

Some lines break easier than others,
but I've always been a fool for
following the paths they lead,
because they always teach
me something brand new
about myself
as if I

to explore
hidden within
my own subconscious
like a waking dreamscape
that only asks the courage
to wander long enough to see
if there are any doors to unlock.

(67 words)

I posted this earlier but it seems to have disappeared.

New World

I follow the rules
of the new world,
shelter in place

stay inside the lines,
inside the white walls
of my apartment.

I distance myself,
stand six feet away
from the cracked mirror

watch the person
staring back at me,
wearing the startled look

of a new immigrant
stepping for the first time
into a foreign land,

one filled with empty streets,
ghosts drifting across
the fog-shrouded fields,

people hidden behind walls
pulling back curtains with
hands cracked and bleeding.

(92 words)
taylor graham


Step outside this first-of-April morning
damp-green with spring grass. Cool, silent.
No traffic on the country two-lane,
no one seeking or leaving town; no grumble-
rip of chainsaw or drone of weed-eater.
Everyone's sheltered in place.
Peace of this moment. Whiff of wood-smoke
like a warming thought.
What shall I do this day, this new world,
its mask of cradle-quiet? The creek
flows gently, no sound -
until turkey gobble-gumble breaks the spell,
prehistoric silhouettes dark against
fresh green. Something unclicked
the Pause button. Toms on parade, hens
ignoring them, pecking at fresh
ground. Our old world, unfamiliar
as every new morning. New rules, the same
essentials. Get things done
in the good old ways, or invent better ones.
Like the turkeys, stay alive and moving.

(129 words)

Up the flat path curling in sandy mud,
the sky murky clouds
The direction clear
the heart wants and wants and wants
But does not receive its desire
Time will not jump or leap or push
itself beyond its prescribed pace.
The mind has no choice
but to imagine or to forget what is Now,
halted spring
crunch of last season's grass beneath my boots,
covering emerging green,
melted snow gurgling in the brook,
inky, icy, pouring into the river's middle fork
Canadian geese honking above but not dipping in
fearful perhaps, sensing the world awry
My nostrils filling with end-of-March air,
in and out, in and out in and out
My fingers in winter gloves
Nurses in full PPE

Step by step, now and now and now.
The present for some the end
Numbers climbing
Everywhere climbing, monitors flatlining.

I continue North, treading onward at the pace
earth's orbit dictates
No faster, no slower
despite the swiftness of my steps.

Five minutes gone. Six, seven, ten.
COVID worms into more beings
passed on from
shoppers to clerks
patients to caregivers
strangers to strangers

retirement awaits, ten days, nine, six, five
Ready now
unsettled until it arrives
wanting sans work responsibility
hugs of congratulations from maskless faces,
sitting around a campfire, close together, celebrating

post pandemic normal like routine daily life was before it
post retirement freedom to live anew
in every moment of now
with time that moves as slowly as today
But with warmth from the sun, green grass, and the only infectiousness coming from laughter.

(262 words)
Nancy Posey

Every song I hear,
every book I read now,
every poem,
has me wanting to shout,
Back up! Take care
whom you touch.

Every tender embrace,
every breath
is a threat now.

Breaking bread
together represents
a risk.

Danger lies everywhere,
not in the stranger,
but in the familiar.

In this new world
we wash in the river
again and again.

(61 words)

My Secret
Randi T. Sachs

It's a secret I hold
I stay at home as I'm told
But my anxiety is held at bay
No more wondering what to do today

The "elderly" are in greater danger
But, what the hell, they include me, no stranger to danger
But old? That creeps up on you without permission
Those still small wrinkles, saggy arms without my volition

Some time ago I entered a world in which I am the youth
My neighbors, the real elderly, seem to have discovered the world's truth
We're all together now, with hope and fatalism in our heart.
We're all together, six feet apart.

(108 words)

Sorry if this is a repeat...

A New Normal

we talk of a new normal
as we hide in our homes
but, the old still abides
in the hearts of those who love
good news cheers us everyday
the drive-by birthday greetings
teddy Bears on display
meals freely delivered
a husband who stands outside the window
of his wife's room
where he can no longer go
there, on either side of the glass,
they sing Amazing Grace together
this is a sweet new normal
I do not want to lose

(90 words)

World Ablaze

I woke up
To find things had changed
Been rearranged
A new world emerging
Outside my door
The old world razed
Burned to the ground
By carelessness and greed
All because we did not heed
The warnings
Went about life as usual
Even with an unusual
Virus plaguing us
We threw our world under the bus.

(58 words)

A New Normal

we talk of a new normal
as we hide in our homes
but, the old still abides
in the hearts of those who love
good news cheers us everyday
the drive-by birthday greetings
teddy Bears on display
meals freely delivered
a husband who stands outside the window
of his wife's room
where he can no longer go
there, on either side of the glass,
they sing Amazing Grace together
this is a sweet new normal
I do not want to lose

(84 words)
Modern Day Magi

new world
old world
this world
that world
whatever world it be
make it a world of peace

(18 words)

A New World

Going home like normal
Like every day and usual
This time it felt different:
We are forced to stay inside
Not go out unless it's a must
For we need to protect not only us
But also each other from this virus

You think this is bad and think of worst
Really it's not but a shuffle that is a must
Spin it positively instead of worrying
For this is a chance of discovering:

How humanity cares for each other
How much of human we each are
If nature is able to heal
If earth is able to forgive our error
If indeed we deserve to be here
If we, as human, could be better
Or we are doomed no matter

A new world is definitely upon us
Just at the horizon, in the far distance
Knowing how to act and what to do
Is the deciding factor on what's to follow

We are all in this together
No one can blame one or the other
We are all responsible in this journey
To make each other survive safely

Let's take this granted second chance
Live it with humility and grace
Showcase our best features
Be better in coming days and years
Be kind, gentle and caring
Passionate, compassionate and loving
One last chance for all to be together
And this new world for all, to discover

(230 words)
Daniel Paicopulos

Future Perfect

All of a sudden, everything shifted.
And then, because of faith, the fog lifted.
I mean, now I look at myself in the mirror,
never have gotten stuck doing that before,
It's my body, all right, and my hair,
even more white, so much of it there.
What the hell, it's a used body, this one,
well used, sometimes at work, other times fun.
But it's not the body, at least not the externals,
that leads to awareness, including infernals.
There's movement and change, I think maybe growth.
Wasn't a churchgoer, a pray-er, but I'm there now, doing both.
Even my dreams have been altered,
by cosmic forces or aging nostrils, who can tell?
Hopes and aspirations still abound,
different now, and that's just as well.
How will future success be measured?
Perhaps it's in how well we manage change.
Maybe just let the change occur, be treasured,
allow the world to rearrange.
Whatever's coming, there are a few things I know.
I want to laugh too much.
I plan to cry when it's necessary.
I intend to be happy, healthy and at peace.
So, it's not really change that's due, at all.
It's simply transformation.

(198 words)

My New World

In my new world,
it's personal,
it's comforting,
it's ushered down from above
it's forever,
no trump card,
everyone is equal,
no pain,
I will see my son again

(33 words)

Love the idea of this being equated to a new immigrant experiencing a new land.

(15 words)

Wow, this is a great capture of today's world

(9 words)

This is wonderful - I love how it ends on such a hopeful note!

(14 words)
De Jackson

blue-green marbled mayhem

r e e l i n g.



(14 words)
De Jackson

new world view

they say
the dolphins are back
in venice
and all the skies
are blue again
new again,
as if earth has heaved
a big sigh
of relief.

we hold our breaths
and wait
for ours.


(39 words)
sue crisp


Does anyone remember the Aldous Huxley book,
Brave New World? People being controlled by
an engineered society.

Today, we are faced with a new world, surviving
by an engineered society dedicated to life as we
once knew it.
Our Job is to follow the rules
and work our way through it.
Home is our new space,
panic is the new emotion where
calm was once in its place.
Looking out for ones self
seems to be the priority.
Family is number one
for the majority.
The hoarding, empty shelves.
It seems many have brought
out the worst in themselves.
Let's keep our priorities real.
Stay within the necessity boundaries,
no matter how stressed you feel.
We'll get through this together
as others have done.
Try to remember, right now,
it's the same for everyone.

Sue Crisp - 4/1/20 - Poetic Asides
Poem a Day - New World Poem

(151 words)
De Jackson

new world view>/b>

they say
the dolphins are back
in venice
and all the skies
are blue again
new again,
as if earth has heaved
a big sigh
of relief.

we hold our breaths
and wait
for ours.


(39 words)


Look up at the stars tonight.
Pick out the one shining most bright.
Just know that I'll be looking up too.
Together we will all make it through.
Tomorrow the sun will shine and the skies
will once again be blue.
A Star of Hope I promise to you.

(52 words)

Attempting a Collom lune after revisiting old Poetic Form posts:

This new world
resembles one we had lost
without even knowing.

Hi everyone and happy writing! [?]

(29 words)

A sickness from wounded bats
crawls into our lungs
to sing goodnight.
Fast cars and shipping trucks
fill the air with clouded muck
in-breath and sight.

We heard the mother's call
only when she took our lives.
Grandma and uncle won't be here
to hear the cries.
The years that sounded
in the earth's destruction
only makes headlines
in the million's affliction.

Grand tsunami's and water pollution
rains acid onto the days of new revolution.
Sickness has swept the nation
from our infliction
to the land
we are but it's patient.

(91 words)
Jason L. Martin


the roofs
off our houses
for proper disinfection

Freeze and burn out the virus.
Wash our rooms out with rain and snow.

the masks
against lips and noses
before we speak in person.

Unwrap the caution tape from the parks.
Step out of our containment for entertainment.

(50 words)

Grown Child

This new world disappoints me.
It's not the one I was promised.
Everything will be better
when you are grown up.
That's what they told me.
When you are grown, they said,
then you can call the shots.
You can make your own plans.
You can make all the decisions.
That's what they told me.
So I listened to them.
And I believed them.
And yet somehow at 66 years old
I find myself grounded
for something I didn't even do.

(83 words)

New World

It can be argued
whether or not I am the same person as that girl
who turned over a weighty chunk of broken concrete
and squealed as the fat, white worms
blinded by light
exposed all at once
quickly (and were visible)
digging themselves back down
into darkness.

After a time, all one can say is,
yes, that was me,
or - I am related to her
- my cells, sloughing off into dust motes,
year after year, are related to her.
That seems true.

It also seems to be true
that we all have been
wriggling around under a rock of sorts,
a weight that defined our living.

It now
so suddenly lifted!

Us now
blinded by light
exposed all at once.

At night
I curl into myself
burrow towards darkness
as a landscape
of a new order and manner
and suggestion
unfurls in underground dream light.

I drift towards it
(if I am she)
holding a stone in my hand
and under it
a teeming world of the

(173 words)
Mariya Koleva

Hello and welcome to April! I am warming up with an American haiku:
** **
peaceful this springtime -
a new world.
** **

(25 words)

If Only
If I could make for myself
a new world
one where do-overs were allowed
I'd be a better:
I'd try harder
I really would

(32 words)
Margot Suydam

My response to prompts from Poetic Asides and NaPoWriMo (to write a self-portrait poem in which you make a specific action a metaphor for your life - one that typically isn't done all that often)

Fly Fishing

Glassy case of ageless flies
lodged in the backdoor broom
closet--unused but unsoiled

just enough to groom an original
--I am mustered from that dust
a still life tied to a spell

of handy work, my mother's
inexpert fingers fumbling
feathers into finery to match

fish with any luck to catch
what her father declared
must never languish too long.

So, I snatch fish wire and pole
don rubber boots and rain gear
well-equip myself to scroll down

stream, wade into the yawning
river where time and trawl build
make novel yet another watery bed.

(132 words)

In Orion's Arms
I used to dance with Sagittarius -
graceful swans:
gliding, diving, dipping
in sweet harmony

Light touches -
shimmering bolts:
electric energy engulfing
impulsing -

I felt safe there -
a world that made sense
no confusion or discontent
just love

Now I am stuck
in a whole new world -
Orion takes lead
as I stumble, tumble

My senses dulled -
childhood memories fading:
scattering, shattering, silently
suffocating -

You've done this Orion!
shifted me from my perfect world
to this tango that doesn't jive -
I can't keep my footing

I pretend to know the steps
to feel the beat of the music
but my desire is too strong -
I remember
I remember
I remember Sagittarius' arms

(123 words)

The Old World/The New World

Hello, world!
I'm on top of the world
I've got the world on a string
The world is my oyster
I have all the time in the world...

A new world order!
Set the world on fire
A dog-eat-dog world
The weight of the world on my shoulders
Goodbye cruel world...

(56 words)

A New Me
in the morning silence
I open my eyes.
Clearing away the fog
from a far-off dream,
trying to recall
before it evaporates.
What day is today?
My memory
searches for the
obscured calendar.
Blurry numbers
and words.
Is this the day?
I promised to myself.
No one else.
Is the day!
Stepping out into
a world
new to me.
Or is it
that I have changed?
A new me
in an unchanged world.

(78 words)

More people play outside
Less people driving on the roads.

More say hello-maybe just grateful to be alive
Less of the long days of always going somewhere

More care in how we treat eachother
Less taking each other for granted

More risk in letting go
And helping someone,

Less volume of work to do
More risk of something new

(60 words)

On Becoming Old in a New World

Sugar is the baddest thing I crave;
sometimes it's salt but I seldom cave.
Corn, popped quickly in the microwave,
I'm told is more harmful than a knave.
As I start this new world of my sixties,
I drink herbal teas and try to be brave.

- Lelawattee Manoo-Rahming

(56 words)

Not In Order

Not much of a winter
Now spring will enter
Under state of emergency
Many feeling sense of urgency
Quick, stock up on toilet paper
Oh, much better, I feel safer
Keep your thoughts positive
On this epidemic don't be dismissive
Life seems at a standstill
As we peer out the window sill
Quiet streets, playgrounds and big cities
Closed schools, events, & shows are remedies
Consider the natural beauty around us
And not let Covid-19 confound us

(80 words)
Mariya Koleva

A very nice picture of this old and new world with its sudden changes and complications. I loved the ending: 'Like the turkeys, stay alive and moving.'

(27 words)
taylor graham


Tap your poem
on a singing-stone
under the summit sky,
hear it ring from a boulder
far, far down the canyon....

(25 words)

#A Whole New World#

A whole new world unleashes the possibilities of unsung positivity, love and encouragement.
A whole new world takes the pledge to keep
the nature away from all the tyranny.
A whole new world talks more about the fraternity, unison and kindness.
A whole new world removes the disparity, fear, arrogance , helplessness and horrendous vices.
A whole new world knows the value of humanity emancipating the savagery.
A whole new world knows how to heal,
not to swish more to reinforcing the wound.
A whole new world loves to fill the in dulcet melody and omits the notes of melancholy.
A whole new world dreams to fly together and never let anyone down to the ground.
A whole new world that is yet to be browned,
will accomplish its duty after getting crowned.

~ (c)storytellersuchismita

(139 words)

It's easy to roll it out
in prose
powerpoint by powerpoint
the origin, mythic and not,
of the speck of dust
in your eye,
the salt and water solution;
but poetic justice is harder.

I take off my glasses
always when we sit
across the table from each other.
you hear better then
the wooden beams,
the steady reconstruction
of my ceiling,
custom made and new.

(67 words)

An Offer of New Normal

Bedlam breaks like a rioter
Yet it is quieter now
In the cities
In the streets
In the beats of the hearts of man

As every soul sits still
Trapped in spring cleaning
Recognizing the clutter
Deciphering meaning
Naming the needless things for expulsion and therefore

Making space
Making do
Making worrisome preparations
Afraid and eschew
Terrified of this new normal

May the sudden collective fear of meeting the Maker
Prompt you, dear one, to but ask to know His name.

(86 words)

"This life is more than just a read-through..."
-Red Hot Chili Peppers 2002


I leave the house
in the dark to arrive
at the only grocery three towns
to the north before sunrise

try to fill my cart with items
on meager list only to find bare
shelves again a certain anxiety
seizing me between the
black enameled blankness

two trips to buy wipes
for the baby since the limit
now is (1) seemingly everyone
buying them up and little ones
left needy when all I want
is to have enough to drive
three counties to the west
and deliver them to the porch
of a waiting little mister
who isn't even one
and unaware of the world
into which he's been born

so many oppotunities lurking
to remake our messes into
lemonade with a more
generous sprinkling of love
hope and dedication to
things that may matter more
since we've now ample time
to ponder how to
preserve our health
preserve our globe
preserve our minds, spirits
preserve the idea of the Other

people scramble now
to retool their business
to try and keep employees working
to take time to check neighbors
to cater Kosher for Jewish shut-ins
to live the Greatest Commandment
to keep it all from slipping back
to the way it used to be.

(219 words)

A new world awaits,
far from all that you've known.
Beyond yesterday's worries
and patterns outgrown.
Where complacency ends,
your new pathways begin.
It may all seem too strange,
but you'll soon settle in.

(34 words)
Austin Hill

The Corona-cation Chronicles

Day One

I cry early in the morning.

Overwhelming sadness -
it lies down every path,
in every thought,
in every hour,
in every minute.

There's no escape from the numbers;
once my friends;
now, they congregate
forming that bell curve, blunt and bleak.

To drown out fear, worry, and anxiety,
I showered,
I cleaned, and
I stood ready to be needed.

To fight against depression,
I embraced sleeplessness
thinking this would stall the break of dreaded dawn.

But the virus demands so much more-
a new way to fight back the tears.

Nothing short of a dam will do.

(c) April 2020 Suzanne S. Austin-Hill

(109 words)
Marie Elena

Sing along, guys!

I'll Be Here

Right before we got attacked,
TP stood in towering stacks,
And I was there. (I was there.)

Can't reach out my hand to you.
Watching a "washing hands how to."
Once I was there. (But now I'm here.)

And oooooh ...

Orders say I must stay home.
This coronavirus genome
Needs my cells to help it roam.

I'll be here, right where I belong.
Can't tag along,
'cause I am holin' up (Holin' up)
Yes I am. Yes I am.

Two O'clock each day DeWine and Acton
Presenting us with some fun and fact'in.
Ohio, we need them. I'm glad they're here. (Glad they're here.)

They are here to protect us, (yeah baby)
With leadership that inspires us.
We are tuned in, and they are here. (Glad they're here.)

Michael Jackson would be there,
but this cockamamie virus
holds me here, in my armchair.

I'll be here, right where I belong.
Can't tag along,
'cause I am holin' up (Holin' up)
Yes I am. Yes I am.

If you should ever find more TP,
I hope that you'll be nice, and share with me.
'Cause if you don't,
I can't pee. (I won't pee.)

Don't say no baby! Spare a square!
Don't you care?

Just call my phone, I'll be here. (I'll be here.)
Don't look over your shoulders honey, ooh -
Won't be there. Can't go there.
Whenever you need me, I'll be here.

Don't you know baby,
I'll be here. I'll be here
Just call my phone. I'll be here. (Staying here.)
Ooh ooh ooh ooh Staying here. Staying here.

(c) Marie Elena Good, 2020

(273 words)
Earl Parsons

Unlike Anything

Six decades plus five
And now comes the shift
Not familiar with this gear
Locked into a steady neutral idle

Seems I'm not going anywhere
Been instructed to lay low
Such unfamiliarity is
Slightly scary

But I will survive
One way or another
God's got my back and
He will see me through this

I've been down darker alleys
Survived life's minefields
But never on my own
All glory to God

(73 words)
De Jackson

This Tree Says We're Together, Strong

We are just standing here
peeling bark from umber

trunk, showing her age
and waiting on proof. You

tell me this breeze shall
pass, this voice unlashed

against all this ridiculous
blue sky that defies the

ragged edges of this new
-world truth: we are one

and some old things are
done and some others are

changing, rearranging them
-selves into a new language

we can perhaps all speak.
We seek now only clasping

hands and the grace to stand
shoulder to shoulder again,

heart to heart again, soul to
soul again, ready to sing.


(102 words)


How often
Does change bring about
a better world

16th Century peasant revolts
Suppressed until
The middle class agreed
Two hundred years later

How likely is it
That anything but our bodies
Will be healed

(36 words)

I love all of these poems!!! Beautiful!!! - Kristen

I am new;
I am open;
This is the time for the shell to crack;
This is the part where we begin exploration;
You and me.

The time is here;
The mood is right;
So much freedom awaits us.

Gaze into my eyes;
See the child;
The woman;
See the meek and the strong;
The sophomore of herself;
See someone who is ready for more;
Who is a new world out in the open.

Write down my happiness;
See the brevity of my breath;
As you explore my mind;
My heart;
To the depths;
See me;

(111 words)
Gisela Wullschleger

A New World
... for Eric

Born out of the old
this brand new world
Existing at once
Wiped clean and
I seek you,
my friend -
do you exist
in this new end?

How long will the new
force me to abandon you?
A vacuum of hope
has no grip
no rope
Weightless, my heart
propels on
searching in strange fields
under a new sun
Nothing to be done
I am just one.

Ears pick up distant rumblings......
Feet stand, no longer stumbling...
Eyes lift no longer blurred............
Something stirred.........................

New world nature
brings new adventure

Amid the swirling blinding tumbling
You move seeking caring loving
to me
love me
feed me
courage me

Now, I stay where old gave birth to new

(126 words)
Gisela Wullschleger

A New World Yet Unseen

I could not believe it, and yet this is reality
A new, a completely new world!
I was thrilled,
but it seemed in an odd way twisted
like a liquid mirror
My men, some wearier than others
were drawn to the safe island
and were glad
I would have loved to say that I was careful
but not, was I, so there I lay on the soft warm sand
and as I drifted off to sleep I saw
a new world, yet unseen

-- Hannah

(90 words)

Sadly untrue, (according to Snopes). But no less lovely for being a collective dream.

(14 words)

this makes me happy

(4 words)
Ryk Stanton

What New Worlds
by Ryk Stanton

What new worlds await us, if we'll only
Take the time to explore, beyond
The limitations we self-impose, trying
To control what cannot (and should not)

Be contained.

What did First Man think, looking out
At the twinkling lights, pinpricks
In the ebon canopy above them, as they
Roused from slumber to face the challenges of

Each new day.

They did not think anything, merely accepting
That nighttime skies featured lights, meaningless
Contributions to their world, never dreaming
That each star was in fact a sun for

Other worlds.

And on those other worlds, perhaps
Life teems with new possibilities, creatures
Looking into their own skies, pondering
What is or isn't "out there" and why

It matters.

What pinpricks twinkle in your mind, ideas
That might be explored to reveal
New worlds bursting with possibilities, if only
You were willing to open yourself up

And explore.

(152 words)

Unquiet Spell

Yesterday, the insectile hum
of traffic was nonstop. Dogs
barked in the hallways of my
apartment building and blustery
wind shoved patio furniture
around on neighboring balconies.

Today, traffic is muted, sparse,
and the dogs seem to have disappeared
into some other universe.
But outside my window,
a magpie builds a messy nest
in a young pine tree and calls
to its mate. A mother pushes
a baby carriage down a sidewalk
littered with debris from burst bud coverings
unfurling tiny maple leaves
impatient, like me, for the sun
to cleanse our world.

(95 words)

the days have melded together
and I can't figure my own name -
see, letters don't quite fit the same.
my dreams are getting strange.
we're living a new world they say -
A world where living in a bubble with another means physical affection,
means a boom of babies -
is birth control not used in the apocalypse?
why can't people stay on top of this?
pharmacies are still open but -
"why would we care if we're just gonna die?"...
well, think of your baby THEN ask yourself why.
All of this shit isn't just about you,
see you could have this flu and not even know it,
Shake an old person's hand and not even show it,
Boy we're gonna blow it, cause
The Selfless and selfish are shown in these moments -
and oh, I almost forgot, don't look a stranger right in the eye.
we've been getting there with social media on the rise -
but now, social cues are not in style -
we're lonely,
and only
the lucky are understood.
these April fools keep running in the streets -
making it harder for us to eat,
they're spreading bat disease -
so stay inside, we beg you please.
They don't...
should we use reverse psychology?
This shits really starting to bother me -
The government has the key to lockdown this stupidity.
Turn the knob and shut the door
start putting up flyers, to giving out fines.
The curve will flatten,
We'll be doing just fine -
wait and see,
But that has to be the worlds mentality.
Optimists felt good about what was coming,
but the pessimistic opinion was a lot more useful cause -
At least our hearts would have been spared when we got here.
To our new world...
where family dinners are enjoyed over Zoom,
We lie in our tombs
Stay bound to these rooms,
And most of our people don't understand why...
Will getting on our knees,
make any difference?
Please, send some sanity...
To our new world
That seems to be only in our dreams -
Not taken seriously-
Until one of our own suffers soundly,
Will we save
Our new world.

(@anniepoet on Instagram)

(368 words)
Cynthia Wooten

In the Aftermath

The killer is silent.
Stalking us in secret.
Stay home, they tell us.
Be calm.
It will be fine.
A couple of weeks,
or months,
or maybe a year, and
we'll find a way to fix it.
Don't panic.
Fear has other ideas though,
and we restructure our lives
and our habits, and then
our world, paying homage to
Our Reluctance
to meet the killer head on.
The world as we know it
may well be gone.
We just don't know it yet.
It will wear a new face
when we come out of hiding.

What kind of face will it be?
I wonder.

(107 words)
Janet Kay Gallagher

1 April 2020
Janet Kay Gallagher

A virus threat has made my world smaller
My friends and I no longer meet
Sunday Our Church is now on Facebook
Monday Early Breakfast Group stays home
Tuesday Prime Time group canceled
Wednesday Brunch at Sheila's Place on hold
Wednesday Quill and Ink Writers at the
Library closed for now
Thursday free time
Friday Lunch at Senior Center and Mah Jongg
Center is closed
Saturday Free time
Thank God for the telephone
We can keep in touch with family and friends
I don't mind the isolation as I have many things to do
However, I look forward to the time when this isolated world
Will end and allow my friends and I to resume our active
lifestyle of meetings and gatherings
Then I will enjoy that new world

(138 words)
Joseph Hesch

A Touch of Love

It's always been my secret,
now others must learn its ways.
Start using words like "egret,"
in conversation on the page.

I began this a decade back,
while I sat alone and lonely.
Imagination an empty sack,
I thought of you and said, "If only..."

Pulled apart by distance and time,
I couldn't feel you if I tried.
So I called to you, not in rhyme,
but poetically I kind of lied.

Made-up stories, observations
of a somewhat intimate nature,
took the place of conversations,
all in my own nomenclature.

My words became more than my own,
since they touched others in some way.
But now it seems I'm not alone,
since we all have to keep away.

I suggest if you crave a touch,
and social distancing won't let you,
write an ode, sonnet or some such
and see how close that'll get you.

We're in a new world, living apart,
wearing the mask and rubber glove.
But if you wish to reach a heart,
a poem can be a touch of love.

(178 words)
Bruce Niedt

I'm also following Maureen Thorson's NaPoWriMo blog this month, and today her prompt is: "write a self-portrait poem in which you make a specific action a metaphor for your life - one that typically isn't done all that often, or only in specific circumstances."


One must be methodical about this,
for there is a science to it,
a stew of nitrogen, phosphates, potash.
Too much will leave a chemical burn,
so I push the broadcast spreader,
carefully calibrated by a numbered dial,
spraying little granules across the grass.
I march in parallel rows,
back and forth, back and forth.
It takes my mind off the chaos inside -
the anxieties of a new world unfolding,
and by that I don't mean spring,
which has come early with a vengeance,
while we humans are battling an enemy
too small to see. Birds still regale us
with a cacophony of calls,
and the fruit trees have burst all at once.
But there are fewer planes growling overhead,
less subliminal traffic rumble, and the stores,
the schools, the baseball parks, are dark and quiet.
We hunker down at home trying to keep
from getting ill, and most of us find distractions
to keep the panic from our door.
Spring couldn't care less about our fears,
and goes on, business as usual,
so we try to embrace it, and I do my part,
preparing my lawn for summer, when things -
we hope - will be even more full of life.

(248 words)

It's fun to back doing this again! This sort of became something like a sonnet:

New World Sonnet
by ElizaBeth Weaver-Kreider

The World Snake sheds her skin,
spinning through her sky-bed.
We feel the rumble, catch the din
of her, shifting the tumble of red,

indigo, blue. We feel the tides turn
in the burning rooms of time.
The rhyme is off, the rhythms torn,
the threads worn thin. And then the line

refocuses. The itch abates
as old skin sloughs and tears.
New skin will emerge and replace
the tattered shreds we bear

in our solitudes, as we wait
for the new world to appear.

(106 words)
Robert Lee Brewer

"Breaking and Entering"

Some lines break easier than others,
but I've always been a fool for
following the paths they lead,
because they always teach
me something brand new
about myself
as if I

to explore
hidden within
my own subconscious
like a waking dreamscape
that only asks the courage
to wander long enough to see
if there are any doors to unlock.

(67 words)
Bill Kirk

Nice imagery. "In our solitudes, as we wait for the new world to appear." Beautiful!

(15 words)

There was once a Conquistador
Much afraid of war
He sailed to the New World
Beneath fluttering flags unfurled
And stuffed his pantalones
With pungent baloneys
So was tossed ashore

(30 words)
Bill Kirk

A New World
By Bill Kirk

A new world--wouldn't it be grand?
But could a new world
Possibly ever exist
In the here and now,
Where we find ourselves,
As if just now freshly awakened?

Or might such a thing only find purchase
As a world imagined and hoped for--
One far beyond our current reality
Simply because it exceeds
Our human capacity to create?

Might the very concept
Of a new world simply remain,
Always and forever,
A thing or state of being
We may never quite achieve?

Perhaps we are most adept
At sacrificing the prospect of the new;
Instead, asserting and defending
The traps and boundaries
Of our established routines and habits.

Do we truly believe that those
Staunchly professed preferences,
If changed or abandoned,
Would somehow become
Incontrovertible evidence that
We have forever relinquished
Our declared right to choose--
The old and comfortable
Over the new and, even enticing,

A new world--wouldn't it be grand?
Ready or not, anyone willing to give it a go?

(170 words)

A city in the dark. Echoes of children at play in a cavernous park.
Unlike happy-n-healthy kids of long ago, these kids had no inner glow.
Pale -n- malnourished, dreaming of days when all once flourished.
Hopelessly awaiting the sign. To one day see the real sunshine.
They all hoped -n- dreamed - n- wished.
This would be the very best gift.

(64 words)


This new world looks an awful lot like the old one,
Same desk. Same coffee cup.
Same dog asleep across the room.

Same car sitting in the driveway
but today it's not going anywhere.
No popping down to the store
for ice cream or a bottle of wine.

Everything's the same, and nothing.
Let's drive across town to see the kids. No.
Let's invite John and Nancy to dinner. No.
How about a movie?
There's a good one at the Loft.
No. The theaters are closed.
Let's stream something.

Let's not be afraid.
No. Be afraid. Be careful.
Sew a mask in a brave color.
Wear your gloves.
Be careful what you touch.

Take the dog for a walk.
Greet your neighbors from a safe distance.
And watch the wind.
Eventually, it will change.

(141 words)

March Madness

They might as well have said
that March was canceled
Because that's what I heard
When they announced
There would be no basketball
No basketball
Those were the words that echoed through the college campuses, the dorm rooms, the high school gyms, living rooms, and sports bars
around the world.
So no sweet sixteen
No final four
no watch parties
Or wagers being placed on
Your favorite teams
March always comes in like a lion
But this time
It came in
Like a giant rhinoceros
With social distancing
And excess hand washing
This virus
This 100 year plague
Has turned our every day lives
Upside down
And forced us all
into a new world order
A new world
Where sports is
No longer king
No longer a priority
And no longer important
And I don't even
Like basketball
Really not many sports
To begin with
But I'm very much
A fan of tradition
And giving kids
A chance
At a last hurrah
A final dance
A final prom
If you will
But no basketball in March
Is like
Telling everyone
With a birthday in the month
That they were never born
Its as if all the scores,
All the stats, all the records broken
Never existed
When you tell us
There will be no
March Madness

(218 words)

Such Foolish Fun: a Day 1 #NaPoWriMo/GloPoWriMo2020 #haibun

We don't play often. Sure, Mira asks anytime the weather is comfortable, without too much balm or chill. I'm usually the one that refuses. But not today.

She rolls her hips, steps into her toss. With a snap of her elbow and a perfect release, she looses the blue frisbee toward me. I keep my eyes on it, a spinning disk closing fast. Planting my feet, I thrust my arms up, hands open, and catch it above my head. Then it's my turn to toss it toward our son.

Who watches it noncommitally, as it drops out of his reach. Then gives me that look he reserves for my Dad jokes. At least he picks it up and tosses it in the general direction of his mother.

After a few misfires, we hit our stride. Volley follows volley. Mira laughs in delight. Frankie even cracks a smile or two. I grin, even through the tightening sensation in my rotor cuff.

There we are, a family fooling around with a frisbee on an April Fool's afternoon. There's a poem waiting to celebrate such small, sacred moments. There are whole worlds to explore there.

scurrying robins

even during pandemics

life goes on


(209 words)

Lady Jane
Worlds we
Couldn't imagine.
Cow fields piled with
The most aromatic dung.
Restaurant backdoors
Greeted by generous,
Scrap-serving chefs.
Streams and ditches
Along her journey
For a cool dip.
Most always she
Returned home
By dark.

(40 words)
Michele Cable

New World Blues

I miss the old world
and its parties, parades, and pinatas,
bistros, ball games, and Broadway shows.

I miss the old world
with its gloveless hands, uncovered faces,
concerts, shoe shopping, chili cook-offs.

I crave "did-you-see-that-catch?" chatter
during office coffee breaks,
Popcorn smell at the movies, art museum treks.

I yearn to hug my dad again,
my sons, and my baby granddaughter.
These video chats are getting old, and speaking of old

who is that woman in the mirror?
How did I get so much gray?
You are making me look old, New World. Please cut it out.

The new world has its own batch of words,
Super-spreader, flatten-the-curve, Dr. Fauci.
My boss called today with another "F" word: He said I'm now on Furlough.

I miss the old world.

(133 words)

A Day in a Robin's Quest

A flying orange breast of feathers smashes
Hard against chosen solid glass windows,
His mind unhinged, or primeval instinct?

This persistent robin's dangerous obsession,
Who daily defies the rigid laws of physics,
Ignoring our desperate warnings to desist.

A secret message for us from the universe,
Meant for those who would be wise?
Or God smiling at our stubborn pride?


(70 words)

New World

I am now awake
into my new reality.
All alone,
in my fragile state.
Like a newborn,
I am comprehending the unfamiliar air.
Away from my past,
into the future I go.
Freed from my troubles,
I can be whoever I want to be.
I can be a surgeon,
heal those deep wounds.
I can be a teacher,
educate all with a purpose.
I can be a star,
ready for the new world I face.

(77 words)

This Old World

I will not be needing a new world for
I have not finished with the old one.

It fits me well, like an old pair of shoes -
worn in but not worn out.

Its 'soul' is a little thin and there
are some cracks forming along the edges,

but that can all be mended. There are still
many miles left in this old world, many hopes

and dreams, many adventures waiting,
many kisses in the moonlight to exchange.

I will not be needing a new world
I have not finished with the old one

(98 words)

My FAVOURITE month of the year! Well, April and November both... Thank you Robert for inspiration throughout the year!

I sit rigid and alone in fear,
wild thoughts barking in my mind.
What if the world is shrinking?
What if we are forced into smaller and
spaces where neighbours become concepts,
urgent needs are increasingly delayed,
ever tightening guidelines deployed
to navigate this new reality?

Will we survive? Who will be there
at the end of this


Perhaps, something entirely different
is unfolding and we, who
must go through the process,
have not yet opened our eyes.

What if we are simply sloughing off dead skin
from ourselves, letting go those aspects of
society, that no longer (perhaps never)
served us well?

Life has always been a paring knife.
We are being pared down,
our rough-edged society made smooth,
to fit within a new reality:
only what is meaningful and profound
is demanded from our existence.

I sit rigid and alone in contemplation
hoping you are there to meet me

when I emerge from my cocoon.
--Christina Perry, April 1, 2020

(184 words)

Bite-Size Universe

Welcome to the brave new world
Where layered and complex issues
Are all handily delivered
In digestible little tidbits.

Healthy debate and discussion
Are in no way diminished
By its enforced word limits
(And always kind and civil).

Rapid-fire noise and video
Relieves us of the burden
Of pondering any deeper
Into tedious subject matter...

They've made it far easier
To become brazenly opinionated,
So just relax and plug in
To this loud and obvious universe.

(78 words)

A new world poem

New world
New silent world
broken by the Zooming
voices that every day sound more and more
like the passing calls of geese.

No planes, few trains, not so many
The sky hangs brighter but
nostalgia makes me scan for jets.
I see none.
Their silence rings like a tolling bell.
for me, for us, for all humanity.

Now silence has claimed Ofelia.
She who brought a choir of voices,
high and clear,
to the weight of ancient cathedrals
where the music rose to pointed arches
like wings about to fly.
But music is above all ephemeral.
It is gone as soon as you hear it.

Silence envelops
our new world.

(116 words)
Joseph Harker

Chinese Lessons

The first words are not so much like music
as flight-- soaring to the top of a syllable,

floating awhile, before diving downward
into the next. Still, you press on.

There are whole months of vocabulary
refusing to stick. Punctuating them--

the moments when your mind tips over
its axis, and suddenly the sentence fits

together, the verbs and nouns symmetric
and perfect as flowers, meanings shifting

through their tints. But not too far.
It's not so much like getting lost as a visit

unannounced, entering a neighbor's house
to find all the tables already set.

(98 words)

A New World

In the new world
Let freedom ring
In the new world
Hear my heart sing
Freedom is the warm sun on my face
In a new world it is my favorite place

(35 words)


Once a gushing river is now just rock and sand
Where a carpet of vibrant emerald green grass grew
is now a thirsty barren land
Once, the bustling town or city you knew
are only scraps of metal and chunks of brick
Neither man or animal can live in this decay
All the trees and plants withered from being sick
Could there be a drop of hope in all this dismay?
In a crack in the ground grows a tiny seed
In a desolate land, it may not seem a great deal
but within a few weeks, it will grow into an untamed weed

(105 words)
Robert Lee Brewer

"Breaking and Entering"

Some lines break easier than others,
but I've always been a fool for
following the paths they lead,
because they always teach
me something brand new
about myself
as if I

to explore
hidden within
my own subconscious
like a waking dreamscape
that only asks the courage
to wander long enough to see
if there are any doors to unlock.

(67 words)
P.A. Beyer

Self Evident

That smile -
A two bit decoy

That smile -
A silent assault

That smile -
Intent wasn't necessary

That smile -
Destroyer of worlds

You delivered blankets
and smiled

(32 words)

PAD - 1 April 2020
new world

I reboot Bluetooth
and discover a connection
on my computer boosts the sound
on my smart TV

novel sound mixes
the radio plays only
Canadian artists
no more classical
nor international music

the fridge hum
overwhelms my
kitchen table office
subsides back into silence

reduced traffic
only a few buses
rumble by my flat
without passengers

Wednesday morning
garbage crews take away
our recyclables
our compost
our landfill
this essential service

birthed Friday March 13
this eerie new world
heralds an unknown future

meanwhile, watching the old world
consuming economy tank
Gaia studies her profile
in a full-length blue-green mirror
wondering whatever will she wear
to her coming-out party
and which creatures she will add
to her list of welcome guests

(129 words)
Alphabet Architect



Don't get me wrong. I love this world, this life-
Feast on its revelry, savor its wine;
Marvels like new songs, parties lasting long,
Fireworks, Moonlit walks, treasures like gold.

I've often heard (though not always heeded)
Invest in this world; Give up your soul.
Thus, add to sorrows; cancel tomorrows;
Silence the merciful; license the bold.

Go for the gusto! Indulge, engage, imbibe.
Death won't be cheated; live for today.
This world is broken; its offerings tokens
This day alone matters, if truth be told.

Truth is, a new world waits- I have glimpsed it.
To this world's groaning I've heard its reply.
Christ has redeemed you; all things he makes new.
Plan for eternity; don't let love grow cold.

(123 words)

New world

One thats been humbled
One thats more kind
More loving
One that breathes freshly
Like a newborn inhaling first sips of air
One that depends on its Mother
Teaches us all we need to know
If we can just listen
Where water is clean and
We are reflective and gentle
Where air is clear and
We breathe with every ounce of our being
Where soil is rich and
We are grounded and stable
Where fire is alive in our bellies
And light in our souls
This new world
Doesn't have days and times and meetings
It's waiting on the other side
Close your eyes
Zoom in

(109 words)


The whole world inhales
Suspended in space, mid-breath--
Alive living rooms

(12 words)
the scribbler

Fran McManus, RSM

Sight unseen,
you shut down
like small town
the city that never sleeps.

Social distance keeps
us from saying goodbyes
to the dead and dying.
Mocking Easter's rising,
experts say in two weeks

death rates will peak
and we without choir or bell
to break Lent's silence must tell
tell our tearful alleluias to ourselves
and to the Spirit that indwells.

And as that Spirit rises and sings
the day's confounding mystery,
we will feel death's New York sting
and trust God's ramshackle victory.

(88 words)

(My first draft was meh, but I utilized Robert's syllable count in his example. It's a little better.)

Gates Stay Open

At forty-two, the Gate opened
A trespasser busted through
Loud, demanding, but so
Small, to rock my world.
Needing it all.

Still rocking
Songs, hugs, fights, tears:
A genius inventor
So early sees Opened Gates:
New worlds of possibilities.

(66 words)

Road to Recovery

Normality has been stripped,
society caged at borders.
All we have
- a digital world, connected.
Videos replace embraces,
text over speech.

The road to recovery will be long,
what normality will we find?
Will free movement be
- in the past? A memory.
What will this new world
give to us?

(55 words)
Pearl Ketover Prilik

That Brave New World

A serious girl she
leafed through paginated
test tube babies and
relegated social strati
talked intense and long
into the night flipping
long dark hair from
shining eyes as the
brilliance of the writing
and the sheer terror of
the imagined inhumanity
The book still sits on a
shelf somewhere - pages
yellowed - as the world
unfolds day by day out-
side the walls of her
grown up house -
she fear a rereading
sees a dance macabre
a reality twirling at the
window pane ..
and she not all
that brave
nor new

(100 words)
Linda Voit

I live in it the thing

they used to call the new world
because it was new to them
but it was not new to those
for whom it was the world
as far back as they and their
ancestors and their ancestors
and their ancestors
could remember

how easy to see through
our lens without seeing
our lens

Linda Voit

(61 words)
Pearl Ketover Prilik

Brave New World

I sit in solitude with
the love chosen long
ago - when the world
was an endless horizon
and we young of limb
and longing ready to
leap frog across lily
pads to find our path
I sit in solitude with
the love chosen -
selected now again in
sacrosanct synchronicity
of spirit soaring, cast
as a shimmered fish
line back across the
lake of traversed time
to a simpler time
tasking together
hearing the insistent
and ignoring the
tapping of that
macabre fellow
tapping at the
window - as we
pull our shades
of self sufficiency
sing a song of
what will be
toss aside the
outside, embrace
the within, together
secluded, safe,
basically brave
new once again
locked in

(125 words)


It has been over a year,
all four seasons,
and here it is,
March again.

Some of us have been
quarantined inside our houses
the entire time--
those of us still here

that is--.
Today's the day
we get to step out
and see our new world.

There's no denying--
some of us can't wait.
But some of us have grown timid,
are afraid it won't be the same.

It might be a brave new world
as some famous writer wrote.
But for some of us?
We're not so brave at all.

(98 words)

The new world was splendid
in its dismissal of our dreams
haughty that we had hoped
so heartily for it to arise

then that we dared
to be disappointed at its lackluster
performance; towers of milky iridescence
merely mimicking the moonscapes

we'd been promised,
we children who'd been raised
on Tomorrowland's glittering skyways

now weep in your alleys,
oh heartbreak of a new world
oh illusion of progress

(68 words)

I wish I knew, World

I wish I knew, World,
when the war will end,
with battle won,
no fight left to fight,
as peace reigns.

I wish I knew, World,
when the sun will shine
on healthy people
who dance in the street,
to music victorious.
I wish I knew,
so I might hold the future
in the palm of my hand
and be not afraid
of what I knew, World.

Lorraine Caramanna

(75 words)

As We Re-align

two peregrines rise
above treeline
while below a pileated woodpecker
hammers away at a pine
under a wind-checked sky -
how unchanged their world
compared to mine

(30 words)
Linda Rhinehart Neas

Greetings, Poetry Pals! I pray you are all well and staying isolated. Poetry is a great way to keep from going stir-crazy! Here's my New World poem.

Novae Terrae
"In one drop of water are found all the secrets of all the oceans; in one aspect of You are found all the aspects of existence." ~ Kahlil Gibran Jr.

From Cimmerian shade, the brilliance blinds -
somewhere between bird and angel song,
saturate the senses -
wafting up from every side,
the scent of sweetness,
the essence of eternity,
the perfume of peace -
feeding the spirit like a suckling babe -
honeyed impressions,
seraphic satiation!
Suddenly, the gentle graze of a tender touch -
soaring beyond what was.

(122 words)

Spilled Over

Over the hills, over the dales
Over the thrills, because they pale
Compared to my new world
And all the dreams it killed

Seek not the pain or the pleasure
For nothing's gained from this treasure
In truth, does it matter
How blood and tears were spilled?

(c) chip conrad
April 2020

(54 words)

G. Smith (BMI)
When Columbus sailed the ocean blue,
He didn't ask directions;
He just headed where he wanted to,
With prayer and genuflections.
The fleet was leaking, his crew grew weak and,
Started crying for their mammas,
When on the horizon, our Genoese paisan,
Discovered the Bahamas.

It was always there, it just needed finding,
Though no one knew, what it might be.
Unseen lands, unknown treasure,
Or just a shortcut, across the sea.

Lewis and Clark were in the dark,
But not ol' Sacajawea,
They headed west as they saw best,
Looking for the sea, ah-
-cross the plains, through snow and rains,
They scaled the mighty Rockies.
It was all downhill, at least until,
The Pacific; they were feeling cocky.

It was always there, it just needed finding,
Though no one knew, what it might be.
Unseen lands, unknown treasure,
Or just a shortcut, to the sea.

Neil and Buzz walked on the Moon,
Left Mike alone and waiting.
They made it home with all their rocks,
To joyous celebrating.
You and me are on the brink,
Of finding something, fresh and new;
One small step, one giant leap,
A new beginning, for me and you.

You were always there, you just needed finding,
Though I didn't know, who you might be.
Stars and moonlight,
A brand new world, for you and me;
A whole new world, for you and me.

(236 words)

I dream of a new world

I dream of a new world where
the wolf will dwell with the lamb,
the leopard will lie down next
to the goat, and children shall play
with the young lion and calf.

Together the cow and bear
shall graze in the same field,
and the lion shall eat straw
rather than meat. A babe shall
befriend the cobra and giraffe.

In this new world, there shall be
no more sickness, nor sorrow,
nor crying. There shall be no more
pain, injustice, wars, or death.
On this planet all shall laugh.

Each person shall have a home
to lay their head at night. Although
there shall be no darkness there
only light. For the cities shall
be lit by Him on our behalf.

I dream of a new world where
men, women and children shall be free.

(143 words)

What's New is Old
by Leslie R. Farmer

So it's said there's
Nothing new under the sun,
And yet here we are
In a new day and age.
New routines, new rules,
Nothing like we have had before.

But if you go back
And look again
You will find what is new
To us isn't very new after all.
This new to us world is really
An old way that was new for them.

(74 words)
Sara McNulty

New Vs. Ancient

New does not always mean better.
Ancient buildings remain standing.
Craftsmanship builds sturdy structures.
New does not always mean better.
Cheap materials, bribed inspector
destroys integrity while expanding.
New does not always mean better.
Ancient buildings remain standing.

(41 words)

The New World Tavern

Pretzels prepare for takeout,
pick up mine with turkey and cran-buff stuffing,
a Thanksgiving theme
from a tavern in the Pilgrim's new world - Plymouth.
Choose from thirty-two crafts on tap,
add a flight of beer.
When the world is new again,
I intend to pilgrimage
to this New World Tavern.
Perhaps you will meet me there
for trivia on Wednesday
or Friday night live music.
We'll discover it's world of beer,
order off the menu,
enjoy an evening out.
When our world is new again,
I intend to pilgrimage to
The New World Tavern.

Lorraine Carmanna

(101 words)

from the pre-challenge prompt to write a poem on hope!
Wednesday April 1 Hope Springs Eternal in our Winter of our Discontent writer's digest prompt Posted

Hope springs eternal in the winter of our discontent
On the daily news that fills us with dread
Perfect storm of hatred, fear and despair Everywhere we go nonstop fear broadcasted

Despair fills my heart as I turn on the news
Everywhere we are in the midst of the pandemic
Simply put death is at hand
Planning for the future yet waiting for death
At worst we will all die not today but soon
In the long term we are all dead
Remembering the dead all around us

yet I end this poem with a word of hope
hoping for the best
while preparing for the worst
all I can do to stay sane

as I await my fate
on this dismal date
April 1 is indeed
April Fool's date
is that our fate
this endless dance with death?

and to end with a sign of hope
I know that if I have you by my side
I will survive I will survive
until the end of time itself
takes us to the other side

based on writer's digest daily April poetry month challenge to write a poem about hope see my bog https://theworldaccordingtocosmos.com for my daily entries along with all poetry

(228 words)

A World of Virus

Hunker Down!
Social Distance!
Sneeze In Your Elbow!
Spray The Bottom of Your Shoes!
Wear Gloves!
Masks Are Coming!
Put Away Groceries Like This!

My world in February changed quickly.
Now I dream of virii making me prickly.
The beach is closed.
The Philharmonic postponed.
Sedar canceled.
Graduation postponed.
Will we be back to normal soon?

My life is controlled by a virus.
Dastardly germs that are killing many.
Me? Three weeks in.
All the closets are clean
All the drawers are organized.
Glad it is Poetry Month.

With words, we will write our stories.
Our words will keep us going.
They are beauty and strength.
Words from our soul, through our hearts.
Our words cannot be killed by Covid.

(124 words)

after chores

she slipped through the old fence
paint chip lichen clinging to her hair
settled herself muddy bottom
back against an oak
minutes hours unknown
then there they were
sandy sunlight bathing knobby knees
and speckles white
mother watchful within reach
prince of his new world

(47 words)
Dennis LeMahieu

. "Virus Free Zone "

A walk on a deserted beach
Strong fresh wind
Shoving unique waves
Upon my heavy feet
Scuffing in wet sand
My pain free head
hoping to remain
this way
Until re-entering society
covered with Corona virus seeds
Seeking new breath
ending customers
I should just lay here
... upon sand
and rocks
Meditating head
on driftwood
that survived
all world's rath

(66 words)

New World Plague

Our world has come undone
old patterns gone awry
new rules are in play
to remain alive

for each may carry an invisible virus
we don't know who so must behave
as if we have it and stay away from
friends - to isolate, alone at home

to stop the spread and
halt the rampant dying in
this surreal new way of life
this most dangerous game


(71 words)
James Von Hendy

The Distance Between Us

Love has always been a closing of distances.
Today is no different. Though we are apart
and cross to the empty side of the street
the distance between us, stranger
and neighbor, has never been so
intimate, distance so near, so shared.

We queue in the parking lot, the first
hour ours, wary behind our masks--those
who wear them and those who don't--in careful
observance, the sacredness of space
a measured intimacy, near and shared.

(79 words)

What happens
If newness wears off
And we wait
And we wait
And still no toilet paper
And still yards apart?

(21 words)

New Heaven and New Earth

When I read
Revelation in the Bible,
I wonder if we have
it all figured out so much
that we won't recognize it
when it happens.

(31 words)

New Normal

After my husband's two strokes,
I began my search for a new normal.
Then there was the summer of pain.
Then a flood and redoing the house.
Then a pandemic.
What I want my new normal to be:
art, music, writing, traveling seems to dangle
before my face like the proverbial carrot,
waiting for me to lunge for it and hang on.

(64 words)


Up the flat path curling in sandy mud,
the sky murky clouds
The direction clear
the heart wants and wants and wants
But does not receive its desire
Time will not jump or leap or push
itself beyond its prescribed pace.
The mind has no choice
but to imagine or to forget what is Now,
halted spring
crunch of last season's grass beneath my boots,
covering emerging green,
melted snow gurgling in the brook,
inky, icy, pouring into the river's middle fork
Canadian geese honking above but not dipping in
fearful perhaps, sensing the world awry
My nostrils filling with end-of-March air,
in and out, in and out in and out
My fingers in winter gloves
Nurses in full PPE

Step by step, now and now and now.
The present for some the end
Numbers climbing
Everywhere climbing, monitors flatlining.

I continue North, treading onward at the pace
earth's orbit dictates
No faster, no slower
despite the swiftness of my steps.

Five minutes gone. Six, seven, ten.
COVID worms into more beings
passed on from
shoppers to clerks
patients to caregivers
strangers to strangers

retirement awaits, ten days, nine, six, five
Ready now
unsettled until it arrives
wanting sans work responsibility
hugs of congratulations from maskless faces,
sitting around a campfire, close together, celebrating

post pandemic normal like routine daily life was before it
post retirement freedom to live anew
in every moment of now
with time that moves as slowly as today
But with warmth from the sun, green grass, and the only infectiousness coming from laughter.

(263 words)

Perhaps in this place
maybe see unseeable
show more compassion.

Thank you, Robert for continuing this journey! Love your poem as always.

I've been joining you all along every year... lately all in my journals. I look forward to this every year.

Just wanted to share my first of the month and let you, (all), know I'm poeming along with you, too!

Wishing all safety, wellness and peace.

(68 words)

I haven't done this in years, and I'm not a poet...but oh how I love to create. And what a wonderful escape during these days. Can't wait for the whole month.

"Uncrowded World"

I worship
in crowds.

One hundred thousand in a stadium,
Two hundred in a sanctuary,
Twenty at a dinner party.

Hands clasped,
head bowed,
heart full

kneeling to






I worship
in ones
and twos
and threes.

Hands still clasped,
head lifted,
heart overflowing


in this uncrowded

(90 words)

To the Old Man Gardening During the Pandemic

It is April 1, 2020
This is no joke, though
It's late morning
I am walking for the ninth day in a row
You are sitting on a yellow bucket
sleeveless black puffer jacket
dark button-down work shirt
brown pants
and a black flat cap on your head
The lines on your face shows the years like a tree stump
The trowel in your hand moves slowly
clearing away dead leaves
turning up soil
A few purple tulips dot the garden
By summer your garden will be in full color
but for now
there is work to be done

We nod hello, quickly
I've got earbuds in
and a black hoodie on
I don't know your age
but you are old enough to have gone through the Great Depression
two world wars
Black Monday
And now this moment in history

As I turn the corner
heading home
I wonder how many times you've seen the sky fall?
How did you deal with each fear?
What losses did you endure?

I do not resist the urge to look back
You are moving the yellow bucket a few feet to the left
bending down you clear more dead debris
working the top soil for the flowers to come

I smile
as I consider how much of your old world
is just the same as this new world

(234 words)
k weber

(apologies if this is a duplicate entry... just realized *this* is my most current username.)

Your new world blues

We were here first, by decades: screaming
into pillows, our phones not ringing
but our ears twitching with each clock-
beat in our empty homes.

We fought to get ourselves outside
and then left in tears when we arrived.
It was never understood why we could
panic so easily. Now you all fall apart

as if you invented staying home or the art
of feeling cold behind a closed door
that was knocking. It's fine now that we
are all confined but no one is confounded

that we were here first, unheard and left
behind closed doors and falling apart
while in tears. It's fine now that we
are all staring at the kitchen's empty contents.

K Weber

(137 words)

read love sonnets
in the bathtub
with door closed
wait for world to break
collective fever

(16 words)

circle of friends
each of us wonders
who will make it

(11 words)

Your new world blues

We were here first, by decades: screaming
into pillows, our phones not ringing
but our ears twitching with each clock-
beat in our empty homes.

We fought to get ourselves outside
and then left in tears when we arrived.
It was never understood why we could
panic so easily. Now you all fall apart

as if you invented staying home or the art
of feeling cold behind a closed door
that was knocking. It's fine now that we
are all confined but no one is confounded

that we were here first, unheard and left
behind closed doors and falling apart
while in tears. It's fine now that we
are all staring at the kitchen's empty contents.

K Weber

(122 words)

Hopeful Heart

I don't know where it is,
Or where it can be found.
Maybe in a dream somewhere,
That lifts you off the ground.

It feels like mommy hugs,
Sparkling with mommy smile.
It smells so fresh and honest,
With colors running wild.

Sometimes it feels so close.
Sometimes it's miles away.
Oh, new world find my hopeful heart,
And fill it every day.

(65 words)
Empress of All

"Taking Inventory"
I wipe down my cart
Empty shelves, emptier hearts
Is hope out of stock?

(16 words)

I feel this, such hope, well said.

(7 words)

Beautiful, I felt and heard this simultaneously.

(7 words)

Lovely imagery

(2 words)

Making worrisome preparations - yes, exactly. For what, we don't yet know.

(12 words)

I love the hopefulness of this poem

(7 words)

I distance myself,
stand six feet away
from the cracked mirror

I love that image.

(15 words)

Wonderful turn at midpoint! Yes, yes... like the turkeys we are. Gobble Gobble.

(13 words)

Yes - it's the grocery shopping experience that gets to me the most. Reached my first true breaking point yesterday while sitting in my car in the Sobey's parking lot, sobbing.

(31 words)

Thank you! Your search tool is very useful.

(8 words)

A New World

All around me it's a whole new world.
I didn't go through a wardrobes' door!
We're all on a ride called tilt-a-whirl.

It has a disorienting spin.
Emotions up, down, and all around.
Things never again as they have been!

Elderly parents still going out.
Crushed by guilt and fear 'cause I'm not there.
But we must live, shop, and serve they spout.

Denial and selfishness are seen.
What will it take to change people's minds?
Doctors choosing who gets the machine?

A world of shortages and death counts,
Zoom is king of social distancing,
and limbic resonance is trounced.

Surely this is an April Fool's joke!
We've had locusts, quakes and pestilence
in just three months. This new world is broke!

This new world is just getting started.
Prayers rise for treatments, vaccines, and hope.
Lord God, help us not be fainthearted!

(146 words)


Body temperature 97.34 degrees Fahrenheit and 36.3 deg...

"Mom, turn off the body scan!"

Grandma loves her gadgets.
I love her stories.
When you walk into her two-story home,
scents of pine and lemon are absent.
The air is pure, clean
Free of pollutants
Free of viruses
I hear a rustling in the kitchen.
Grandma must be making her
homegrown immunity boosting tea.
It's just the two of us today.
She pours us each a brimming cup
of her secret brew.
It smells funky, but I keep that to myself.
She's quiet.
Not her charming storyteller self,
cheerfully beginning each tale with,
"When I was a girl."
I wish she would tell the story of,
The Lost Handshake
or, my favorite, The Vanishing Drinking Fountain.
Awkward silence.
I notice an unopened package on the counter behind her.
My feet twitch uncomfortably.
I sip my tea and she says, "I've been thinking of my dad today."
My great-grandfather, her hero.
My grandma was twelve during the 2020 pandemic.
My age now.
Grandma's dad was the first one
in their family to get sick,
like so many others in the city.
Then grandma.
Asthma, their only crack in the sidewalk.
Grandma rarely tells this story.
Her guilt haunting, her despair deep.
Memories of large, white refrigerated trailers
in the streets.
Exhausted doctors and nurses
risking their lives to save
Selfless, like her dad.
Grandma sips her tea, points to the package on the counter, and says,
"We're making soap."

(249 words)

Staring Lines

The ever changing landscape
of chipped glass folds into the parchment
of her palm, tiny embered red lines
dotting a crush of peach flesh
as she bites her tongue,
chews back a lexicon of silence,

and waits
for something new to begin.

This is creation,
life dancing beneath her fingertips,
the seeds of her own will
flaring with pin-pricked flames
down her elbow to touch
faded denim on her lap. The world

asks questions,
and she bites her tongue,

this calligraphy of platelets and plasma
speaking her rebellion. This is life,
she roars to no one, watching
the nativity of unfettered rage
dance to her toes and soak,

like tears,
into soft cotton sheeths.

(116 words)


(1 words)

New World

Unlocking the front door
The key sticks.
I shift my weight--
Right leg, left leg--
While nature calls, and
Pressure on my bladder mounts
Like the distress visible
On each face viewed from a
Distance of six feet.

Open, Sesame
Magical words on the
Lips of a thief
Unseal a cave, a tomb
Loaded with treasure made
Worthless for being
Hidden and unused.

Risk nothing, receive nothing.
Do nothing, lose everything.
Life is what you make of it.

(80 words)

New World

I tried to explain
The words just would not come.
I sent an e-mail to each of your addresses
They went unanswered
I tried to call you
But you did not pick up
I called again
But you had changed your number.
I tried to write
But the letter was returned to sender.
So why did you turn up on my doorstep
Five days before my wedding?
I am a new world
And there is no place for you in it.

(83 words)

Maia Madden
April 1, 2020

Welcome to the New World

So it was, so it is
The sudden startling shift
From what you knew to what is now
In the new world

A voyage from the old world
Through the wild salty seas
A child lost in transit
In the new world

Then the stark striving
The bare cry to belong
Suddenly a child no more
In the new world

Fight, feign, lie, pretend
Be the first in line
Prove yourself worthy
In the new world

You aim high, you work
You marry an American
You make the perfect family
In the new world

And when your white boy leaves
You labor for the children
Each day becomes a struggle
In the new world

Some succeed, some fail
But you are now alone
Left to fade and crumble
In the new world

(142 words)


When I woke up this morning nature gave me no clues
The birds were in full song singing "birdie, birdie".
The sun caught a silver streak of water on the grass.
The trees waved their branches reaching for the sky.

Nature gave me no clues.
The desert floor displayed blankets of purple lupine and yellow mallow.
Bees pollinated flowers, orange blossoms sweetly scented the air.
Everything about the day felt safe.

But when I entered a new world of fear all I wanted
Like never before was to be out in the fresh air.

I couldn't blame nature for not giving me a clue
the virus was lurking in ugly spiked molecules
Waiting for a human host. That was no concern of hers.

Why would it be?

(128 words)

on an asphalt sea my son and I ride
as long as the weather is on our side
we make a journey to retrieve
items from a place that we must leave
on an asphalt sea

as the earth turned, so did the tide
fortune has not been on my side
I search for reasons to believe
on an asphalt sea

some days I do not mind the ride
other days I wish to escape inside
over the years there have been reasons to grieve
I examine the dreams that my mind may conceive
on an asphalt sea

(98 words)
Alaska Christina

Back home
northern climate
Alaskan winter prevails
white landscape
sun creating patches between snow and heath
spring is a promise still to come
a promise I am not there to witness
sequestered away from home
virus days
virus nights
this Covid-19 nightmare playing out
equal footing on every stage
new world old world what world is yet to come

But here
northwest days
Washington State transitions
green landscape
sun stretching rays between cedar and fern
spring sashays across the land
buds bursting birds calling
teasing me in my isolation
virus days
virus nights
this Covid-19 nightmare playing out
equal footing on every stage
new world old world what world is yet to come

(113 words)
Shaindel Beers

New World, Post Pandemic

Let the deer think of us the way we think of them
with their wasting disease. The way we mourn the rhinos,
the elephants, the koalas after the bushfires. It is sad,

but not too sad, because it is not us, after all.
Let whatever comes after ponder us the way
we ponder the Neanderthals, the Denisovans,

grasping any link as a novelty, party small talk,
comparing fractions of DNA strands. Let the wolves
have Yellowstone; the bison, all of Nebraska.

The sand hill cranes can fly over fly over land,
safe from plane engines. Let the coyote take over
the hen house, let Whiskers scratch loose her belled collar,

let Rufus outrun his invisible fence. Give it all back.
We're not needed. We had a good run--the way
we think of the dinosaurs, the giant sloth, the way

we wonder how something improbable as a terror bird
could have existed. Sure, the finches will miss
their feeders. They'll find real thistles soon enough--

(168 words)
Empress of All

Love it!

(2 words)
k weber


(-1 words)

Sweet poem!

(2 words)
Empress of All

Nicely done.

(2 words)
roisin maguire

So off he went, to seek a Brave New World.
One not broken or cold, or here.
Yes, off he went with a cluck and a shake
To find somewhere kind and warm and nice
That would coddle him back to life like an old egg
Lain too long under a careless hen.

In streets of clay he found it.
Among hills of dust, and scrubby dark trees
So he scooched his scraggy old feathers down,
Settled his arse
Where the earth is all cracked in the early morning
And mites run mad in the heat of the breast
And he crooned to himself
And he picked at his claggy toes.

He left us here, left us behind him.
Careless himself, the foolish old hen.
I watch the dew swell fat on the tip of a leaf
And gleam like a wink in the eye of the morning,
And I wish him joy of it
A nest full of ants
The bastard
Then I brace my strong back against the gowl of the wind
And lift my face to the wet Irish sky.

(186 words)

"Into The Rabbit Hole"

It opened so quickly, dare I venture in
Fear and uncertainty
Loom in the darkness
Where do I begin?

Our world has changed, maybe forevermore
Many lives are lost
Families in stress
Do I open the door?

Must join the fight to defeat the virus
Each of us should ask
What part can I play?
Be safe, not careless!

(63 words)
Michael T Ellis

The One Before The Kittens

I laughed out loud
when I saw the title
I might have even guffawed
it was just a Facebook post
about transforming the way
we live our lives
so we can build better ones
after this is all over
I shook my head
but it wanted to be taken seriously
and the author's picture
well, he looked kind, and earnest
and since it didn't look too long
I decided to give it
a few minutes of my time
but by the time I'd finished
and scrolled on to the next post
a couple minutes or so
I was still unconvinced
I mean, how many of us
really ever change
for any reason
we are creatures of habit
with compulsions
that comfort us
and define us
and I'm good with that
I see little need
to change much of anything
but I will tell you right now
before I forget
because thinking about it
still makes me smile
that those sweet little kittens
were absolutely adorable!

(170 words)

(Poetic Asides PAD 2020 Challenge D01)

a blob
on the line
at sky and sea,
a rapid heartbeat
at the shout of "land ho"
for all hopeful weary hearts.

it fades
as it lifts,
from sea into sky,
to leave us in dark night
where dreams of land tease all souls.

this world
dawn to dusk
heart rendering
strains for just a glimpse
of hope-breaking horizons.

(c) Damon Dean

(74 words)

Exactly. <3 Well done, Pearl!

(1 words)

4-1-2020 Prompt: A New World

Outside, my door, the change for the new world will happen, most definitely
Inside, my door, I gotta get ready by changing me
So I checked my heart and it was still caring, loving and kind
The next thing I checked was the health and well- being of my mind
Happy to report both are okay
Thus I move on and find something else to change today
I'll start with my storage closet
That holds lots of things that are no longer needed
As I work hard, during this time, to clear out that clutter
Where did this stuff come from, I asked myself as I shudder
I need to hurry and shred old papers - the ones I never looked at
And clean out closet shelves stacked with old hats -that I never wore
Why do I have so much stuff I ponder
It kept me locked inside somewhere over yonder
Yes, I'm gonna be ready when the new world arrives
That's why I'm making all of these extra strides
Stop and smell the roses as folks say
I now plan to do this each and every day
The outside will take care of itself
The inside - me - will also be ready - only better

(213 words)
Connie Inglis


wide web
click, click, click-
-ing away the
hours wasted on
news-bad-sites opening
to new wild worlds of anxious
faces, fearful words, hopeless and
lost. BUT. But the choice is mine. Do I

enter or refrain? For other worlds
call to me with news-good-cheering
on people helping people,
distant dance, un-social
off'rings, fearless front-
line faces; a
I choose

(63 words)

A squirrel is planting
a cherry pit in the earth
outside my window.
It's a new world:
he digs without watching;
I watch.

(23 words)

"Letting Go"

Idea seeds grow
Widening the crack
A way of living,
A way of being,
That has grown obsolete.
No going back.

I'm excited for the new world,
But . . .
What can I keep?
What must I leave?
Straddling the crack,
I hesitate, then
Make the leap.

(51 words)

I've looked and looked
Never thinking I'd find
A new world
Without you

And when I did
Never thinking I'd miss you
My new world
Broke my heart

(28 words)

Worth the wait. I like it.

(6 words)
Jane Shlensky

What She Said

"Old things are perfectly good
if you take care of them."

Old clothes handed down
or repurposed,
old cars pristine for decades,
old friendships more beloved
for longevity,
old family,
old nature,
old world made new
every day.

(41 words)

You cannot say my home is empty because
Obviously I am still here. All right, I'm alone -
Alone and perhaps that stirs your feelings
Of compassion? Been alone most of my life so
No worries on my part.

Aren't you afraid all by yourself, my pals ask and
My answer is invariably No. Never reveal to them
That I turn the lock on my bedroom door each night
Which interestingly helps me to sleep more soundly.
Only I know that fact and it's not for publication.

Three departed husbands ago I pined for those
Words. You know the ones: let's get married.
And so we did and now they're all gone and now
It's not a different world for me just
A newer world because of my age.

I talk to the last one who stepped into the boat
On the Styx. Once in a while he replies and we have
A conversation which results in a short poem.
But there are so very many questions for which
He has no answer ... dang. Alright, he cannot see
Into my future or anyone else's. I fancy that some
Things about which I want to know he must not
Divulge to me. And I do laugh, because there were
Many things in our marriage that he never divulged
Until the week before he up and died.

(c) Margaret Lauderdale

(230 words)


Shelter in place,
a still space. My
home base quiets,
alone, yet spring's
sun sets, beckoning.

-Karen Wilson

(19 words)

Welcome to My World

A new world of outside of silence
But a mind armed with a demilance
Tying to bat away the negative goats
And soak in positive oats

The angel and devil are chatting away
Both still have plenty to say
I am never alone inside my head
A murky mixture of love and dread

Yes, I'm a slightly crazy mare
It's certainly a different world in there
Forty odd years of cooked up crook
Waiting to spill out into a book

Give each thought it's recognition
A chance at transmission
To make room for the new
Army of thoughts that will ensue!

(105 words)
brandy wine

Chrysalis Disecta

What pinkish glowing light is this
That births itself in through my window
On this strange mornings yawning beams?

What heaviness has filled my bones
Enclosed shut all the porous cavernous spaces
And left me without will or want to roam?

What is this "in between" my heart murmurs on about?
This relentless beating I have grown to fear?
This broken machine that trudges on and on?

What is this cage made of pillow and home?
This new habitat that closes me in,
Wraps my body,
Crushes my bones,
makes liquid of my guts,
yet asks me to live inside of it-

What is this weather outside
That is both storm and quiet,
The whole world gone to bed
To cage, all changing?

What is this body now?
What is this home now?
What is this world now,
So quiet and trembling,
So helpless,
so stuck in it,
So irrevocably changing?

Is this just the face of tomorrow,
Turning towards me so slowly
I can actually see the fall leaf reborn to spring
Or my body age in a single moment
Or my heart growing stronger in breaking
Because it must?

Does the fear of all this strangeness
Bring with it the new same old promise
The gift of death
And rebirth
Repurposed to form
This new era,
This new day,
This new story
Of a cycle conquered slowly?

I awake to this new world,
In this strange light,
In this strange body,
In this strange stillness,
And I am not the braver for it
I just do what all the musts must do
And walk along the shore toward
The same old setting sun.

(278 words)
amy todd-paine

"O brave new world that has such people in it. Let's start at once." John the Savage, BNW
"Oh, wonder! How many goodly creatures are there here! How beauteous mankind is!" - Miranda, The Tempest Act V. sc. i

shielded by masks
gloved hands reaching inward
knuckles fiercely interlaced
for self-preservation

laboratory lock-down
frantically scurrying
tubes in hand
blood drawn
samples taken
concocting miracles

urgency combating
charms dissolving
savage awakening
mortal wonder

(75 words)
Rie Sheridan Rose

Here's my attempt:

New World Baby

Just look outside...
to the cars parked immobile
day after day
after day;
to the neighbors crossing the street
as they walk their dogs;
to the numbers climbing like mountaineers.

It's a new world, baby.

Hide inside,
Lock your doors,
Wear your masks.

Be safe.
Be sure.
Be separate.

When this War is over...
how long will it be
before the heads pop out
and the friends hug
over a beer in their
favorite restaurant?

It's a new world, baby.

(86 words)

A day too long
A death too many
A fog of suffering
A tale of separation

As we battle pain
and choke on fear
A hope struggles

On the other side of this
let there be
a new world

(39 words)


In the new world
people sit in chairs on porches
and wave at cars and people walking dogs
and children on bikes

Eyes greet eyes
and secrets are shared
without e'en a whispered word

Smiles stitch over lesions
and hearts in place of buttons
and songs in place of snaps
weave a flag for this new world

Cat whiskers rub against bare feet
sifting blades of grass between toes
while pairs of hands grab each end
of the blanket, playing Parachute

and Red Rover
and Marco Polo
and Simon Says

just like we used to

(97 words)

Very nice. Freedom is important

(5 words)

No Contact No Breath

Air still and sheltered
Doors, windows shut tight
Cars parked in driveways
No cat nor dog in sight
No contact
Social distancing
Virus 19 orders
Self quarantine
Sadness stuck in my throat
Packages dropped off at the front door
Friends wave behind glass windows
New life order
Technological touch
From Tele health consultations to
Zoom conferences and sales
To screen hugs and kisses
Secured safely by screens
No breath
Preserved still air

(76 words)
Brandi Noelle

Life can be so mundane
day in, day out, it's all the same
I wish and long for something new
a change of pace, a different view
vacations are too far between
dreams are blurred by morning routine
it is a new world that I seek
so off to my favorite chair I sneak
I curl up and firmly tuck my feet
into the cushions of my seat
alone at last, my journey awaits
filled with tales others create
I know there is only one place to look
for new worlds hide inside of books.

(95 words)
Jane Shlensky

Simple Subtraction

The world as it always was,
still is,
greed and fear, hatred and war,
abuse and destruction
a new world

(24 words)
Kiril Kundurazieff

On Leave of Absence in a New World by Kiril Kundurazieff

Manning a register at my Walmart is what I want;
But, my apartment is the only place I haunt.
Sandwiches, soup, or a rice side, popped quickly in the microwave,
Sustenance on the cheap, as my money I try to save.
As I begin this, plague-ravaged, new world of my sixties,
Recovering from injury, taking one-legged walkies,
I drink Arizona Green Tea, listen to talk radio, and watch the news,
In between physical therapy exercises and my nightly snooze.

(90 words)

A Kind New World

Uncertainty, anxiety
mixed messages and grief.
Searching for beauty in the
rubble of bad deeds.
Some people stuck in mud-
we reach in to pull them out.
Our world can be dysfunctional,
of that there is no doubt.
A kind new world
Can be arranged.

Joy and excitement
clear messages and love.
Hear music in the gardens,
see street dancing from above.
All are feeling better,
splashed in warm sunshine.
New world rewards compassion,
and glares at those unkind.
A kind new world
Is worth fighting for.

(91 words)


tragedy forces a
new trajectory
priorities change
earthquakes force
new footing
a new dance
to play upon the soil

think me, me, me
now add ANOTHER

the earth splits in two
one for me, one for you.
crossroads ponder
two or more paths
more than one choice
what if each path wins
each drama played out
on a separate stage
dramas at the click
of a button on a
different plane

think big
now think BIGGER

the one mind cannot follow
both or comprehend the splits
answers not available at once
small morsels feed starving minds
too much at once, reality implodes


history making as we shift as one
those who shift leave no trace
first the accomplished
followed by the next

think smart
now think SMARTER

we are the new earth
lapis lazuli & forest connected
each has meaning in our hands
earth events trigger the calling
flips the switch for those
brought in by ancient ones
explorer first, a settler second
minds thrilled by the
learning curves
the hundredth monkey
leads the way

think one
now think ALL

the shift is

choose karma
you will stay to live it out
release karma
you will start again

new earth
think big
now think BETTER

(214 words)

New World

The birth act contracts
before release

narrows the vista
to a small tract

of real estate
--an impassable darkness

delightful in conception
death defying

in its regeneration
each rolling wave

of pain a victory
gained enlarging


our common

strains to be born.

~ pcm

(49 words)
Linda Hatton

Gloves Required

I want to go back
to the old world
when broken
skin meant wash
and dry, slather on
antibiotic cream,
slap on a Band-Aid,
and move on
with my day.

Don't want this
new world
where broken skin
denotes the way
my life
gave in to one
last breath.


[Robert, I love your poem!]

(57 words)
Anders Bylund

Life Cycles
All that is old becomes new again
And everything new grows old

The trends you forgot are back today
And you're bored with your favorite games

It's all bad, it's all good
And no one you know will see it the same way

(46 words)

New World of Learning

We were denied learning Tanka verse
as the pestilence grew worse
When Newberry and Poetry Foundation
shuttered themselves unto the nation...

Yet Writer's Digest opened her virtual doors
finding lyricists, not literary whores
While others languished upon the bed of depression
genius arrived in happy succession!

(50 words)

Innie or Outie?

New worlds
Underground mushroom networks
Deep sea creatures
navel-gazing wisdom
in primeval forests
rivers emerging from underground springs-
What is left after all the talking heads explain what they know?
Mysteries of unseen networks
rhisome tendrils
raw emotions
swimming in florescent deep seas
the promise of the wonders of travel
far-off discoveries
give way to inward-seeking solace
of self
Aristotle tried to tell us.
We don't listen until
Disaster and mortality
begin to knock.
Outer is not the thing.
Inner is.


(89 words)
Robert Lee Brewer

"Breaking and Entering"

Some lines break easier than others,
but I've always been a fool for
following the paths they lead,
because they always teach
me something brand new
about myself
as if I

to explore
hidden within
my own subconscious
like a waking dreamscape
that only asks the courage
to wander long enough to see
if there are any doors to unlock.

(67 words)
Brian Slusher

-April 1, 2020

Light slants across the sun porch
stenciling branches onto the floor--
veins of shadow that mimic cracks
in porcelain or empty roads through
an abandoned province. Dvorak
pipes in the background, exclaiming
a paradise where "the future music
of this country must be founded
on what are called Negro melodies."

Meanwhile, the actual street
features just pedestrians on their
nth walk, adjusting to face masks,
pacing at a rate suggesting some
thing is at their heels, while those
inside lean to the window glass
as if museum-goers, studying
their hapless ancestors, saying
to the animated figures "They seem
so alive, those confident fools."

(110 words)

I believed this old world place could be my own
new world
that I could travel side-wards, alternate space/time scenario,
to denouement
I set off in my flimsy vessel to stake my tenuous claim
to heart, home.
an existence in bones-filled, blood-soaked terrain
occupying occupied
unable ever to make it my own, to feel I belonged
borrower, intruder,
squatter in swaying tree, where crumbles this fragile nest

(68 words)

I believed this old world place could be my own
new world
that i could travel sidewards, alternate space/time scenario,
to discovery denouement
I set off in my flimsy vessel to stake my tenuous claim
to heart, home.
an existence in bones-filled, blood-soaked terrain
occupying occupied
unable ever to make it my own, to feel I belonged
borrower, intruder,
squatter in swaying tree, where crumbles this fragile nest
unanticipated realization.

(70 words)

I can't believe I forgot it was Poetry Month! Well, a lot's been going on, that's true. But still, I look forward to this every year, and this year, it just slipped my mind. Will work on jumping in and catching up.

(42 words)

new world forward

she can't step back, because backwards is an illusion
but she hovers with her foot in the air, the strain
of her left leg, the front one, bearing the unfair weight
of the right, back leg, the one causing all the slow,
unruly trouble. in a moment, if all goes well, she will
start to fall
......walking is really just controlled falling, you know......
start to fall and allow momentum to move her, forward
with luck, but she remembers the feeling of nose hit-
ting ground, the taste of copper blood in the back of
her throat, the wait while you try to decide if you will

get back up again

(114 words)

New World

the world was small
I could go and I would go
In planes
in cars, in trains, on waves,
I could walk the open road

Today I woke
and the message was
you must stay at home
Can't go
can't visit anyone
even loved ones all alone

The distance grew
by leaps and bounds
in but a simple day
And suddenly
the grocery store
is the farthest I can stray

2020 Patricia McCarrol (Version 1)

(78 words)
De Jackson

brave new

this poem speaks
s e v e n
new languages,
and none of them


(15 words)

April 1, 2020

the poem faltered, froze,
hesitated about describing the
emerging world

now while still in the midst of trauma
empty of concepts of what the
world will be like

weary with being sequestered - zooming
over and searching frantic for
revelation of how we have changed our
living and how we can
discern this whole new world

(60 words)

Devour the day
like a last meal.
Smudge blush
on the rounded
cheeks long missing
bone shape.
Eyes hungry for a new face,
an unfolding.
No longer dwell
in the yellowed
journal pages
with tired monologues
and same words.
Dine on the prose
of a new world.

(47 words)

April 1st, 2020 Day 1 Challenge

The Next World

oh, precious words of life
spoken into existence
breathed into life
created for eternity
and gifted
lifted in an instant
in the image of God
in life giving hope
of a new world
of a new life
in this world
the next.

(58 words)


Time, a world all its own.
It flies, it drones, it crawls, it flows.
Seconds, minutes, hours, days
One moment creeps then speeds away.

My children small just yesterday
I blink, they're grown.
The world of Time has flown.
Slow down, Time, slow down.

Mary Martin

(47 words)


It's hard to comprehend a world
Wherein you drive down the street, through various neighborhoods
Where the view is almost nil of individuals and
It's hard to imagine most cafes and coffee shops are closed.

A different world it is today
Makes one wonder how long it will be this way;
A different world, do we want it to be
As it is, like it was, or just more free?

What do we have to give up
All of our extras and basic necessities,
Or do we just recapture
The simple things as a way of life
To remind us of what life used to be like.

Will we ever be able to go back
To the way of life we once knew and loved
Or will we so willingly embrace


(140 words)
Robert Lee Brewer


He said he needed space
until she found someone
to occupy his place.

Now he wants to get close
but she says he can have
all the space that he chose.

In the future he'll see
that space is relative
to relativity.

(43 words)

Empty Spaces

Right there, beneath the window
Wasn't there a chair?
Someone must have shifted it
Now it isn't there

And what about the table?
Nut brown polished bright
Someone must have shifted it
Now it's not in sight

I'm sure there was a bookcase
Full to overflow
Someone must have shifted it
Where to? I just don't know

A picture on the wall is gone
Fruit spilling from a bowl
Someone must have shifted it
It leaves a glaring hole

My memory is like this room
Things shifting every day
I try to hold things in my mind
But they just slip away

The face I used to know as mine
A stranger took her place
The life I used to fully live
Became this empty space

(128 words)


Even your birth was
Taking on flesh, limiting your space
Recompense for me.

(17 words)

Dumb thumb doesn't deal with a space
Four fingers go fumbling apace
For a writer, this gripe
About failures in type
Puts him last in the poem-posting place

gpr crane
(that said, i might be first place today...

(38 words)
Empress of All

"Raindrops Have No Sense of Space"
The gray, rainy day beckons me to come out and play.
I walk through the raindrops, wondering why they aren't parting
The way The Red Sea once did.
I guess Mother Nature didn't get the memo
About social distancing.

(45 words)


These days,
aren't whispered anymore
unless one is conversing with
blank space;

cellular telephones
are subjected to many folks'

(26 words)


What is white noise
It's nature's way to say
Nothing is truly a void

A space in between
Is fill with the unseen
We are unaware of there

Now a space is just space
For us the human race
But is it

(43 words)

by Paula Riggs

In a blink
life as we know it
can do an
about face
In the smallest space of time
miracles happen.

(27 words)
Jason L. Martin

Bluegrass Avenue

These times I sit my children down to play
-spin the globe, eyes closed, fingers bounce-
then land for just a spell on countries, towns
they can not pronounce, take me back
to when I could not find Jerusalem
nor commit my soul to Jesus Christ
and so became the only child who failed
bible study school.

It's here, I'm home
where I keep my atlas as a gauge
of distances between the posts in life
I thought I'd see by now and the one
under which I've grown content to stay.

I'm not as well-traveled, I admit,
as the Holy Spirit, but I've got life
and some colored push pins. See these holes
where I've speared it?

(120 words)

tiny grief pockets
stitched on my heart over time
running out of space

(13 words)
Ann M

Americans crave
space, but not like this:
empty avenues, hoops,
and play slides,
whole buildings
echoing with ghosts.

Between you and me,
half a country stretches
out in silence;
open highways, fear,
flashing warnings.

in place of hugs,
i send you masks,
whole chickens & the last
basket of blueberries.

(50 words)

The Space Within

There is a place I retreat
To find solace,
From the storms within me.
There I quieten my soul
And sing songs of joy.
For each day
I am given a new day to live.
Something I once took for granted
Until these days I live
Was almost taken from me.
It took that to change
How I lived my life.

The space within me
Reminds me each breath
I am to live, laugh and dance;
Sometimes I will mourn
For someone is lost
That I loved,
But love is a gift
And to mourn
Is to say to the world
I have loved
And it is better to grieve
For I have loved.

Mary Elizabeth Todd
April 2, 2020

(123 words)
Lyn S

Reaffirmation in the time of COVID19
For Margaret

Life has a way of going on
And you certainly hope so,
As you walk on the other side of the street,
Waving and airkissing your very pregnant daughter
Who walks beside her husband, belly taut with
Your first grandchild who is ready to come out.
She will go to the hospital soon without you,
Who are in quarantine through her delivery date,
But also without her husband or anyone, attended
Only by the labor and delivery nurses--imagine that,
No one you love or who loves you there at the
Start of that new life--it will seem like she's
In space, I think, with updates coming on your
Phone only when there is time they can take
From caring for her. I understand these rules, I do,
Still, I would be mad with fear and anticipation,
Thinking: can't lose anyone now, just can't, not either
Of them and please not me, let me meet my grandchild.
But I will call you, the minute I know all is well, to say
"Congratulations, Grandma," and that I want a
Picture as soon as you and he or she can take one
Safely together.

Lyn Sedwick

(201 words)
Pat Walsh

by Patrick J. Walsh

in those days
the night was lit
like a promise
of the sky calling
on a new morning

they walked
in the coolness

they longed
for the moon

in these evenings
adrift in the dark
night drags day
through a weary sky
to fill the hours

they sit
in the quiet

they wait
for the dawn

(61 words)
Tracy Davidson

Space, Man

a space pirate
and a space cowboy
walk into a bar...
already I regret
my droid's comedy programming

(20 words)
Tracy Davidson

In Space

the sea of tranquillity
no longer tranquil

how long
before we ruin
this world too?

(18 words)
RJ Clarken

A Moon for the Misbegotten

"Don't even try to talk to me when I'm watching the moon. That's my moon, baby." ~Wendelin Van Draanen

And I'm looking up in the nighttime sky
at the moon, my moon. It's only for me.
Please move along and don't even ask why.
Just find your own space. Skip the inquiry.
But... if you're nice, well, maybe I might share.
It's an iffy proposition at best.
You never know: I love my satellite.
Tempt fate if you will. Tempt fate if you dare.
Now tell me, is it that you're moon-obsessed
enough to sing odes to my orb tonight?


(106 words)

Distant waves replace handshakes.
Air hugs from across the street.
Can you see my smile from this distance?
Please know, I keep you close at heart.

(28 words)
RJ Clarken

As a mom of twins, I kind of get this. But yeah - totally worth it, too.

(17 words)

so true and made me smile...used to if you heard a person talking to no one... we thought the person was a wee bonkers... but now I look to see if there is a cell phone...

(36 words)


(1 words)
k weber

Scant & skin

Physically, I've gone
& when the writing
there are
not even parentheses
to hold me.

is a destination far-
gone & star-flung.
It might just be
like these: the shortest
entries from my
teenage diaries.

K Weber

(43 words)


There's a space between
my teeth that used to
catch bits of meat

so I became vegetarian.


Move over. Give me
some space, and
let me grow,

said the acorn to the oak.

(35 words)

#I Need A Space#

All my life I have only drained out
my inner self, have contributed all my space
for others to fill it with more guilt and mess.
I never looked back that I was slowly burning,
my soul hammered with the scars,
my entity put into a big question,
and my soul crashed into the enraging fierce.
I do no longer allow myself
to let others occupy my space.
My tattered heart wants to swish its pain,
my soul wants to relive the fresh air,
and my body wants the space
where I no longer mourn for any loss.
I shall keep a space for myself to write,
and leave no space for fear and anticipation.
Rainy days remind me how I lost the charisma
of crystal raindrops for the space of my heart
was occupied with the sobs of my soul.
Happy memories vapourised
with the filthy ones taking their spaces,
there was no void left to breath.
My fists, raising the anger in it,
where my spaces play the reminder
of sins I have accomplished.
When do the placid contentment
hit my body and I shall see the evanescence
of fear, anguish, hatred and anxiety?
I need a space, full of peace and love,
for my eyes crave for the divine beauty,
I need to remove the perplexed shriek
that chime through the voids of my brain.
It's hard to breathe, harder to inhale oxygen
where there's no space left for positivity.
Soundlessness of silence speaks a lot,
speaks how much devastated I have turned
by swelling my voids with all the rotten memories.
I take a pledge, firmly and willingly now
to not brood over the sour past
and let my exquisite talent glisten
invading the nonchalant spaces of my mind.
I need a space to tighten my shoes' lace
for a fascinating win on a cantankerous race!

~ (c)storytellersuchismita

(316 words)
claudia marie clemente

the space you left

when you were deleted, the space you left
pricked the universe fabric with worm holes;

like that corner by the arm-rest, (now a hollow)
where on your arm, I'd nestle my temple

(as soft pages, section by section,
brushed my cheek - the Sunday Times).

In the house - etched stone, an abandoned shell
left as a marker and not much more - that couch remains.

And when I get back - exhausted
by flights, drives and the seasons -

without even removing my shoes or coat
I leave the front door open, drop the keys and luggage

(as dried leaves sweep in from the unraked walk)
and head straight to that couch to rest,

leaning into the fabric of the arm-rest,
cuddling empty space.

(129 words)





be a

























It packs












I long





(49 words)
claudia marie clemente

when you were deleted, the space you left
pricked the universe fabric with worm holes;

like that corner by the arm-rest, (now a hollow)
where on your arm, I'd nestle my temple

(as soft pages, section by section,
brushed my cheek - the Sunday Times).

In the house - etched stone, an abandoned shell
left as a marker and not much more - that couch remains.

And when I get back - exhausted
by flights, drives and the seasons -

without even removing my shoes or coat
I leave the front door open, drop the keys and luggage

(as dried leaves sweep in from the unraked walk)
and head straight to that couch to rest,

leaning into the fabric of the armrest,
cuddling empty space.

(125 words)

The Space Between

It used to be nothing
It grew slowly, so slowly I didn't notice it happening.
But looking back, on New Year's Eve, it was your arm's width.

I pressed myself up against it, imploring,
Yet by Easter, I had added my arm's width,
And you turned away.
So I turned away, too.

It is lonely on this side of the bed,
Cold spilling from the space between,
Freezing our love where it lies.

(76 words)

Six feet

Yesterday it was
how tall the neighbor is
Or the measure of the
corner bookcase

I write down the numbers
First a messy scribble
Then in neat type
An official stamp
on my timeline

03 13 20

The day the words
Lock Down became more than an
echo of stories long past

Six feet is now the distance
between you and me

(64 words)
Mrs. B

I can get lost in a place-
in my inner space.
A book takes me there.
I can go anywhere.
Sometimes for a day
or maybe a short get away.
A glorious retreat
without leaving my seat.

(37 words)

Staring into Space

I have everything I need
right here on earth
and every good thing
that I've been graced with
and love, and family.
Yet, still I look to the sky
and dream of all those unseen
things and places and maybe faces
I will never know.
And I wonder if my dreams
are greater than reality
or if reality is grander
than I can imagine.

(67 words)
Susan Zutautas

Don't stand close to me

Please back up and give me space

Six feet is needed

(c) Susan Zutautas 2020

(20 words)

Inner-Outer Space

This much is true:
a solar system dwells
deep within
but no milky way defines me

no sandy beaches
nor blue skies and powder-puff clouds
no evergreen mountain tops
nor deep-rust canyon walls
no silvered glass cities
nor patchwork quilted farmlands

I'm not ruled by Roman guardians
twinkling down from indigo heavens
the Hunter does not keep me fed
nor the Seven Sisters dance for me

This much is true:
My true home is distant
visible year 'round with aid
but in Autumn, she masterfully roams

quartz cliffs rise toward lavender skies
turquoise waves crash upon rose-pink beaches
icy blue dragons soar, breath angelic chords
pale binary suns dance by day
luminous moons shimmer by night

All is crystalline
homes and roads polished, smoothed
ice berries and honey nurture us
We, the keepers of galactic tomes

This much is true:
mission-bound, I wait out my fate
sustain this body, this life
'til death calls me home

Inner space becomes outer
Andromeda awaits

(164 words)

"Keyboard in Space"

To hurry life is to help death accomplish its goal
For life is a series of events laid out in the space of time
A series of black and white stripes
But between the stripes are shades of gray
These are the things that add meaning to life
Hurrying life brings the stripes closer together
Blotting out the shades of gray
And ending, this keyboard in space

(70 words)

Crimson tinged whites of your eyes
Your booger crusted nasal hair
A putrid whiff of your last meal
Way too close, please stand over there

(26 words)
Nancy Posey

"Let there be spaces in your togetherness." Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet

In our youth,
how we bristled at words of wisdom,
whether from philosophers
or poster artists--
If you love something set it free...
Let there be spaces in your togetherness...

We craved closeness, assuming
permanence, despite evidence
again and again just how much
in life and love
was temporary.

We moved as if held together
by giant rubber bands--
you backed up, I moved closer.
You moved away again,
I drew near.

Now, our love
having stood the test of time,
we carve out our own space,
even when sheltering in place.
You settled into your chair,
and I move upstairs
where my books await.

Sometimes I hear you chuckle
and ask, What?
One or the other of us
moves up and down the stairs,
just checking in.

Lunch is on our own,
while dinner is a dance
we choreograph together,
negotiating my needs
and preferences
and yours, checking
the pantry, the fridge.

And in our spaces we know
that we were free all along,
free to love not only
when we share a space
but when out of sight,
just within earshot.

(195 words)

(Poetic Asides PAD 2020 Challenge D02)

We became
the third moon of Mars
untethered from the failed mission
buried below
in dry red sands
eight souls by now
dried up, died down in hard plastic habitats
white caskets costing billions,
as an awestruck Earth stares
mouths agape at flickering screens
conduct their funerals.

We became
awestruck by an asteroid
small, undetectable, hurling
hard and fast
above, aimed purposely
at our thruster's cone
in black cold space
three souls all now
drying up, dying up in a perpetual orbit at
a station paid for by the appetites
for suspense of an earthbound awe
dirges pronounced by news anchors
announcing a wake.

We rename
the can we're in
The Flying Tombstone
and wait for the wake
to end
so we
can die.

(c) 2019, Damon Dean

(136 words)
Daniel Paicopulos

Living Spaces

Been thinking about my age
now that I'm seventy-five,
not so much about living longer,
more about truly being alive.
Never really thought about this age,
but now that it's here,
it bears a little reflection,
thoughts of what I hold most dear.
Sunshine begetting flowers,
kindness creating humanity,
gratitude leading to happiness,
healthfulness without vanity.
Just sitting in my room,
comfortable in my thoughts,
thinking not of the nots,
focused on the oughts.
My brain doesn't know what's real
or imagined, or so it would seem,
I might as well trust in faith,
I might as well dream.

(101 words)

Left Out in Space by Social Media Dependence
by Mary Ann Jacobs

Video down
All over town

Can't talk
To doctor

Can't walk
To friends

To visit and chat
Now where are we at

Guess I'll sit home
And eat and get fat

(43 words)


There's a small space
on my desk
where a calendar sits.

It takes up the whole year.

(18 words)

The feather floated in the air

In slow motion
In space

Without a care

No place to land
Or moor
Or dock

I think I'll just stretch out
With grace

In this vast place
They call Space

~ Val the Wonderful

(44 words)

No Safe Space

Back when
my Uncle worked for NASA
during the space race,
he helped blast-off rockets
into outer space.

But in
our chasing of those bright stars,
fire left us with scars.
For Apollo's capsule
proved not a safe place.

(c) chip conrad
April 2020

(47 words)

Grand, Loud
Loving, Hurting,Yearning
Fake, Lost, Breath, Repair
Contemplating, Meditating, Healing
Quiet, Peace

(15 words)

Moved me, Lyn S. Thank you.

(6 words)

Oh my Melanie, I loved the way you structured this. Beautiful reflection.

(12 words)

I Love this. I am still pondering the last line.
Love is always worth the Sacrifice.
Poem is short and strong.
Strong beginning and end.

(25 words)

I like the humor. Mother Nature is the Queen of everything.

(11 words)

This made me laugh, thank you!

(6 words)

Love this too. Hopeful for a simple moment.

(8 words)


We wanted something quiet
a safe place to learn, play, and grow
room in the neighbourhood like we used to
when we didn't know
any better.
Thank God we missed the city
shenanigans most urbane
gangs of undesirables
crowding in unreliable gates
of Friday night wanderings
the booze clotting on their feet.
Yet there was too much space
for the hicks with the bricks for brains
and their ATV mindset running over
every different little angel
and the corner of our lot
was much too fierce
for our hopes and dreams.
I only wanted you to realize
the majority of us have too much space
between the ears where it matters
and there are not enough years
to catch up to your own pitter-patters
and the tears that never dry.
Be in the top ten, I pleaded
that's all we ever asked
to understand the masses
are little more than degenerate a22es,
so please learn to use that wonderful mind
it's the most precious feature
of humankind.

(168 words)

Space to Breathe

I just need a blank space,
A scant few minutes
Without relentless bombardment
Of banal and insipid questions.

Because right now I can't breathe,
Constant requests boxing me in,
As a burning resentment builds
Upon my long-wearied body.

I long to break out and ignore
This damned repetitive noise,
Escape to a wide open silence
Before I resort to violence...

I dream of this fabled space
As my teeth grit through the day,
The solace of it there waiting
Just enough to keep me going.

(88 words)

Such a small space
but just enough
to keep us apart

Such a small space
so near, so far
that saddens my heart

Such a small space
ever to be
my memory of you and me

(36 words)
Tony Derbyshire

The Accident

The car jumps the barrier
Airborne, flying toward me
Instantly I begin to think
This isn't going to end well
And then the time
And the space between me
And my fate
Slows down to a stop

And I go back
Did I clear my browsing history?
Does anybody know my passwords?
What will this be like?
I'm going to miss my family
I can taste the last chocolate chip cookie I ate
And smell my daughter's hair
From when I sent her off to school
My stomach, sick
As the car gets closer
And then I feel myself let go
It's here
I've always wondered
And then a jolt
As the car behind me hits
And spins me around
Time and space return as I come to a stop
I look ahead
Which is now behind
The car behind me is hit
As if landed on

In my space there's silence
And time stops again as I wonder
How much of me would have died
That nobody ever knew?
How many private thoughts?
How many dreams?
How many songs that were in my mind?
How many secrets?
How many terms of endearment that I held back?
Out of fear never shared?

Time comes back
And I hear cries for help
Six feet separated changed my fate
The fear of the person behind me
Moving my space
Saving my life
In a twisted and perveted way
I savor this
Sad that the inevitable noise will return
And, with time, find me forgetting
Lost in the rhythm of the day to day

(265 words)


It's of no real importance.
Coyotes still roam where they wish
the osprey pair guards their nest. Each one
takes a turn to soar above the sea and search
for food. And you, in your corner of your couch,
feel blessed. Daily hundreds die, daily prayers are sent
to whatever Listening Ear might give some peace.
I read and read, carving out this tiny space
to breathe and write as though it matters,
as though we can build small worlds in
a small place and disregard the rest.

(89 words)

The Space Beside the Refrigerator

There's a space beside the refrigerator
that I can't clean out.

I've tried the broom,
the fluffy ended duster thing
even a towel
and still.
Unmoving grime.

Yet to clean where I need to
I might have to move
the entire refrigerator.
It is grumbling peacfully
occasionally dripping water
from the condenser.

It is a big job.

And it is easy to ignore
that bit of unwanted grime.
Nobody can see me.
I mean it. The grime.

Nobody can tell there's anything wrong
with me.
I mean...
you know,
the space


(100 words)
Robin Zabel


Remember the space
between us.
That empty space so
full of silence.

You left so easily.
I had no time
to say what
should have been said.

I watched the train until
I could no longer see it.
Only a whisper of you

(45 words)

Somewhere between now and then

Somewhere between now and then
Between you and me
A vastness exists
Like the space between words
The hollow knowledge in the middle of the letter O
Emotion shown between the parts of an exclamation point

We are defined by the use of this space
Watch as the distance changes from
Stranger to
Friend to

Each defined by the physical
As it decreases
emotion increases

Like a letter
that combines with another
to create a word when combined with another
forms a sentence
that enlightens our meaning of this space

Because we only understand it by what we construct to take its place

(109 words)

The brain has gone walkabout

I can't abide the double space.
It comes on far too strong
One point five makes room enough
to give each character its place
without things getting rough
between the tall and long.

(38 words)
taylor graham

for Leslie & her old dog Winchester

It turns you
inside out - tears of
all the
losses the
years can't hold. Sudden
flood. Eyes, mucosa.
No. Don't touch.
Fingers remember
the feel of
skin, fine hair
at the wrist - the half-life on
surfaces. Hazard
just to touch.
To love what dies. One
dog, among
so many
humans. A pandemic of
mourning. Where is the
for this species of
are suspect. What underlies
is a drowning swell.
What are counts
of corpses to one
old dear dog,
wags and fur.
The rules of isolation:
to leave your loved one
at the door,
to back away while
he's taken by
strangers, to
a strange space out of your sight
and touch forever.

(127 words)


The next time
Someone says
Give me space
You're in my space
I need space

Just remind
That person
Of the time
We were forced to
Be alone
in our own space
To be
In isolation
From everyone
And everything
That makes your everyday
feel normal

And if they
Insist upon
Being apart

Tell them
You know how to
Social distance
With the
Best of them



(69 words)


This space,
this particular place
is occupied.

This space,
This particular place
is where I hide.

Inside my mind
I am safe
in this space,
In this particular place.

This is my space.

(35 words)

Wow, space!
Han and Chewy
Go into hyperspace!
The Millennium Falcon coastline a balloon
Uh Oh time to hit hyperspace
theirs a ship hiding a whole platoon!
The imperials are coming!
They are closing in like a cheeta does to a zebra!
What did you say?
Tie fighters!
Get to the cannons and fast!
Good we out ran them.
Let's sit down and relax.

(64 words)

"Out of Space"

All the space
Between planets
And galaxies
Wasn't enough
For the citizens of the universe.

You'd think
Required resiliency
Enlightened by living in
Close quarters in
Speeding spaceships for
Perennial periods of time
Would cultivate compassion,
Honor humility;
The ideation of domination;
Pacifying power-hungry appetites.

(49 words)

A Room of One's Own

I am lucky
I have this box.

I am lucky I have this box
to be in.

I am lucky I have this box to be
in alone.

I am lucky I love to be alone.
My world is calm and gracious and full.

So many, so many, have no space, no space,
no room to turn around, even in their own minds.

The lemons explode outside my window.

Outside my window, the geese fly in form
across the clean, broad sky

like fingers, a light scratch across
the broad surface of his back.

His back. Come back.

I am lucky to be
here alone

to have all
I need.

Almost all
I need.

(119 words)

Coveted Space

I have never wanted to be
254 miles
above the earth
but now
I envy the inhabitants
of the ISS
their communal isolation
at least
they have somebody to
talk to.

(33 words)

QUARANTINE - a mom's acrostic

So little space, all stuck inside.
People in rooms, from side-to-side.
Air becomes staleness, magnified.
Creates rippling boredom, amplified.
Elusive ending, unspecified.

(27 words)

Precious Space
Oh, my precious space.
Is it my home?
My yard?
My community or town,
I count as my precious space?
for that I count as shared space.
More precious than that,
is my very own personal space.
Hands on my hips
elbows sticking out from each side.
This, I circle around is mine.
My precious personal space.
I advise you
do not slip inside.
No handshakes I care for,
they usually leave me with displeasure.
Hugs are reserved for those who
are closer to my heart.
Even they would never
invade my personal space
by touching my face.
Unkind am I
may you wonder?
No, never!
Not so!
For I know how to smile
and offer a hearty
And if might a hug
I happen to give.
You know it comes from my heart.
Then you have been allowed in
To my very own
precious personal space.

(153 words)


you were so close
I could touch you
feel your breath
on the nape of my neck
the rustle in my hair
the nearer you came
the further we fell
headlong into a space
neither could fill

(c) Neetu Malik

(42 words)
Robert Lee Brewer


He said he needed space
until she found someone
to occupy his place.

Now he wants to get close
but she says he can have
all the space that he chose.

In the future he'll see
that space is relative
to relativity.

(43 words)
Tom Hayes

Sing Neptune

In child voice he called
"sing Neptune".
Excitedly waiting,
while I was creating
a planetary tune.
Next, he implored
"Show me Mars",
red orb to be explored,
twinkling from afar.
Not ready for Earth,
He searched beyond the clouds
looking for Mr. Moon.
Space fills a child's mind
with wonder,
out of this world,
transcending his experience,
Perhaps I need to gaze
beyond my daily.
Look for the wonder,
star bound
and child-like,
to find myself.

(79 words)
Earl Parsons

Between My Ears

Between my ears there's a space
Where gray matter takes its place
It thinks all the time
And helps me with rhyme
To gives you a smile on your face

(33 words)

Space Acronym

(7 words)
Connie Inglis

Deep Space

Inner me-a deep,
space of black-hole mystery;
dare I allow you
in? Vulnerable? Send your
probes. Make it so. But be kind.

(24 words)
Jane Shlensky

Time Travel

a rocket launched today
projected into the future
speeds headlong
into the past,
where stars long dead
still cast a light
to guide us

tracing family back
over generations
informs the future
of origins
of where they
have been before
their time
perhaps of where
they are headed

the distance between
head and heart
is variable
the possibilities
as far as the stars
as close as a breath

(70 words)

Day 2-Space

In my dreams I enter rooms in a house
In a slow fluid time and space
Each one shows me clues to an underlying desire.
Some rooms have bright patterned wallpaper and floors
with palettes thick with yellow for clarity and optimism.

Others have streaks of green smeared on the floor
At first glance the feeling of apathy comes over me
But as I drift into another green room
There is a sense of renewal and hope.

The last room before I wake is always blue.
One might conjure an image of sadness
But that's not what I feel as the blur of space between
Dream and wakefulness pull me back to consciousness.

I wake most times with a feeling of faith and trust in the healing power of God.

(132 words)
Jane Shlensky

(for an old student, Christina Hammond Koch)

She space walks now
teaches school kids
as she hovers
above them
to mind their science
to consider their futures
her very existence
an example to them
of what might be possible.

Smart funny strong women
are forever making space
for things that have never
been, but could be
for another generation
to be more than they ever dreamed.

When I taught her in high school
we only knew the potential
but not the focus
none of us saw this coming
that she would float
above earth and teach us

how could we know

which makes the future
in every child's face
all the more hopeful
all the more joyful
all the more powerfully
a mystery.

(124 words)
Tom Hayes

Spaced Out

all alone tonight
the silence, my thoughts and me
life giving me space

the empty echoes
of my footsteps in the hall
sounding out of place

roaming room by room
not finding a single soul
searching just in case

shadows surround me
leaving before we can meet
or talk face to face

this space leaves me frustrated
alone is over-rated

(62 words)

The Space Between Us

In college days we
shared a house and
a family. He was from
Norway and I was from

He has the virus with a
Crown and coughs with
pain and is to tired to answer
e-mails. His 5 yo is separated
from him. The space is crowded

and his lungs can't breathe.
The mother also has the virus
with a crown.

I don't feel the space between us
and it's hard to breathe.

(78 words)
Earl Parsons

Filled Space

Even in my darkest hour
Or at the loneliest times of life
My space is filled with His presences
He keeps me wrapped in His love

When perfection abounds
And my joy is overwhelming
My space is filled with His wonder
Even if I don't notice Him

I am never alone
I am never wanting
I am never without hope
Even when I feel that I am

(69 words)

Oconee Hill Cemetery

There is a lot of empty space
To walk, to think, to dream
In Oconee Hill Cemetery
Out past the Victorian statues
And intricately carved monuments
There are ghosts of unknown ancestors
And loved ones still held dear
The simple headstones of Baileys
Near each other there in death
Asin life
Steps built into the red clay
Bear the names of my great-grandparents
Lucy who I never met but have come to know
Through all the letters Mom kept
Others I've met by documents, family Bibles
And tales passed down
The soft grass and cold marble
Provide an oasis in the middle of a college town
A space filled with southern history
And pieces of me

(119 words)


These crazy days it feels like we need
to hang a metal retracting measuring tape
off our left hip with six feet of length
locked in place when we're out and about,
a reminder to one and all of just how
close they cannot come
and how much we all miss
a good long hug.
A ridiculous image, you're thinking?
Think about this: A world stays home
day after day, week after week,
plagued by a great equalizer.
All the money in the world
can't buy anyone out of this.

(91 words)

It's that place we fill
It's out there beyond
In your youth you can't get enough
Now often you have too much
Our beliefs encompass it
Sometimes I need more
Now so vital to keep

(42 words)

Space Poem - April 2, 2020

Weeks ago I saw a moon
skinny dipping in the sea
sliding on a steady surface.
And I mused the moon's
pull on the water
and me.

So earthbound in a room
of my own for years
wrestling in writing
and daydreaming in fiction.
My body, my mind,
occupied land,
pulled by moonlit desire
and borderless.

(62 words)

The Space Between Us

Winter's weary shadows
have stretched into spring

and the doctor ordered us
to remain six feet apart.

It is my exact height,
I am a measuring stick

the calculus of safety
among strangers.

Now the distance between us
grows more each day

and we've become lonely planets
separated in space,

orbiting one another
in wobbly trajectories,

yet our fragile hearts still tug
at one another

with the gravity of love,
a relentless force

distance cannot weaken,
doctors cannot cure.

(83 words)

the space occupied by four bodies
in a small house
for three weeks
in the last gasp of winter
when snow fills
the empty streets
and the only visitor
is the neighbour's cat
leaving paw prints
on the doorstep
like a calling card
from a more typical time.

the space between
the curtains and the window
where sunlight slips in
makes a bright spot
on the floor
like a not-so-subtle reminder
of an outside world
that exists and thrives
in absence of human interaction,
or intervention, where everything
forges on, without dwelling
on the challenge of now.

(97 words)

Space and Time

I am trapped
Here and now
In space and time
Having to deal
With the limitations
Of the place I am now
At this moment.

Mary Elizabeth Todd
April 2, 2020

(34 words)
Modern Day Magi

a space for son #1
a space for son #2
a space for daughter too
all quickly sent home from college
it's a pandemic you see
wifey has her usual space
as always
what space do I take?

(38 words)
Nancy Posey


(1 words)

Sweet. "...there are
not even parentheses
to hold me." Amazing.

(10 words)

No wasted words here. You have a powerful voice.

(9 words)

This resonates with me.

(4 words)

Like the visual of the pockets...

(6 words)
RJ Clarken


(-1 words)

love this... and there is a touch of saddness in these lines

(12 words)
De Jackson


even the s t a r s
are too far apart tonight
and that small-sliver
has placed herself
just out of reach.


(25 words)

Please excuse me while I drift into space.
I just need a moment to try to displace
all the worry and stress overwhelming my mind,
a distant distraction so that I might find
a calmer perspective, a more peaceful view.
A new way to see all that I'm going through.
The safest of havens my thoughts will allow.
Somewhere, anywhere, but right here and right now.

(66 words)
roisin maguire

Roisin Maguire

Would you just LOOK at the size of the sky?
All this time I've been watching the waves,
And other people's toes
Curling and crusting in the sand like worms,
Half-hearing the shrieks,
The spade's dull banging, the "look daddy, look daddy!"
And there it was the whole time
Wide and wild as can be imagined
A crazy huge thing above my head
Stuffed full of hue and texture,
Variegated and mutable as the sea below.
Would you just LOOK at how it stretches,
God Almighty!
Broken only here and there
By thin straight lines like knives,
The electric wires.
Goes right to the very edges and beyond.
It's blue and grey and white and some little afterthoughts of pink
As the day slides on to evening,
Like gentle kisses on my eyes, to say goodbye.
Because I s'pose I have to leave it, too,
Along with the hissing, veined seawater
And go back to where its poor relation lives
Chopped into grey-brown strips and corners
By roofs and dirty chimney pots.

(176 words)
Alphabet Architect

Fit for a King?

A bed,
King sized,
Bought for
Extra space,
Or so
One would think.
I scoot
Toward the center
Ensuring space
For me.
He turns,
In my face.
I scoot.
He scoots,
Until the only
Remaining space
Is opposite
And near my feet
A tiny space
But the cat
Curls up there
That space
For herself.
Feet retracted,
I cling
To king size
Bed's edge-
Measured breaths
On my neck,
His arm
Slung across
My waist.
I wouldn't have it
Any other way.
Or would I?

(97 words)

A Blessing of Covid-19

Family and friends told not to touch each other,
Everyone warned, put distance between yourselves
Question silently or verbally if they carry sickness,
Face to face human connections dangerous,
Health and life depend upon careful choosing.

Fear walks alongside my common sense.
This contradictory union of opposing forces
Grips me tight by the throat choking me
Till I gasp for the air of my earliest freedom
To live as the person I was always to be.

At last, I remember to value
What gifts me in the beginning of the day,
To care for dear ones for whom I give thanks,
Love from a God who daily walks beside me
Taking me by hand to meet joy or final death.

Still, I wonder, have I cherished those persons
Traveling with me through these uncertain times
Whose kindness and gentle acceptance
Give me the strength and reason for living?
O how strangely this virus has awakened me!


(161 words)
Joseph Hesch

The Space Within the Trees

The sky still looks as big as December's,
as I sit within this big circle of pines.
Miserly maples and oaks and big-leaf trees
still keep Spring in their tiny fists.
The mate-baiting robins find scant hiding places
within the space between branches,
their vermillion breasts puffing up
and glowing in the sun as if they're
retouched photos on a computer dating site.
But soon enough, this will all close in,
when the leaves come out to play in the sun,
forming a vernal wreath framing the cul de sac.
Perhaps by then I'll be able to see it all
from the opposite side of this infernal window
framing the space outside these four walls,
here where life goes on, counted in clicking seconds,
not the tweeted beats of robins' songs.
But still, it's life.

(140 words)

Kept Safe with no Space my Own

My bed was often a couch.
My seat at the table
Was in the kitchen.
It was not out of cruelty.
It was to limit
Contact with Grannie,
Who abused me.
Yet as I sat safe
In the kitchen
Hearing the laughter,
I felt alone.

Da made a clothes rack
That hung under his shirts.
He put me on his knee,
And explained.
My clothes had a space, but
I heard that I did not.

I heard them call me
In later years selfish
For I hated to give up my bed.
I just wanted a place
To call my own
No one seemed to know this.
No one understood
Why it mattered.

No one saw me
As I served them tea
Or brought them bread.
I ate often before them
Or after them...
No one noticed, but
Fussed when I did not
Do the dishes
For Ma told me
that I was not to do them
I was worth more than that;
She just didn't tell them
I would not do them.

My father, I am sure
Was abused as a child
By Grannie. He told me once
I had to learn to care for myself
For he wouldn't be there
To protect me.
I had just turned eight
When I learned
Not only did I have no space, but
I had no protection.

I have been haunted
Most of my life
By the fact I am alone.
It is the way my life
Has played out.
It is why like my father
I lost myself in work and
Words, for on a written page
I have a space
That no one can take from me.

Mary Elizabeth Todd
April 2, 2020

(290 words)


Endless skies spill over the flatland
as far as any eye can see. Some say
it's all we really have on the prairies:
wheat fields, space to build a life on.
Land leans in every direction, topples
forward to my children's children,
backward to a sepia photo of great grandad
leaning his sweat-dampened brow
toward a Brownie camera to nod, smile,
before returning to the plough.

Endless space defines generational lines
of a prairie farming family. How does
a distance of six feet overwhelm me now?
--Christina Perry

(89 words)

Final Frontier

So many of my childhood summer nights
spent lying on my back in the grass
admiring Orion's fiery belt,
Big Dipper, Cassiopeia's reclining form.
Then the surprise of Sputnik.
I marveled at that fast-moving spark
circling alone in the vast deep darkness
not caring that it was the Russians
who managed this feat.
I remember all those early missions,
viewed on our tiny TV screen,
wishing I could hitch a ride, see those
stars up close, explore, discover. . .
an itch destined never to be scratched
except in the fictions of my imagination.

(96 words)
Dennis LeMahieu

Social distance
the virus Free thing today
Keeping people disease free
feeling emptyness
Stay away from me
Old men
With high pants
Young men with
low pants
Masked women
and men
gloved as to
.... not leave finger prints
of life

I'd rather just die
Than be Invisible

(49 words)

No Space
That wonderfully elusive place
Evades me still

No Peace
Chaos doesn't decrease
Swimming in life's spill.

Yes Hope
Without that I wouldn't cope
It gets me back up the hill

Yes Joy
That's my one good ploy
To find the silver lining thrill

(45 words)

I Like My Space

I like my space when I get up
Computer, Bible, tea in cup
And when the sun lights up the room
My quiet time prevents the gloom
That way day's start seems not abrupt

And when all chaos does erupt
With energy of a young pup
I then retreat to a back room
I like my space

With few close friends, I open up
And joy blooms like a buttercup
But fades away so very soon
Alone time comes and I resume
So in the evening I look up
I like my space

(98 words)
Margot Suydam

A response to prompts from Poetic Asides and NaPoWriMo (write a poem about a specific place -- a particular house or store or school or office.)

In Place

Nothing on the roof but to remain
so I saunter to a sunset stripped sky.

Refugee from a small crawl space
between the crook of a curving back

staircase and a bed set below rafters
it's only a five-foot climb to perch

against the fuming chimney to wait
out the thunder, the coming torrent

of words that rain worry and a little hope.
The house on Ravel Street was once a hotel

still it shelters lodgers in tatters of pillows
and drooping shade. Vanilla velvet divans

in the foyer avoid gazing at the front door.
In the kitchen, stores of canned tomatoes

bags of beans. Breakfast teabags brim the kettle.
Steam whimpers as evening's blackout settles.

(144 words)

Comic Con is Canceled

I was going to meet
Billy Dee
Easter weekend
Downtown Indy
I'd pay the fee
He'd smile at me
And for a moment
Our galaxies
Would seem...
not so far, far away

(36 words)
Michelle Hed

The Final Frontier

Oh, the places we'll go
when we can zoom far and wide,
the people we'll meet
when we add wings to our feet.

The stars are our limits
which isn't a limit at all,
we may never return
unless earth gives us a call.

We will swing by Ursa Major
and then straight on till morning,
with the stars as our guide
we'll be on a space ride.

So, no looking back
there's nothing to fear,
only space to explore
let's get this journey in gear!

(89 words)
Maria Grace

After Midnight Mass

The fog was heavy, thick with night
Tightly wrapped, impenetrable .
My sight restricted, half-gone blind,
And all the wide, and wondrous world,
Is lost, now to the shrouded dark.

Yet as the car begins to climb,
Finding the high ground, heading home,
The night-fog thins, and falls away-
And all is starlight, moon-lit snow,
And a great, gold meteor, streaking down.

(65 words)


Small things happen
the old incontinent cat
wets his bed yet again
the recliner refuses to recline
the service center is closed
for health reasons

trying to find seed potatoes
is like playing hide and seek
ordering garden seeds only
to find item after item sold out
purple onions the last bunch
at the feed store along the highway

in the space of an hour
these little things have grown
tentacles reaching out and grasping
our fragile straw selves and snapping them
and in our chests in what should be
open breathing space the narrowing

even the simmering crockpot
insurance for the evening meal
holds no solace nor does the apple
crisp cooling on the counter
in the space of an afternoon
these little comforts have grown

thorns like some choice blackberry
glistening with promise waiting to snag
both irritation and absolute perfection
so little space in which to escape
the clamor the clangor the ceaseless din
our antennae trembling as we seek out

more widening in a closing aperture
thumb the screw to adjust our view
gain abatement of statistics data news
global anxiety grown onto our very selves
already taut as bow strings as we watch
and wait for the invisible conductor.

(205 words)
Alaska Christina

Soft, sacred
this tender space
grey chair like a nest
my body a robin's egg
afghan twigs surround me
tattered books support me
nourished by tea and chocolate and memories
wings damp and ruffled
waiting waiting
perched high up in this forested view

(43 words)

Personal Space

White darkness
Black light
Separating wrong from right.
Sun-rays, star-dust;
Axis of the universe.
Do what you know.
Vacuum void;
Space-time continuum
Or a glitch in the matrix?
Parallax aura
You are a part
Of my
Infinite eternity.

(40 words)

Spaceship War

He ventured forth in outer space.
He saw his way was clear.
To stay at home was such a waste.
His window showed a sphere.

The crack there was another ship,
He tried his best to miss.
He caught a glimpse then made a slip.
Quick as a wink was this.

Adventure turned unfortunate.
His smile turned upside down.
His mother yelled at him, "O Nate!"
And she, too, wore a frown.

The glass lay broken on the floor.
Defeated in the spaceship war.

(86 words)

Space Race

in my space
my face--
Needing this
time I sat--
to write.
A jingle
a jangle
a midnight tangle--
of sorts.
Thoughts jam
in my space
my face--
Where to go
library closed
can't go far
except the car
and sit--
a bit
and sit--
a bit
and sit--
a bit.
on the window.
"Mom, I want lunch."

(72 words)
De Jackson


only here
in sky of words
do we lead
and curl and kern


(16 words)

by ancient light
we can see other galaxies
numberless, gigantic
spread across the universe
great commas of light

but we can never see it all
the Milky Way
we can't go far enough
to turn around and look

it would take
a hundred thousand years or more
at light speed
then two million more to clear
the dark matter that adheres

we know the other side
is birthing stars and that
there may be two black holes
not one

but we will never see it
the dancing spiral
that pulled dust from a million stars
to make our home

(99 words)
Alaska Christina

Love this! You say a lot with just a few words.

(11 words)

Not Just Taking Up Space

He can't do what he used to do.
I try not to complain about my extra work.
I know he'd love to be able to do it.
He watches other men busy about their jobs.
Sometimes he feels like he's taking up space.

He does what he can.
I try to appreciate what he does,
without being condescending.
I welcome him into my space,
even if we just sit and look out the window.

We search for things to laugh about
and when we find them, we are content.

(94 words)
Robert Lee Brewer


He said he needed space
until she found someone
to occupy his place.

Now he wants to get close
but she says he can have
all the space that he chose.

In the future he'll see
that space is relative
to relativity.

(43 words)
k weber

absolutely adore this and the gasp and the light!

(9 words)
k weber

so many emotions filling even the smallest spaces where poetry tucks itself in.

(13 words)


A buzzing of two strings but millimeters wide;
What a tinny sound,
A trifle, really.
Not even a frog in the throat-
A cricket, with paper-thin wings
Of tissue,
Loosing yearning gossamer bubbles up
Upon the lazy diaphragm's stream of warm, untroubled air.
When called upon,
Tiny scales glisten;
Of fine gold
Hums the tiny soul within,
Projecting fragrant filaments to the sky-
Filtered stardust invisible,
Met with the millions, sparking, pattering, of crystal tears.
Precious speak the microscopic madnesses
And idiosyncrasies
Into the nothing,
And no one mines them.
Specks they seem compared,
And specks the things compared with look,
And specks,
And specks,
And so on.
Worth gold's weight of the many divisions;
No one purchases them.
If I cannot fly,
Let me sing.

(127 words)
Bruce Niedt

Today's NaPoWriMo prompt coincided nicely with Robert's: "write a poem about a specific place -- a particular house or store or school or office." There's a little more to it than that, but that's the basic idea.


A round rubber foundation that moves
with a simple key turn, a shift of a lever
and a pump on a pedal.
My new safe space. Not living in it,
but in a sense, living through it.

No crowds in here, few germs (I pray)
and a decent sound system.
The dark gray dashboard is fuzzy
with a film of dust, and random papers
litter the floor, but it's my mess.

I'm not too far from anything here -
my favorite takeout is 1.6 miles
down the road. They open their window,
and I open mine, the bagged transfer
of victuals - minimum contact.

A turbaned guy pumps my gas
(Jersey is still full-service),
and we pass my card back and forth.
If I have to exit this steel-glass bubble,
I don my gloves and mask,

stay a person-length away from anyone
avoid chit-chat, get my necessaries,
and walk out into an invisible haze
of particles that look like tiny golf balls
studded with tees.

Many of us are moving like this,
self-isolation on the highway, keeping
a safe distance, just as they always told us
in Driver's Ed, so we don't crash
into one another and die.

(236 words)

Horsehead Nebula

She craves adventure to faraway places.
She is stuck seeing the same faces.
For good, she is tangle with those around her.
She lusts and yearns for what is still out there.

She covets to see herself with the light of the sun.
She is only enclosed by the dark force.
Eternally, living with dark shadows.
If only she can fulfill her deep desires.

(66 words)

I'm moving through some of the sadness of this grieving time into rage.

by Beth Weaver-Kreider

These days we divine by numbers
and watch the spiral uncoil,
no longer lazy and languid,
but each day adding the sum
of an earlier day to the new total--
n = (n-1) + (n-3)--
like a poisoned Fibonacci sequence
with hiccups, unraveling into space.

And the madman on the television
is huckstering promises of easy endings
and fantastic fortunes, a silver bullet
for every ill, anything to raise his ratings,

and meanwhile the lions of jazz
are dying of the virus, the poor get poorer
and the sick get sicker, and the hospitals
are scrambling for supplies.

Rogue churches crowd sanctuaries,
passing the virus instead of the peace,
putting their faith in a man
who has proved himself faithless
time again and time again.

No lies, no arrogant bluster,
no matter how they will it so,
will save us now.

Perhaps this is a new survival of the fittest,
where fitness means a willingness
to listen to the science,
instead of the autocratic mumbling
of this fool of a leader
whose god may indeed
roar to life again come Easter-
the Great God Mammon,
trailing behind him
thousands of dying souls in his wake.

(212 words)
Austin Hill

The Corona-cation Chronicles

Day Two

When the isolation's no longer fun
and the room-to-room marathon has been run,
a party of eight escaped to a park (not yet closed)
and found rare somethings there enclosed.

Space between us - much more than six feet -
to do "Sound of Music" twirls, a liberating treat.
And though the peaks of the Blue Ridge appeared rather small,
in a pinch, it was better than no mountains at all.

The aged and compromised lagged behind in the queue
and soon sighted two gifts of nature - granitic rocks with a view.
The incline confirmed that this place was best
for the parents, now like children, to take a rest.

As we await the return of those younger and stronger,
We're happy to linger here a little bit longer;
the cool air grants respite from confinement
and gives way to a challenging assignment:

Find peace in the silence
and a closeness in spite of the virus.

(c) April 2020 Suzanne S. Austin-Hill

(168 words)
Bill Kirk

Space Is Filled With Quarks And Quirks--
No Need To Space Out....
By Bill Kirk

It's interesting that space has been,
So endlessly de-voided.
Indeed, its ever-present state
Can scarcely be avoided.

We often claim the space we're in,
And, sometimes, space out yonder.
Yet, who's to say the space we claim
Is space alone we'll wander?

For there are times when space belongs
To more than just one owner;
And rights to sites must all be shared--
Each, in our way, a donor.

But, what of space that looks unfilled,
And yet is packed to brimming
With things unseen--some good, some mean--
In spacial soup that's swimming;

And each of us is called to yield
Our time and space and movement,
Until such time when we'll reclaim
Unbounded life improvement.

When stocks of this or that key thing
Are full--and fully counted,
And, inside-out, we're in good shape,
Defenses fully mounted;

Then, once again, we'll celebrate
All space in all its forms,
To be explored but not ignored
In all its norms and storms....

(175 words)

Restoring Order to the Galaxy.

Darth Vader came across the young Jedi in a temple.
He cuts them down with many waves of his lightsaber.
He left the temple and headed to the Mustafar system.
To restore order and unity to the fragmented Galaxy.

He got there and killed the remaining Separatist Leaders.
The chancellor has delivered on his eccentric promise.
An old master followed him to this lonely planet.
To convince him that he is wrong to join the dark side.

Vader and Kenobi chase each other across the planet.
Lava all over the place, blowing up from underground.
Kenobi destroyed Vader and leaves him lying for dead.
A true Sith arrives in time to save him and rebuild him.

When he returns from his operation, he becomes machine.
He wakes up to find that his wife died given birth to twins.
Darth Vader could not save the woman he loved from death.
Along with the Sith, they keep order throughout the Galaxy.

(164 words)

Space Out
By Evan Sachs

A prisoner like me
Cannot leave his cell
But we are free to drift away in mind and spirit
To think about what could be or what could have been
Effect an escape, essentially

I come and go as I please
They are powerless to stop me
My incarceration is only in a technical sense
Which might prove unfortunate
Punishment is meant to redeem
If i'm immune to despondency
Am I cheating myself in the end?

Ah, but this very thought is sobering and dreadful
It has me grounded and trapped
My cell is truly inescapable after all

(105 words)

"space between us"

our journey road, long
space between us grows vaster
strain to hear your voice
echoing against mountains
carrying soft words of love

by Arcadia Maria 4/2/20

(29 words)
Michele Cable

Necessary Spaces

You are tapped by billions every day
without credit or hardly a thought.
But without you our language's a chaotic mess
an inedible pile of hash.

So hats off to you, our overlooked friend,
Bravo for a job well done.
You're the king of the keyboard,
Respite for our thumbs,
Oh Spacebar,wait,wheredidyougo?

(54 words)

It's still out there, on view twenty-four/seven
And just as beautiful now as it was six decades
Ago when I lay on my summer warm front porch in South
Gate and wandered day and night in the realms of reality
That were interwoven with imagination.

Daddy woke us up in the middle of the night
To see the summer shooting stars at Grandpa's
Home and he told us the story of Halley's Comet
Because he was born the year it last traversed the
Heavens of Ohio. He planned to live until it once
Again showed its tail in our skies. And he did.

(105 words)

i feel this - all of us crammed inside together forced into a solitary life - this captures it so well

(21 words)


I've always treasured mine
Space, that is, especially
personal space, space to move
around, elbow room,
leeway, latitude, freedom, scope.
There are so many positive
terms for space.
But almost as many negative
ones and I am familiar
with the flipside also.
Staring down an empty space
Into a blank area, even a chasm
Now we're talking a different
kind of space,
a darker distance of duration,
a gap in the continuum.
Pray to all that's holy, you'll
find your way back topside.

(85 words)

Cotton Ball Clouds

In the space between
the tree tops
and the sky blue
float a fluffy menagerie
of fair weather white
cotton ball clouds.
On my back
in the grass
my eyes imagine
the shifting shapes
float me along
on a cotton ball cloud
in the space between
the tree tops
and the sky blue.

Lorraine Caramanna

(58 words)


I have made spaces in my heart
For so many
Then mourned as they left
One by one

The grandparents, dead
The parents, dead
The brother, dead
The husband, gone
The children, grown
The family, sundered

Yet in each space still lingers
A memory like a prayer
An incantation of love
Words spoken or sung
The silk of baby hair
The gaze, the scent, the touch
Once keenly felt
Rising like a fog
Above a winter forest
Leaving only the outline
Of bare branches
Against a cloudless sky

Maia Madden
April 2, 2020

(95 words)
amy todd-paine

From the backseat today
you called our attention to a sign
advertising space for rent.
Which space? I asked you.
Outer space or your inner one?

Someone will gladly take your money
and offer portioned cosmos for a time.
But what is the fee for your mind?

(47 words)

Inner and Outer Space

Whether it's the cosmos or the brain
of a modern human or a strain
of fungi or mycelial WiFi,
science intoxicates much like champagne.

- Lelawattee Manoo-Rahming

(31 words)

Parking Space

Third lap around the parking lot
spaces under scrutiny,
final decision,
careful maneuver into
an acceptable parking space.
A drive through eliminates
use of back-up camera when leaving.
Safe distance away from other vehicles
gives room to wide open the driver side door.
Countable amount of steps to the entrance
adds exercise bonus.
One backward glance confirms safe choice,
confident adequate space to steer clear of
dings, dents, scratches, and scrapes.
If not for
shopping cart
an acceptable place to park the car
would have been that parking space.

Lorraine Caramanna

(97 words)
Robert Lee Brewer


He said he needed space
until she found someone
to occupy his place.

Now he wants to get close
but she says he can have
all the space that he chose.

In the future he'll see
that space is relative
to relativity.

(43 words)
Linda Voit

Captain Picard
logging the final frontier
Data unexpressed

Linda Voit

(10 words)

The Space Between Us

Separates our physical touch
There's no safe embrace
Death spreads fast and too close
With nothing we can control
The space between will never be the same
Between fear and hope we live the days
The space between us
R. K. Wilson

(46 words)

I (Don't) Need My Space

All of them
They're like prisons now
So much space
But nowhere to go
No one to know
Because we're distancing
Kept apart
No hugs
No handshakes
We're on a break
The world
But not lonely
If we only
Get through this
We can fill the space
Once again
With so much more
Than we were before.

(65 words)
Rie Sheridan Rose

Look at the Stars...

Sitting in the loneliness of
social isolation...
my only companion
tossing in his sleep.

Thoughts streak through
my mind like meteors...
chaotic, twisted,
frightened, deep.

But there's a dark spot
in the madness,
now the world is
in despair...

With the lights of commerce
faded from the night
the denizens above
are out for air...

The stars glitter like diamonds,
dancing their mystic waltz
to give their message
to the world below

This too shall pass, you know.

(82 words)
Ryk Stanton

My Space

My mobile home sits quite a ways off,
away from the hustling bustle of the everyday,
distant from any neighbors and their children and their dogs,
and removed from the artificial lights of civilization

i can breathe there, I can think there, I can be there
all there, one hundred percent who I really am
and zero percent who my bosses and customers make me be
the only person I have to impress out here is me

and God, I suppose, when he takes time to look in on me
I think he's impressed by the Me I've become
and I believe he thinks fondly of me, when he thinks of me
sitting here, alone, enjoying the darkness around me

and I look up from my porch, scratching my hound beside the ears,
and see the universe laid bare before me,
the vast eternities of space stretching farther than I can imagine
and I think of me here, just sitting on my porch,
wondering what God thinks of little old me. And I grin.

(176 words)

Remember that Space Force?
Seems we have to conquer
the enemies of inner space
before we can remember
why we're here.

(21 words)
Khara House


Laundry day came with hints of cotton
and jasmin mingled in the air, warmth
of fresh sheets pressed against our knees.
She used to hold each bit of linen
to her cheek, brush the skin enough
to dilute its freshness with her own scent,
pink and blue cascades of knitted comfort
gently smoothed beneath her palms,
a rugged landscape nestled smooth
with her familiar touch.

Days passed in muted moments, enough silence
to fill the space between us with love,
memory entombed in pillow cases
and mismatched socks. On days like these
I knew the knots that bound us were eternal,
no wearing away at one too many uses,
no frayed edges tucked stealthily beneath
a mattress edge, no need to hide
and nowhere to hide it--

the way we touched, cheek to cheek,
when folding distant corners
of fitted sheets.

(142 words)

~ A Vision of Hope ~

Our space has been invaded by an invisible enemy
- the closest we have ever come to war nearby
where some must hide away while the brave
among us fight and die for the future of all
all with a part to play yet health care and
delivery folk and so many who provide
necessities have become our heroes
displaying care and courage for the
rest, protection and help amid this
deadly scourge advancing along
our land from state to state, bit
by bit conquering, holding us
hostage, taking our lives

while many from their
sheltered spaces, delve
deep into their gifts, finding
new ways to fight the enemy
sharing kindness and hope and
offering their ability to sew, design
new answers - new armor to help in
this battle. Creating an informal army
of resistance true as found in any war.
Teachers quickly mastering new ways of
teaching. Parents learning with their children
between the lines of working with their spouses
from their homes. All of us learning new patience.

In spite of great losses, winning the war in the end,
our lives and the space we occupy forever changed
- enriched by our own creativity, blessed from above,
may we carry the strengths born of this struggle into
the world of tomorrow. Into the future we continue to
build together. Built from the ashes of this viral war.

(237 words)
Linda Rhinehart Neas

pushing through spring dirt
crocus in purple dress comes
winter space gone now

(13 words)

Inner worlds beckons in these dark times
No one knows where it will end
No one understands the future
Everyone must descend deep inside
Remembering their dreams

Cosmic dreams fill my head
Of the future we can dream
Some offering hope
Most of us can still dream
Only then can we become free
So that we can escape our fate

(60 words)

So, my carpentry skills were challenged by a teeny, tiny space.

Just one quarter Of an inch!
To the Universe;
And, yet, to my project--
Did I mention,
I am building a
Desk with two drawers--
Twenty-five-and-a-half-inch space for each.
25 1/2 + 25 1/4; What? I measured, twice--but...
Twenty-five-and-a-quarter, just won't do!
Now, to the Re-Do.
There's NO OTHER WAY around,
or through,
or pushed,
or pulled
The seemingly insignificant
"Just one quarter, of an inch!"

(84 words)
Janet Kay Gallagher

Day 2
2 April 2020
Janet Kay Gallagher

In my space
I'm free to live
And breathe and
Do as I please

(23 words)
P.A. Beyer

Sheet music

the space
between notes
is silence
we don't

you reach
for me
in silence
when I

I sing
I sing

(25 words)

"Four Time Mamma"

Four kids in six years,
Seems a little too fast.
More diapers than bottles, and not enough naps.
She's tired, she's snappy, she's needing some grace.
This mamma of four can't find any space.

Then kids off to school,
The paperwork mounting.
Twelve years times twelve classes, but who's really counting.
She's driving, she's busy, her life's like a race.
This mama of four can't find any space.

But one day they're gone,
House quiet and empty.
No hugs and no kisses, no places she should be.
She's lonely, she's missing, each giggling face,
This mama of four has nothing but space.

(105 words)

Space the final frontier

Space - the final frontier
declares Picard as he
raises his right hand and
utters "Engage" - While the
Enterprise goes about
it's mission "to explore
new worlds and to seek out
new life, as they boldly
go where no one has gone

Until- the Enterprise
encounters the eerie Borg.
"You will be assimilated"
making captain Picard
one of the Borg. "Resistance
is futile". Yet Picard
does resist and is saved
by his loyal crew. So
that he may once again
say: "Let's see what's out there".

(92 words)

Invisible pockets fill with unbridgeable distances
You inhabit the space beside me
a distant land unreachable
I wish my thoughts could dissolve unbreakable barriers
But we must lock ourselves up in bubbles impenetrable
put a world between us

(38 words)

I am not sure my spacing will appear the same when I share this, but it was frustratingly fun to organize.

Covid-19 Bubbles

B Give me B
U space U
B 6-feet B
B Social B
L Distance L
E Please E
B Give me B
U space U
B 6-feet B
B Social B
L Distance L
E Please E


M give M
A me A
S space S
K and a K
S mask S

B Give me B
U space U
B 6-feet B
B Social B
L Distance L
E Please! E

(150 words)
Marie Elena


There is a distance
of point eight miles from my home
to "Indian Hills,"

our name for the site
of The Indian Wars, on
the Maumee River.

Seventeen Ninety
to Seventeen Ninety Five:
The "savages" fought

To save their homes from
American Pioneers
aiming to settle.

Nineteen Fifty Five:
An historical marker
was erected, and

continues to stand
regally, as visitors
are enlightened to

the proclamation
of "peaceful white settlement."
And there's not enough

Witeout on hand to
to cover our ignorance,
and there will never

be enough distance
between Seventeen Ninety
and my property.

(c) Marie Elena Good, 2020

Historical Marker of The Indian Wars. 1790-1795, erected in 1955 by the Historical Society of Northwestern Ohio

The historical marker begins, "When American pioneers attempted to settle the area north and west of the Ohio River, following the ordinance of 1787, the Indians, aided by the British in Canada, fought valiantly and fiercely for their homes in the Ohio country. It required the efforts of three American armies to break the Indian resistance." It goes on to say, " ... the Indians signed the Treaty of Green Ville August 3, 1795. They were thereby placed under the control of the United States, and the Northwest Territory was opened, in part, to peaceful white settlement."

And it makes me shudder.

(221 words)

(a lame haiku) SPACE

The final frontier
And right now the only place
Free of this virus

(17 words)


Bedroom, dorm room, apartment, house
No yard, patio, lawn,wooded acres
More income, more space
Expansion to acquire more
And now, not enough room
For it all.

(28 words)
Brandy Witha Why

I want to live in the blank space
Between when you loved me
And when you did not
And I want to feel the warmth of love
Cool so slowly
That I freeze to death without being aware
That I was always dying.

(43 words)

Life is like a wind mill
Some spaces are empty
Others are full
Knowing which one to choose
Definitely the muse

Life is like a wind mill
Confusing the top and bottom
Not knowing where to start
nor where to end

Life is like wind mill
Throws you off with its empty spaces
Not knowing what will happen next
How will it affect you

Life is like a wind mill
Knocks you down with its blades
Not knowing how to get up
What comes next, it's a guess

Giving you all the choices
Between the blades or the spaces
Turning and turning creating a path
Providing you with spaces and choices

The blank space to create your own story
The freedom to start from a blank space
The blades that were set for you already
The choice of an already chosen space

No matter which you choosing
The wind mill keeps on turning
Life's upside down providing
The one and only spacing

(167 words)

G. Smith
I have a small office where I hang my hat,
It's the final frontier for my kids and the cat.
It may be a mess, but it's my mess, you know;
And despite how it looks, I know where things go.

The kids have their bedrooms, my bride's got her kitchen,
And I retreat to my cave where I don't hear her... cooking.
The dog sometimes follows, and sleeps by the door,
Or curls up at my feet, his tail thumping the floor.

I don't have a window, it's in the basement, you see,
It's not a large room, but it's the right size for me.
Just enough for a desk, a chair and guitar;
And some prints on the walls from near and from far.

It's not as fancy as the parlor upstairs,
It's still pretty comfortable when I'm working down there.
I don't hide from the family, I don't dodge my chores,
But it's my space in our place, despite the decor.

(170 words)

There's a rugged terrain
and a labrynth of hopes and dreams
between you and me.

There are decisions to make,
leaves to rake,
and a frozen lake
about to burst at the seams.

Do I dream in vain
of you and I
coming face to face?

Here I stand with a light
but it's dark tonight,
and you're not in sight
to see me cry.

Are you on pace
to find me or
standing by?


(76 words)
Sara McNulty

In These Times

Open space
in the fresh outdoors
is the place
for walking,
keeping a six foot distance
apart from other

space-walkers in masks.
We await news of peak reached
and hope for
downslide ease
out of this nightmare-

(41 words)
Cynthia Wooten

The Big Wide

Desert sky
Wide - so wide.
I never knew there was so much blue
I stepped into it
and expanded.
My heart
perception of the world
Free from the constraints imposed
by all the green I had so loved.
Who knew it was holding me
and in.
Freedom became real in this stark place.
So empty
The desert became a siren call.
I couldn't rest.
I answered.
Found myself.
Lost myself.
In the expanse of it -

(90 words)

Family Spaces

Rows and rows of spaces
connected by lines
Each space holding a place
for some ancestor in my
particular mixed up DNA
Each ancestor mixed and
molded by those in the
spaces that came before
And I, in my own space,
make room for them all

(48 words)

Journey to Pine Meadow Lake: a #NaPoWriMo/GloPoWriMo2020 #haibun

Fresh air

new ripples


Start at Kakiat park, where the parking lot surrounds an island of green with a few Maples. The enclosed dog park may or may not bustle with the delighted barks of canines overjoyed with company

azure sky

passing cumulus

fade from sight

canonballing beside

the "no swimming" sign

Cross the bridge over the Mahwah river, as narrow as any brook, and gurgling as such. Meander the blue trail through underbrush and a Pine grove. Follow the river again, past the remains of the Mill, for which the trail draws its name.

cucumber scent

the copperheads remain


After the gentle first ascent. The steep climb above the Natural Gas line cut. The leveling out after the power line cut. The pitching climbs and descents along the forested trail.

an scenic view

along the horizon

New York City

Through curving paths as challenging as any Ewok would face on Endor. Until, at last a break in the trees

glistening waters

a mid-afternoon sun

in pieces

even at Pine Meadow

a voice on a cell phone

The presence of a lake visited for almost forty years. A breath of sanctuary, before a return to the storm.

street poetry ...

capturing the essence of

a heart wide open


(219 words)


~after F. Scott Fitzgerald

Oh, that I
could hold the air we have.
So little between us in this closed
space to think my
thoughts, breathe in your book,
fill in the blanks of
your face slowly fading
into heaps of melting harmonies.

(45 words)


Never have I been so aware
of the space between Here and There
how distance hangs in the air
stuck without a care
like time without connection
life without direction
no maps no paths
blur of meetings
and hot baths
But what comes next
what could possibly come next
close your eyes
drift away
tomorrow is another day

(59 words)

The Luxury of Space

Space, the final frontier.
Is this space to be
our final frontier?
We are fortunate
in this time
of confusion and unknowing
to have a vast amount of space
(I think of my friends
in their tiny apartment).
We move about
in our own orbits,
coming together by choice
and giving distance
when needed.
We move through
these rooms like stars
moving through the heavens
and if we should collide
we will still survive.

(78 words)

Defining Space

One son lives in Brazil,
the other one county away,
mileage no longer matters,
distance between is the same.

(21 words)
Joseph Harker

Evensong at Notre Dame

Only by the choir's voices returning to us
from their journey up into the rafters
can we even know there is a roof above,
lost as it is in the shadows that a thousand candles
cannot reach-- each note a moment of rapture
and a new property of sound uncovered,
in this vastness where we huddle for warmth--
centuries of dust and the distant
arrangements of fire, words blurring into
an indistinct hum, until the ribs of stone and
windows spangled like the eyes of insects
become a new cosmos-- who would ever choose
to leave, who would ever think that heaven
could be anything more than this January night,
far from home and surrounded by music,
shadow, the people you love, constellated, all of it
endless and endless and--

(134 words)

Tribbles in Space

Oh, the soothing soft trill,
The wonder of your touch,
A fuzzy ball with no frills,
You give us love, so much.

But you won't stop reproducing,
You've overwhelmed the ship,
The captain's started cursing,
I even heard Spock slip.

You warped off with the Klingon crew.
Scotty said that you'd be fine.
Oh, sweet thing please let it be true.
I've got tribbles on my mind.

(70 words)

Her space in Italy

Apartment space,
Thirty-five square meters vast.
She hears the sirens, worries she's next...

Physical contact.
Chats with pixelated
Boyfriend, family, friends; real, warm hugs...

Ventures outside.
Like "Le Horla", unseen
Trapped in her demarcated zone...
Stays home.

(46 words)


(1 words)

The Chinese Lunar Rover

When I was in high school I took
a girl to see"The Blob" where
a mysterious creature
resembling a giant mound of jelly
engulfs unsuspecting people
and as we sat there in the dark theater
I slid my arm around her shoulder
and surreptitiously dropped my hand
down toward her breast. But when she said
"What are you doing?" I timidly retracted my arm,
my misunderstood hormonal activity
temporarily suspended as I crashed in the dark.

I read on Facebook
that the Chinese Lunar Rover
had discovered a "gel-like" substance
on the far side of the moon and
the Israelis crashed a lunar lander
filled with microscopic tardigrades
in a dehydrated state with their
metabolic activity temporarily suspended
and their six fat little limbs retracted.

Tardigrades are not human but they
are notoriously tough and perhaps
have survived the crash and even progressed
as I managed to do over many years
my hormonal activity exhibited
in marrying and having a family.

In the future there may be thousands
of tardigrade offspring inhabiting the moon,
perhaps even developing a family culture.
The Chinese may also have
bungled the opportunity to understand
the "gel-like" substance and like me
when that girl many years ago asked
what I was doing, they timorously
retracted their Lander. Some things
take many years to understand.

(223 words)

space, space, space
broken up and separated by humanity, prepared and reported,
a place for space
a necessity to cooperate
with the after fact of a perfect illusion,
after the consciousness of everyone and everything,
give me space so I may have

(44 words)

"Anymore room"

Is there anymore room left for me here...
This place is tight, I'm claustrophobic
Try with all my might, but I can't hold it
Ideas so bright the light, will surely show it
When it feels right, you just...you just know it
Soil the seed with sunlight, add water you'll grow it
To see it blossom what a sight, a life that won't quit
When consciousness takes flight, no space can own it
Is there anymore room left for me here...

By Seek

(85 words)
Alphabet Architect

Well done.

(3 words)
Sara McNulty

Love this, Beth, especially, "autocratic mumbling of this fool of a leader"

(12 words)
Sara McNulty

I know this feeling, Connie, although I do not know the relationship.

(12 words)

Your poem really made me think, and it made me feel how I felt about my father in his old age. And how he probably felt about himself.Thank you.

(29 words)
Empress of All

You basically described my daily routine. I like it!

(9 words)

You capture the image of a soft, sacred space so well. Nicely done.

(13 words)
Empress of All

My feelings exactly. Nicely done.

(5 words)

Every word is powerful in this short poem.

(8 words)
Empress of All

Very nice.

(2 words)

Very nice!

(2 words)
Empress of All

Perfectly captured moment. If I were sitting next to you, say 6 feet or so, I'd want to snap my fingers at you and say, Hello, where did you go?

(30 words)

This poem flows like a river--branching out into a broad delta and then pulling back within itself. Lovely.

(18 words)
Empress of All

Touch-hungry. Yes.

(2 words)
Empress of All

You got it right, Mrs. B.

(6 words)

so true and nicely said!

(5 words)


(1 words)

I am crying as I read this. I can feel your fear. I too am missing our five month old granddaughter - so many milestones we can't be part of. God Bless your daughter and her family.

(37 words)
Empress of All

Beautiful and poignant.

(3 words)
Mariya Koleva

Hm, I completely forgot to post here my poem from yesterday. However, here it is:
There is a corner on my balcony,
rather a narrow area just next to its end,
which happens to be my favourite nook
when outside.

There I have all the balcony's width and its depth
as nothing blocks me from lifting my feet
on the railing.
I have the view to the yard and the street,
but also,
I have a window just on my right
to see, when I want to,
the kitchen inside, and part of the stairs,
and also the huge aquarium full of
out-of-this-world fish fighting all day and night.

There is also just space enough
for me to stretch, cuddle or lean on the railing
still being close to the tiny retractable
coffee table where to place my book, or e-reader -
get modern, come on!

And what tops it all is its place -
at the end of the balcony,
so no one walks behind to reach other areas.
I can sit there and calm the troubles away
pretending the world is just sleeping
and about to wake to its yesterday's glamour.

Yes, I would call that my space.

(200 words)


Do we waste or invest our time?
Even now, it's still limited.
I choose to sit with the sublime.

I choose to still and seek his face,
gaining perspective in that time
not wasted, but creating space.

Space that yields creativity
that is appreciated now
during Covid's malignancy.

(49 words)

Coveted Space

Coveted space in this time is pertinent
While we live on top of each other
In social isolation
Carve space to burrow into a room
To cancel noise raging from unending news,
Carve space in noise canceling headphones for some joy.
A melody of joy to fill your world.
Edging out and providing for a moment
Normalcy, evasive and fleeting
Taken over by masking and gloving,
Walking miming zombies
Six feet apart
Please do not fill the space
For safety and for existence
Yours and mine

(89 words)
Shaindel Beers

What Can Hold and Be Held

Today, the branches of the cherry tree held a steel blue storm sky.
The sky held clouds that held both rain and snow. A virga took up

the space between the clouds and the mountains. Today, one thousand
Americans died from COVID 19, while I observed everything carefully--

trying to hold on to this good earth.

(62 words)

Mother Ocean

She gives us peace,
She gives us depth.
Her deep blue ocean
- vast, solitude and breadth.

Treat her well and she
embraces you calmly.
Have no respect and prepare
to be cast from her space in folly.

Tossed in the waves below the surface
of Mother Nature's deep blue.
Enjoy her tranquil waters but -
be cautious, her rage is no taboo.

(65 words)

Bright eyed cloud dreaming
intergalactic mission scheme
to block out
cities crying,
heartbreak stress of quarantine.
Wanted: a glorious Starship
escape for a minute, year
or a day.
an interstellar re-set
-virtual trip to outer space.
We're not prisoners unpleasant,
We're writers, dreamers 'in mere residence'.
Mission: send the virus to a vortex,
find the cure's hidden tools.
Make prominence of peace
no exception, but the rule
Cloud dreaming with open eyes
Counting stars
aboard the enterprise

(78 words)
Brandi Noelle

Space of Grace

This rainy city on the sea
crowds of people all around me
lines of cars far as I can see
wish I were free, wish I were free

to get far away from this place
dreams of a new life I would chase
somewhere with more kindness and grace
wide open space, wide open space

the traffic never ever ends
quality of living descends
into the depraved muck it trends
farewells I send, farewells I send

I leave you with one last embrace
and pause to memorize your face
alas! I won't feel out of place
in my new space, in my new space.

(107 words)

(Ironically, a thing floating around on FB today had you put in your birthday and NASA revealing the important thing to happen on your birthday in any given year.)

"Hubble, August 31, 2009"

On the day they went
deeper and further;
at the moment they found
proof of such
vast, incomprehensible age

I celebrated unknowingly

lamenting my years,
thinking I was old.

What a joke,
what a slap in the face
to the universe,
to the discovers,
to the Maker.

I am young,
a still-growing piece of the stars.

(89 words)

Very nice!

(2 words)

At 4
Space was infinite
Bounded only by
A toy box
and a backyard fence

At 14
Space was infinite
Bounded only by
And the unawareness of my first crush

At 24
Space was rented
Bounded only by
Apartment walls
And student loan debt

At 44
Space was limited
Bounded only by
Six feet
The grocery store toilet paper aisle
And socially distant paranoia

(68 words)

the days quake
creating shifts
creating change
many holes to fill

the knots of over-thinking
become untied
set free to run
to be the space
to enjoy the nothing

the quiet ebb & flow
of changing consciousness
mind over matter over mind
rush to lull to rush again

tap shoe ticks of time,
tattered dresses drifting
teardrop memories rain
down moonbeams
to rise as mist
in the mourning

old space, new space
never empty, only changing
releasing, resting, giving
way for imagination
to soar upon its wing

space hopes
space feels space
reacts to hearts that open
minds that expand
close our eyes
connect the dots
stir e-motion
energy in motion

this is art of creation
exploring itself
upon the page of time

(124 words)
Gisela Wullschleger


Space is an idea that cannot exist alongside something
There is no space so space becomes nothing
Space is everything other than the thing
It meets something so close it touches that thing
And suddenly you see the something is nothing and space is the everything

(47 words)
Kiril Kundurazieff

Space by Kiril Kundurazieff

Shut in, no place to go.
Nothing open, within a stones' throw.
Can't go far using one leg & a walker, anyway.
When this will end I have no say.
I believe I will get through the current crisis.
I will trust in God's plan for me, not something stupid of my own devices.
And hold space in my life for possibilities I can't yet imagine.
Moving forward, handling things with good character, a loving, caring, heart and a will to win.
As the cry goes out "Lock yourself in! Keep your distance! The country is going to shit!",
I will create an even better life for myself, I know it!

(115 words)

Follow Wisdom
(Interlocking rubaiyat)

I'll follow wisdom when I can
Of wisdom's pathways, I'm a fan
But often I'm not even close
Yet, I go forward with a plan

Of wisdom I need extra dose
My dumb mistakes seem more than most
But I can learn from my mistakes
I try to stay on tippy-toes

I see a chasm, put on breaks
Some caution is what wisdom takes
God's wisdom offers hope and light
Foolishness brings pains and aches

God's generosity is high
For wisdom to the Lord I cry
I know my God has great supply
I know my God has great supply

(104 words)


The empty space

at my table

in my bed

my heart


~ pcm

(15 words)

Follow Me Not

Follow me not
because I seemed wise
or because I courageously
faced my demise;

follow me not
because you were mine
though we parted too soon to compose
our last line;

follow me not
with words in your hands
rhythm bound in your breast by two bright
golden bands;

follow me not.
Because, poems die
in otherworld strangeness where I
go to lie.

(c) 2019, Damon Dean

(70 words)

Connie, loved this as well. Contentment hates a vacuum.

(9 words)
Anders Bylund

The Flanger or the Phaser?
She said, "give me more space"
She said it to my face, in my favorite blazer
So I picked up my guitar, my eyes on her like a laser
"Okay, honey. With the flanger or the phaser?"

(43 words)
Brian Slusher


Sometimes I'll see
a blank billboard
its pitch ripped away
waiting. So I envision

uncapping a jumbo
magic marker (its
tip scented like
chemical chocolate)

gripping its stem
in my teeth like
a buccaneer's knife
because I have

to climb (perhaps
I'll need a grappling
thingee attached to
gold boat rope)

to reach the sign-
painter's scaffolding
where I will care-
fully write (in letters

large enough to be
seen, but too small
to read) the message
I've always wanted

to send you, dear
but lacked the proper
canvas to give it

gravitas. So if you're
rocketing along 85
and see an empty space
with a dot of slogan


(116 words)

Six feet apart
I'm sending a mind hug.
Can you feel me?

-Karen Wilson

(14 words)

smashed up one against another
like beads of water racing for a fall,
hurling through space and time
like topsoil carried by drying wind,
the rush of words comes racing
jumbled together, running one into
another. Directions, comments, and
information from meeting to class
from email to assignment to feedback
no space between the words that fill
the screen the page the air Leaving
no space between the hurried scurry of them
to slow down and hear nothing.

(78 words)
Dennis LeMahieu

I feel this poem

(4 words)
amy todd-paine

What a tribute. Love how full circle this is.

(9 words)
amy todd-paine

I love it, Nancy. And I can just picture the two of you.

(13 words)
Linda Hatton

Space Girl
in memoriam

We wafted on life
preservers in the middle
of Lake Washington
when the moon
sat high, teetering
on the edge of
a shelf ready to fall
into itself in the Cimmerian
sky. I traced the stars
of each of the Dippers,
remembering how we scooped
frozen dreams, just barely
two steps out of our teens.

I still live
up to that handle
given me by my old dear friend
whose directional projections
now shine down from the origin
of that nickname
he loved to expound.
Out of reach, he now
safeguards me from above,
slightly less than 93
million miles away.

(115 words)

The Space to Be

When she had the space
To feel
She knew it was time
To go.

When she had the space
To think
She knew it was time
To act.

When she had the space
To love
She knew it was time
To be.

(46 words)


I am not afraid of
this quarantined place.
I come from a land
of wide open space.

We always wave
as people drive by.
We watch from windows
to see where antelope lie.

You tell us don't gather
and away we must stay.
You don't worry us who'd
rather be home anyway.

(53 words)

Grass cannot grow
in the space between
the spaces
between the space
where our roots

(16 words)


Stygian body,
your orange-rimmed ebon eye
paralyzes, dragon-like.

You devour light
to sate the gravity well
that lies within your dark maw.

Your sharp talons seize
celestial bodies wandering
too near your galactic lair.

We espy you now,
fix your presence in space
to answer riddles once posed,

your existence proof
the fabric of space-time bends
in the arms of your embrace.

(63 words)
Pearl Ketover Prilik


You - filled my empty womb
with burgeoning life - rippling
my belly with mystic unseen
somersaults - and then you
left - in a rush of agony and
ecstasy and - stayed on from
suckle to send off - filling my
world with love unimaginable
until you left again - an empty
womb - a vacuum of love

(61 words)

The world is crazy
out there
In here
it's calm
and cozy
and bright

The world is crazy
out there
In here
our home
is right

(c) 2020 Patricia McCarrol

(31 words)
julie e.

Ice Queen

There was a space
at the end of her marriage
that felt like ice
began to thaw
that felt like maybe
after all
her heart could
There was a space
at the end of the war
that felt like a glacier
began to slide
that felt like maybe
her soul inside
There was a space
at the end of the sentence
that was

(71 words)
De Jackson

* * *
orbiting its own moon too soon

this poem is from outer


someplace where
an asterisk might
be a s t a r.

* * *

(25 words)

The Final Frontier
They say that space
Is the final frontier.
But how many people
Have seen it for
What it really is?

Dark and cold,
Like the black void
Where my soul used
To be.
That is what
Space is,
An endless void
Of darkness
And death.
There is no
Life in there,
And there never
Will be.
All there is
Is the endless
Death that
Will come with
The turning of
A head.
"For this is the
Way the world ends.
Not with a bang,
But a whimper."

(90 words)

April 2, 2020
The Yardstick

there once was a yardstick who measured
the distance between us to treasure
the space was six feet
just five would be treat
but virus exerted the pressure

(33 words)

Abandoned by the words
you collected
the dreams you courted,
assemblage of small boy visions
imaged through school windows
past the crush of primer boredom.
Explorer of bones
scratching at fossils
in subterranean bliss,
that feeling of eternity
that will of self
that world of miraculous reverie
erased by traitorous
time and matter.

(53 words)

April 2nd, 2020 Day 2 Challenge

Room for Expansion

Is anyone home?

The space between my ears
Must have taken a trip.

The voyage home
Is deep space times nine.

Is anyone here?

(33 words)
Robert Lee Brewer

"Follow the Followers"

In the beginning, it was so easy
to know where to go, because I was told
what to do and when. Sit here, raise your hand
to speak, and say "here" when your name is called.

We'd play Follow the Leader and Simon
Says-all hoping to fit in better than
anyone and win. But then, the world starts
to change one small decision at a time

until I'm the one with kids looking up
for directions. Simon says stand on one
leg. Simon says touch your head. Simon says wash
your hands. Simon says stay away from your

neighbors. Sound your barbaric yawp! I don't
know the rules anymore and feel like I'm
following a light only I can see:
Should I follow the others or my gut?

(131 words)

float above body
snatch breadcrumbs of hope from sky
follow myself home

(12 words)
RJ Clarken

Follow the Melody, or if You Can, Sing Harmony. But Just Sing.

"I have been singing randomly, obsessively, obnoxiously for as long as I can remember." ~Taylor Swift

Let's sing a song without a care
Let's sing as loud as we might dare.
I hope you'll follow this refrain
and sing along. Do not abstain.
Let's sing a song.

From balcony or porch, let's share
an aria or simple air.
Go find your stage. There's much to gain.
Let's sing a song.

We'll have a vocal love affair
'cause we can sing most anywhere.
A tune has power. This is plain.
It acts as balm for moods and pain.
Since life, right now, seems so unfair,
let's sing a song.


(121 words)

(A PSA - Poetic Service Announcement)
G. Smith
Follow the guidelines, follow the rules;
Use common sense, don't act the fool.

Use soap and warm water, when you wash your hands.
Stay in your house, whenever you can.

Some say, "Don't panic;" but don't join the resistance;
I know we need hugs, but please keep your distance.

Is it essential? Do I need a mask?
If you can't figure it out, don't worry, just ask.

At least this is happening while we have nice weather;
Remember, my friends, we're in this together.

(96 words)
Mariya Koleva

Follow the Instructions

Follow the instructions -
after each tactile contact
wash your hands profusely
and with soap.

Then, I follow my own instruction and
apply hand cream with generosity.

With so much use of cream,
I hope the supplies won't deplete
because my skin just isn't complete
when it doesn't beyond-all-retreat
soak in it.

(56 words)
Pearl Ketover Prilik

Follow your heart

and you shall never go wrong
my father's words bore fruit as
the tree trunk thickened, arm
branches widened - until time
tumbled, winds whispered, then
roared and - though I tried and
tried again to follow my heart -
the child born as acorn so long
ago - vanished, leafless, blank

(56 words)
Tracy Davidson

Follow on Twitter

follow, like, retweet
his twitter days
just a haze
follow, like, retweet

(16 words)
Tracy Davidson

Follow her recipe

I do, step by step,
I follow her instructions...
still my souffles sink

(16 words)

Follow the scent

There I was lost in these woods
My sense of direction took a hike
And brambles are biting me good
This stroll, I should have biked

Now the insects that suck are buzzing
This stroll has become a quest home
Which way to go, my mind is fuzzing
A scent of goodness start to roam

My nose has picked the direction
I track to that, it gives me the tell
Here I stand overlooking my mansion
There on my windowsill the cookie smell

(86 words)
Empress of All

Thanks to Anders Bylund for granting my wish for a way to search these wonderful poems.

"Follow Me To Never Never Land"
Follow the rule: Stay six feet apart.
Follow the rule: A limit of two.

Follow me to the land of I don't care.
Follow me and I'll take you there
Just beyond that rainbow where
there are no rules.
You follow me, and I'll follow you.

Follow me to Never Never Land
I'll follow you and you hold my hand.

Bonus song for the day: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AyZAJQgrXKk

(88 words)

Follow the Followers Following

#Followme your hashtag reads,
#followforupdates please.
#Followforfollow back you say,
let's #followthefollow train!

#Followers #following every day
hoping #followbackinstantly paves the way
for #follower leaders to somehow say
#followmeto and win the day!

We #followforlikes every #followparty
shouting please #followmefollowyou!
And we #followalways the cheering crowds
shouting #followus, we'll join in too!

When did #followmeplease become #followme pleas?
We've lost sight of whomever was leading.
Surely the desperate choose #followsforspam
hoping somehow to sell their own endings.

How about #followyourheart to wherever it leads
and #followtofollow your happiest feed
and #followyourdreams to whatever YOU need
to #followyourowndesign.

(101 words)

"Follow that Car!"

My world
Peaceful enough
By a crazy lunatic
Jumping in my space
Shouting orders
Throwing chaotic energy
In my face.
Don't think!
Can I even see to drive?
Do I blindly follow these demands?
Or politely tell this stranger
To go find a different vehicle?

(49 words)
Khara House

"Follow, follow"

Follow what you know
to the point of no return.
Follow the light--that light,
that drift of courage, wafting
snowfall on the tip of your
tongue thoughts of what all
your silly fears have let you
become. Follow the rain--

follow the raindrop,
the triathlete tear that travels
down pane after pane until
it rests weary at your feet,
soaked toes, between toes,
bidding and begging you to grow.

Follow your dreams
to the pinnacle of failing,
your laughter to the utmost
of tears, your heart to its final
beating--and at that terminus

follow your wine to water,
your water to rain, your final
droplet, pane after pane,
to rest at the feet,
some stranger, no nearer
defeat than when you first
learned that lesson: to follow.

(129 words)

Follow Me Never

I am no leader
nor follower-bound
I dance to tambourines
not drumming sounds
I don't take orders
nor bark out my own
Follow me never
and we will get along

Yes, I've heard the saying
only two types exist
those who lead & those who follow
but I am neither; I resist
I don't want fame or glory
no string of yes-men
nor to brown-nose my way
to a narcissist's whim

I'm a loner by essence
moon-kissed hair & glittery wings
Oh no, not the fairy-tale kind
There's never been such a being!
Yes, I'm a rarity, it's true
adorned in silvery threads
dripping dewdrops from fingertips
on unsuspecting men's heads

You may linger here and observe
even partake of my feasts
but follow me never
you filthy, barbaric beasts!

(133 words)

Follow the Path
The voice is a whisper
direct and with love,
"Follow the Path"
are the words.
I look down at my feet.
The sun shines its warmth
upon the sandy path.
A lightly packed walkway
filtered with sand and grass,
pink floral edges
bleeding over to
a forest of soft evergreens.
"Follow the Path"
At first the gentle breeze
guides an easy step.
Whistling a happy tune
a quenching brook crosses my way.
Navigating easily across the well laid stones.
I skip along.
"Follow the Path"
the words are whispered with a smile that warms
down to the bone.
Ever gradually the sand turns into stone
and the stones into jagged rocks.
The path less worn and a hill has formed.
My breath is labored and I wipe the sweat from my brow.
The voice whispers with kindness and urging.
"Follow the Path"
I continue on for awhile
searching for a place to rest.
A breeze coming from my right
through the shade of the trees,
beacons me.
How welcoming it seems.
Just for a break I thought
this slight climb has brought me to distraught.
I need a little shade and relief.
Stepping off the path into the coolness of the trees.
Just for a bit I thought
Ignoring the urgent whisper
"Follow the Path"
Slowly I ventured,
until I realized there was no more
Instead a ROAR directly ahead.
Through the darkness of the trees
it grew louder and louder.
A cool breeze energizing and sweet,
gave a new swiftness to my feet.
I ran with no care the forest floor gave
power to my tired legs.
Halted at a striking edge.
The ROAR became deafening below
with each foaming crash upon wet boulders.
The drop below was so violent
it caused aches in my bones and my legs did shake.
The sun across the watery horizon was sinking fast.
The cool refreshing breeze became
an icy cold breath across my exposed arms.
I turned around to find my way back.
The forest grew dark
closing into what I had left.
Slowly I began my search.
Pushing through briers and thorns.
The cold and dark closing in,
a hoot of an owl echoed through the shadows
growing longer with each step.
Bloody scratches on arms and legs
Tears began to form
Not sure of my direction
Stumbling over roots
Trying to clear my thoughts.
How will I find my way?
Then faintly I heard it,
The whisper
"Follow the Path"
And suddenly I broke through
Falling to my knees
At the forest edge
The soft sand still warm
from the day.
Though dusk was falling
up ahead was a light.
The whisper grew clearer
"Follow the Path"
I stood tall to my height
and found
over a slight hill
on familiar ground
Finally, I could see...

(472 words)
Tony Derbyshire

Follow the Sun

We're all moving through the universe
You at the center, and I follow
Today, though, the clouds disguise you
Affecting me
And I find myself engaged in another struggle
When will I experience your bright light?
Where have you gone?
Days go by and you're nowhere to be found
Though every morning your light returns

This morning I saw buds on the trees
Though rain is here again
And, in the coming weeks, the sun will shine
And my part of the world will be blooming bright colors
Lush and bursting with life
This small speck in the universe
Orbiting around the life sustaining light
That's just another star
Showing up
Shining light, sometimes direct, sometimes disguised
Giving light as we all follow
Remembering, though often forgetting
To try to do the same myself
Each morning when I awaken

(143 words)

Follow Me Up Lightly

Follow me up
Up to the slender treed mountain.
We shall glide-hike there smiling
and see wondrous sights.

Follow me up
To a blackberry filled hillside.
We'll whisper, saunter and sway.
Inhale the juicy, taste the tart.

Please follow me up
lightly, with purpose.
To my peaceful, joyful home with
no rush -savoring time together.
We will chat of brilliant things.

(67 words)
LeeAnne Ellyett

Follow Me Down The Rabbit Hole

"Dear, dear! How queer everything is to-day!
And yesterday things went on just as usual." *Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - Lewis Carroll

She's curious about the 'late' White Rabbit,
following him down his rabbit hole,
to a strange and chaotic world, the unknown.

This Wonderland perplexes our dear Alice,
as she shrinks and grows, tears flow.

The Cheshire Cat leaves only his grin,
The Mad Hatter riddles, the hands of time spin,
and The Queen of Hearts shouts "Off with her Head!"

That was enough to scare the poor girl,
but how to get back to her real world.

Then she grew and she grew,
towering over the Queen in size,
while the pack of cards flies,
around her sleepy head which lies,
on her sister's lap by the riverbank.

(136 words)

follow my advice
so, I did what I was told
now I follow me

"Follow me!" he cried
jumping off of Blue Lake cliffs
cold water below
--Christina Perry

(29 words)
taylor graham


This is the story of a man - a doctor -
we watch evening by evening on TV. His story
is our story. He explains the latest quirks of virus
that's killing his colleagues and ordinary folk
they're trying to save. Over weeks, we've watched
him age, grow hoarse, but still he tells
our story: considered, pragmatic, articulate -
then suddenly in sentence fragments,
he can't find the right words, not hitting the mark.
There's a spark in his eye, speaking of
dynamics, intensity, the "something else going on."
Fascinated by pathogenesis he doesn't
understand, he's on a quest. It's infectious,
can't you feel it in your blood? How will it end?
The answer comes word by word, a thread
you must follow with me, reader.
We're in this together.

(133 words)

Follow The Rules

A Letter to my granddaughter

One day we'll tell you about
Being so close
Yet so far
There you are
Within reach
But we can't hold
Follow the rules darling

Standing in your driveway
We wave
Your face lights up
You reach
But no
Six feet!
Echoes in my head
A tolling bell of despair
Every moment ages us

One day we'll tell you
About those months
We longed to hold
For now stay safe sweet girl
And know
We love you

(87 words)
Austin Hill

The Corona-cation Chronicles

Day Three
Follow the Extroverted Introvert, If You Dare!

I live in worlds of competing interactions;
one constantly acquiesces to the other.

Seemingly I'm one, but when the day's done
I'm wholeheartedly really quite the other.

Those around me probably don't know
that mere thoughts of party planning

unleash feelings of absolute dread,
to my guests I must be enchanting.

Bouncin' room-to room
tending to everyone's needs,

Do you need this? Can I get you that?
My own enjoyment I'm forced to concede.

And when neighbors gather on the block,
their invite I hold at bay

knowing one in particular will always inquire,
Did your Daddy let you come out to play?

I don't really want to get too close to people,
outside of my family;

COVID-19 has unmasked my deception,
an extroverted introvert, that's me!

(c) April 2020 Suzanne S. Austin-Hill

(145 words)

Just Waiting

Follow me down to the riverside
Mountain melt rushes across polished stone
How joyously sounds the water's song
If we do not listen
Then no one will know

I reach out my hand to steady your step
A robin flies startled up with a low trill
How lovely the chirping complaint
If we don't disturb her
Then nobody will

Above us the cottonwood limbs
Reach ghost gray roots in a cobalt sky
How brilliant the morning's stain
If we don't bear witness
No one will be wise

Perhaps since inception
The whole of creation
Has flowed on insensate and hopeless
Entranced and benumbed
Deaf blind and dumb
Just waiting for someone to notice

(115 words)

Follow Up
Just checking in
to see if there's anything
else I can do.
Whatever you need.
Times may be tough
and not make much sense right now,
but don't forget
that you're not alone.

(35 words)
Joseph Hesch

Follow the Thread

I picked at this thread
for an hour now and
it's come unknotted
from my sweater.
It's an old sweater,
but it's served me well.
Here, look at the elbows.
See the thin see-through roots
of these trees in whose branches
my head would roost when words
would not come or sadness did?
I've pulled at this thread
many times, raveling the cuff
until I find that snarling knot
(not sure if it's a diamond or purl)
where my sleepy imagination
comes to rest and my hand
begins its rappel down the page
on this worn old thread of gold.

(103 words)

Follow that smell

Follow me follow me
To the boulangerie
Where the scones are baking
To bien cuit
And the pain au chocolate entices me
Cakes and pastries macaroons and eclairs
Add a cafe au lait and soft comfy chairs
I wouldn't have it any other way
To gobble up my petite dejeuner

(53 words)
Modern Day Magi

follow me
said the ant
to the next
I'll lead you
to a sweet treat

follow me
said the next ant
to the next
I'll lead you
to a sweet treat

and so it went
from one ant
to the next


(50 words)
Connie Inglis

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Bananas and dump trucks and omelets and corn,
Canaries and cabs that are honking their horn,
Lemons and daffodils, amber and chicks,
School buses and big bird, dancing with kicks.

Yellow on yellow, the colours explode,
I just can't bear it, I'll not write an ode,
Don't force on the yellow, my brain's gonna implode,
I'll turn, run, not follow that yellow brick road.

(69 words)

#Following My Heart#

Alas! I'm trapped now
as all my wishes are scrapped.
Fear provokes me to jump
and my throat feels a large lump.

I'm now turning twelve
and my curiosity about my body is growing like a river stuck in the bookshelves I never touched.
My girl like body slowly turning into a woman one
and my mind no longer finds it as fun.
leaving me with several questions.
I often succumb to nonchalance
and increase the seeds of self-doubts
from a time to time.

I often take my time out
to follow the words my mirror says,
it says my breast is changing, growing a little bit more to be noticed,
it also notices my waist is increasing for inches
and at last the winning stroke comes from puberty.

I am now sixteen and acne became my best friend.
They cover my cheeks like raindrops in monsoon,
but I curse myself for their random entrance,
they create a laughter between my friends,
they stamp a sticker of bully on my skin,
and they make me hate my body
as if I'm full of sin.

Sixteen is the age when a women body meets God,
an unknown pleasure awakens in between the thighs when we are slightly unknown how to hold control on random desires.
I discover how to not only follow the heart but also the dictatorship of forbidden pleasures.

I am now twenty two, at the age when I am fully bloomed, and which is considered as the peak of womanhood,
I'm more calm, cool, and love to follow the words
of my body more.
I love the love, lover, heartbreak, and everything that my body has journeyed through since I was born.
I love the sin, sinner and everything forbidden that my stereotypical society complains.

I hear the words of bounty nature,
and follow the words to make a companionship with my body, an endless love with every bit of it
as if I've been facing the last days of my life.
A tinge of repentance chokes my heart
when I feel I've wasted time cursing my life.
Twenty two years passed
in not being satisfied with my body.
I remove all the voices that
artfully once pretended to be my body
and forced me to hate it.

I know it's very much late,
I'm trapped now as all my wishes are scrapped,
Still I make a dream to turn my body
as an art, perfectly sculpted with the divinity
of self-love and acceptance;
I make a dream to fulfill all its cravings
like the dawn meets dusk at a beautiful point of life,
and I make a dream to follow all the blanks
I've left in the past and accomplish them since forever.

~ (c)storytellersuchismita

(461 words)

Follow the Ancient Paths

I see many roads, but which should I choose?
At the crossroads, I ask for the right path,
the ancient way marked out on my behalf.
Many view its rules and become amused.

The refuse to follow this blessing way.
The want to go their own way, following
their nose to a wisdom of their choosing.
"Look, this way is wide and pleasant," they say.

The ancient path leads to rest for your souls.
It is overgrown, full of danger and strife.
but if you brave it, there's abundant life,
His presence, and your name in The Lamb's scrolls.

(103 words)
Tom Hayes

Follow Simple Truths

Never follow
tall tales
from small men.
Their attempts
to seem large
will fool you again.
To avoid ego
and deceptive forces,
follow simple truths
from trusted sources.
True stature
is conveyed
by trust
not just
Put small men
in their place
and face
the simple

(51 words)

Follow the Paper Trail

In good times we shop just for fun
enjoying the crowds and the sun.
Our life's simple charms
fill with complex alarms
and we chase after wipes for our bums.

Follow Not the News

Perception is truth,
I've heard it said.
Then we're in trouble
from the talking heads.

Follow Beauty

Counting stars, night sky
glazed with teal and fire
numinous light

(66 words)

As a girl in the 50s
I followed the rules
never walked barefoot
except at the beach
never kissed and told
except to my friends
never sassed Daddy
except in my head
never used swear words
except when mad
never wore lipstick
except for Tangee
never had chased a boy
except curly haired Neil
never missed Sunday School
except when feigning a fever
never made prank phone calls
except about Prince Albert
never learned to dance
except in my room
never disobeyed Mama
except when I could.

(87 words)


Follow your thoughts to the past
where grandma shows you her garden
and gives you the simplest of tasks
to weed and to hoe, to harden
your hands to the work and toil.
Try not to complain, she's near
seventy and works the soil
with ease. The stubborn old dear
works til sweat drips. She smiles
and thanks you, though it's unclear
how many of the small piles
of weeds are yours. Later, there's
lemonade, berries and cream,
an afternoon nap upstairs
in the softest bed to dream.


(90 words)

I follow the grief
of a memory whispered
as a prayer of repentance
for my father who died
before he died and became
a stranger in an old man's clothes.
I cared for him with love and anger
when he forgot to eat the food
I had prepared (I'm not hungry!)
and left it untouched beside his pills
(What're they for?) and told me
he wanted to hitchhike across the country
to look for work the way he did
with Dan when they were twenty

(88 words)

Follow your path

It's a path without end
twisting out of reach
always a step or two beyond my feet

It's a trail shrouded in silence
And no whisper of fallen leaves
plays in tune with sighing trees

It's a road forked like a serpent's tongue
And yet I wish for it to swallow me
for if I follow it long enough

it will bring me back to the beginning

(70 words)
Robert Lee Brewer

"Follow the Followers"

In the beginning, it was so easy
to know where to go, because I was told
what to do and when. Sit here, raise your hand
to speak, and say "here" when your name is called.

We'd play Follow the Leader and Simon
Says-all hoping to fit in better than
anyone and win. But then, the world starts
to change one small decision at a time

until I'm the one with kids looking up
for directions. Simon says stand on one
leg. Simon says touch your head. Simon says wash
your hands. Simon says stay away from your

neighbors. Sound your barbaric yawp! I don't
know the rules anymore and feel like I'm
following a light only I can see:
Should I follow the others or my gut?

(131 words)


I walk in the absence of footprints
searching for the empty spaces
where strength and wisdom lurk
not to fill them up but to learn
what sustains their purity.

I refuse to follow anyone
but I listen to their footfalls
their stalls on the dirty trails
of their own universal truths
and stumble over their simplicity.

(57 words)
Maria Grace

"I do so dearly believe that no half-heartedness and no worldly fear must turn us aside from following the light unflinchingly." J. R. R. Tolkien

My dear, Professor, I do agree.
And yet to follow that first great Light,
The Light and Life before all things,
That lives, and loves and enlightens all,

By far, is harder than it seems.
For It, like us, has known the night,
Been overshadowed, darkening,
Whose death was black beneath the sun.

And I, half-hearted, cannot see,
That this eclipse of Love and Light,
Is is not Its loss, but a veiling,
That proves the Light eternal still.

And yet, in darkness, still I seek,
Some gleam of Him against the night,
Some fixed Star, that following,
Will draw me after, into Joy.

(129 words)

"Follow Me!" Says Spring

Spring skips along ahead of me,
Pigtails bouncing on the breeze,
Laughter echoes in the trees,
As birds mock winter's freeze.

She turns and waves me with her hand,
Shadows part each step she lands,
Flowers wake at her commands,
The earth now understands.

"Quickly, follow me!" says spring,
Winter is a long-lost dream,
I catch up in golden beams,
And grabbing hands, we sing.

(69 words)
Nancy Posey

Follow Me

Just around this corner,
we don't want to disturb
the fox watching her kits
frolicking like puppies,
surely surprised
by this corner of the world
suddenly emptied
of human beings,
unnatural threats.

Peek as they venture
beyond the cover of the porch,
as if daring one another
to take one, two steps

Don't let them hear us.
Soon enough
they'll be startled--
by the hawk that perches
in the trees most days,
watching for prey,
by the clang
of the garbage truck
in the cul-de-sac,
by their own shadows
on this bright spring day.

Follow me
back inside
where we belong.
Let's leave the world
to creatures
with empty shelves
or the evening news.

Let's see them for what they are--
a sign of hope.

(131 words)

Follow the Chameleon

the chameleon changes color
to adapt to its surroundings
to hide
vivid green to darkest brown
trying to be safe
from the dog
who wants to play
or the cat
who wants to kill
I, too, can adapt
must adapt
to stay safe
to hope for the future

(51 words)

You Know

Follow, will we?
your lead
- you always lead -

out of the body
out of the story
out of the beating needs

that seem to come from the heart
or the blood
- the blood we shared

away from the bones
that have always worked together
to propel us through space
with purpose

out of space itself perhaps,
and, I suspect, out of purpose as well.

What, then, was purpose?

Follow, will we?
Away into what
will we follow you?

And how soon?

(86 words)
Mrs. B

Follow the trail of breadcrumbs,
the ones you dropped along the way.
These will help you get back home
when you are lost one day.
Memories are the breadcrumbs,
those moments hidden in your heart.
You need to stop and take a breath.
Then find a place to start.
A hug from mom when you visit.
A good laugh with your friend.
So many things to be thankful for
you will find as along the way you wend.
As you follow the trail of breadcrumbs
your fears and anxiety will cease.
This trail of crumbs, these memories,
will lead you back home, to a place of peace.

(107 words)

Be Amazed
A star from afar
The sea before me
Grass on my path
The stream beautiful gleam
A rose's perfect pose
The eagle soars so regal
Farmland awesomely grand
A mountain with a sparkling fountain
Stay Amazed

(38 words)
Jason L. Martin

Follow the Lobster (acrostic)

I saw a movie
Called "Lobster."
Auspiciously, it tells the story of humans
Negotiating which animal
They will turn into when they die.

Deceptively, I'd choose to be
Eternally human, and try "me" again,
Calculating that I'll learn from mistakes
I made, loves I've failed, and risks I never took.

Don't make me decide. If I'm maggot or a slug reincarnate,
Empathize with me. Crouch down, hear me say "Darn it!"

(75 words)
Gisela Wullschleger

Follow me down

Follow me down memory lane
to the things we shared
in the places we loved
where everyone cared.

Follow me back
to the beginning of mystery
innocence not yet interrupted

To the place
at the dawning of inquiry
where children's laughter erupted

I see you there with a look I remember
We shared an infinite treasure

The world belonged to us and we knew it well
Follow me now to that place where our memories dwell

(79 words)


Hello and greetings
How are you doing?
As much as I'm enjoying
Your liking and retweeting,
How about engaging me
With a little verbal commentary?

You are writers, are you not,
Minds bursting with words
And vibrant vocabularies?
Hashtags just don't cut it
I'm sorry to brazenly say
Please try and regale me
With sharp and witty repartee...

I'll gladly follow back
If you take the time to chat,
Let's break the impersonal silence
Of meaningless notifications
And form a tangible conversation
Just like we used to do
Before screens reduced us to
Those pesky one-click interactions.

(101 words)

Fill In the Blank

Follow the____?
I don't get it,
I don't follow
is like waiting
for a Hurricane.

you must be kidding
I'd rather follow my dog.

Follow the _____?
How could I
the line went up
and off the graph.

Follow your _______?
Oh yours is much more

Follow your _______?
My, I must
still be dreaming.

Follow the ________?
Yes, I would
if I could.

Are you the ______?

Yes, I am the _______
please fill me in.

(83 words)
sue crisp


Follow your dreams - such a cliche',
I have a new dream every day.
An early dream, was a dream to live at the shore.
Years came and went, many sea days spent, now, no more.

Following the culinary life is still a dream.
The slicing, the dicing, the whipping of thick cream.
An artist, I would have loved to be,
but there is no graphic magic in my hands for me.

A dream of poetic words, gave me a path to follow.
Creating pictures with words of purpose, others silly and hollow.
So many paths to follow. Yours to pick and choose.
Which you pick determines if you win or lose.

Life is just a constant game if seems,
just be true to yourself, and follow your dreams.

Sue Crisp 4/3/20
Poetic Asides Poem a Day - Follow blank poem

(142 words)

This is so nicely penned.

(5 words)
Daniel Paicopulos

Follow My Lead

Your head gives you reasons,
your heart is your guide,
positive choices
within you reside.
Know yourself,
follow your heart,
but don't just sit there,
we each play a part.
Not the reason to do so,
no purpose, and yet,
the more that you give,
the more that you get.
I've never believed,
at least not so far,
all things happen for a reason,
no, some things just are.
When I can't figure out why,
it's not something tragic.
If I don't know why something works,
I assume, simply magic,
like calling a friend,
just being there,
a simple act of kindness,
a heaven sent prayer.

(109 words)

Follow Me

these days for an unexciting life,
one filled with the thrill of rising
to peeing, teeth-brushing, coffee,
grapes, checking out Facebook
and email, check for today's PAD
prompt, think, think, think...
decide to think later...
read a book, sew a couple masks,
step outside to clear my mind,
walk around the block, listen to
birds singing like there's no
pandemic controlling our lives,
go back indoors with intent
of living this day like the birds.
May even write a poem.

(82 words)

Following On

Washed and refilled
the birdbath today.

Chaffinch arrived.
Took a drink.
Left behind
a rose-coloured feather.

Then crows.
Three of them.
Water level
dropped by half.

Then a pigeon.
Wings lifted for airing.
A tidal splash flooding
the tulips and
emptied the birdbath.

Another day unravelling.

(50 words)

Follow Your Example

He was not an ordinary man-
This man I call Da.
He was counted out
Because he was his father's son.
They were wrong.
For he worked hard
Taught himself
How to build roads,
And such beautiful roads he built.
Just as he blazed trails
Across the wilderness
He blazed one in my heart.
I don't give up
As I blaze trails my own trails.

Mary Elizabeth Todd
April 3, 2020

(74 words)

Follow Me On Instagram

Follow me as I ski between
snow-laden evergreens

then when I hike along the loose shale peaks
that stretch out towards the sun

and watch as I step carefully
among the wildflowers

trace the flight of falcon wings
or cascading whitewater falls

And don't forget that my backyard
is rich with nature's wonders

from mossy rocks to silly squirrels
I'll post them all for you

(69 words)

Follow me and my monkey brain
On this path lit by sparkles

You will find
As we walk through the rain
A stream that bubbles purple

Along the way, tree branches will sway
To the musings of David Bowie
A skip and a hop
We shall then reach the giant trophy

Let's climb and climb, ascending to the top
To join a meeting of the sublime
Who are discussing this season's crop

We say farewell
As we must get on
On our magical journey

By and by
Shapes and lines
Begin to morph and get blurry

An exchange of hugs
Please let's meet again
Next time
We won't be in a hurry

~ Val the Wonderful

(116 words)
Tom Hayes

Follow The Clues

I told myself "follow the clues"
The truth sometimes is hard to see
Believing only what I choose
I told myself "follow the clues"
Maybe their tale could set me free
Perhaps some news I can't refuse
I told myself follow the clues
The truth sometimes is hard to see

(53 words)
taylor graham


I glance out the sliding-glass window.
On our pebble-deck railing, a grand tom turkey's
all puffed up and fan-tailed for the hen sitting
prim beside him. Two wild turkeys on our deck.
Tom reminds me of a Spanish galleon in love,
run aground on wrought-iron railing above
tiding fields of spring grass. Is his lady
impressed? Modestly coquettish-shy? She gazes
down from railing, ignoring his display. Her focus
moves like sun-shadow cast through oak boughs
onto earth - young leaves and grass, maybe
the odd acorn or spider, more appealing
than wild tom-turkey flirt.

(97 words)
Jane Shlensky

Following Mrs. Clingman

One by one, she lines us up
the shortest first, that's me
to the tallest there in back
where I want to be.

There now, she says,
that's how we'll do it
every time. Note who
stands before and after,

that's how we'll move
each time we leave here-
lunch, recess, buses,
shots, programs. Follow me.

And off she goes without warning,
finally looking back at me.
Well? Come on, then.
And so I go, for following

Mrs. Clingman meant
everyone else was following me
that being small came with
great responsibility

and a growing need to grow,
a gnawing need to know,
but second grade is not
where we will learn everything.

We only learn how to follow
directions, principles of math,
reading, writing, spelling,
rules for living and befriending,

small stuff. I see her there
ahead of me now, her lanky body
lurching along, her jaw clamped
on humor, her eyes tender

and challenging. She finds me
funny somehow. Come along
little girl, she says, buck up;
some lead, some follow.

Decide what you want now
and save us all some trouble.

(187 words)
Pat Walsh

follow the night
by Patrick J. Walsh

follow the night
like a wolf in the woods
hungry for the memory
of a time less desperate

alone in the dark
the night labors on
wrapping lost hours
in scraps of starlight

while the moon waits
lonely as the leaves
the silent captive
of a shattered spring

(55 words)

Follow what you cannot see:
the way your heart beats twice as fast
when love comes knocking at your door,
the way it sticks inside your throat
to let you feel its presence in uncertainty,
the way it's worn on someone's sleeve
when truth and openness are desired.
Perhaps I should have simply said
follow your heart.
--Christina Perry

(59 words)
Pearl Ketover Prilik

Follow the yellow brick road

skip along with a full heart
toward emerald city glowing
there up ahead ... give and
take comfort -unexpected help
arising from this tilted tornadoed
world - gratitude for all we had
and will with grace once again
appreciate click click clicking as
ruby slippers in collective frazzle


(58 words)
Jane Shlensky

Follow Spirit

I feel its pinch high
in my solar plexus
close enough to breath
and pulse to count

and it talks to me
like a child unborn
gentle kick, then harder
to do what is right

for me, for others
to ignore the shouters
and tempters
to listen with my

interior ears, my gut
deeper than bone
and do no harm
and be what matters

There along my veins
it carries its message
that says follow me
I won't lead you wrong.

(83 words)
Joseph Harker


down the streets of Phnom Penh, winding around
tamarind roots and pieces of crumbling brick,
I have the feeling that I am being drawn step by step
into another kind of life. Not simpler,
but something more concerned with the small,
delicate acts of being, as carefully outlined
as paw prints in grey dirt. Tuk-tuk drivers call out.
Thunder complains behind the roofs.
The skeletal tabby leads me with its eyes
into the temple precinct, darts a few feet, waits
expectantly, darts a few more. Thin streams of
sick cat shit dribble around its feet.
Around corners we find workers sharing their meal
who throw a few scraps of satay to their guest,
and the homeless with withered limbs who murmur
indecipherable words from under their cowls.
And finally, past a great statue of the Buddha--
ten rows of ten young men, bareheaded,
fidgeting, wearing the saffron robes of monks
while their elder recites the daily sutras. I am here
by anything but chance. I watch them, several
lives away from where I was before, while under
wet, drooping leaves, a slowly dying cat watches me.

(189 words)


behind fellows
driving big farm tractors,
you quickly learn: the view never

(17 words)

Follow the Facts

It is sadly true
That people don't often
Speak the truth.
It isn't that they lie.
They speak only
Their perception,
And a myriad of paraphernalia
Camouflages facts
In believed truths.
Follow the cold facts
I learned, but
Always listen
To the person's heart.

Mary Elizabeth Todd
April 3, 2020

(53 words)

Follow the Recipe

Wear you a pinny
That red one will do
Find you a bowl
And a wooden spoon too

Grab you some laughter
And fill up the bowl
Toss in some titters
Not chopped, keep them whole

the back of the fridge
see that loud snorting honk?
Tickle it gently and
In the bowl plonk

Add a few tee hees
The jar is right there
Throw in some giggles
And jokes going spare

Mix it all quickly
Make sure that you spill
Here, there, all over
Some chaos instil

Take you the mixture
Place by your gate
Write you a notice
"Take, enjoy, mate!"

Watch you your neighbours
Hear them guffaw
Share you your joy in
This "stay-at-home" law

(121 words)

The Follow Suit

Clem seldom wore her Follow Suit
It never really fit her
However hard she tried to blend
It turned around and bit her

"Lemmings do it, why can't I?"
She often would lament
Her mother rolled her eyes and laughed,
"A lemming, Clem, you ain't!"

I used to lay your Follow Suit
out on the bed each day
but you preferred your Special Mix-
stripey shirts with checkered pants,
science labs instead of dance,
unicycles, throwing pots,
peppy plaids with polka dots.
Your hunting boots were caked with grime
Your poetry forgets to rhyme."

And so it went, as time passed by
Clem chose The Different Path -
Sometimes clear, but often not...
She thought about those clothes a lot -
the ones her mother thought might do
But in the end, they both just knew -
that Follow Suit would stay deposited
inside her bedroom, safely closeted.

(151 words)

Follow me said the breath,
I will take you where no one has taken you.

Follow me said the breath,
This journey is a journey for one.

Follow me said the breath,
A journey to an (un)familiar landscape.

Follow me says the breath,
The landscape within needs attention.

Follow me says the breath,
I will take you far, by keeping your thoughts close.

Follow me says the breath,
The internal chaos can be quieted.

All you need to do
Is follow the breath.

(83 words)

Follow Your Heart
It may tell you no
Be afraid to begin
But although the tears flow
It's time to see him

He might pass you by
Without even a grin
But for all that you know
His heart is racing within

So, don't be surprised
When the phone starts to ring
And your cheeks are aglow
As your heart meets with him

Two hearts as you know
Will happiness bring
And when love starts to grow
Two hearts start to sing

(82 words)

by Paula Riggs

don't shake hands
social distancing
wear a mask
work at home
we will flatten the curve by
following orders

(24 words)

Follow the Trail

the one that snakes
away from the main path

slide down scree
to see the silver coins
tinkling in the creek

stop to see dandelions
a plateful of yolks
nestled in brown leaves

count whorled snails
mostly empty shells
hulled by meadowlarks

notice how runoff
carved gullies and canyons
slipping into the feet of trees

slow your steps now
breathe through your toes
inhale redbud, magnolia

become a part of it
trail bird snail flower
brown yellow white purple

follow the trail
the one that snakes away
from the main path.

(94 words)


(1 words)
Empress of All

"Good morning, Robert,
I'm amazed at how much work this is for you. Thank you so much. I am enjoying pushing myself every day to create something. I posted the poem below earlier today but I have since changed the last line. Do with it what you see fit. Have a great weekend.

Follow Me To Never Never Land"

Follow the rule: Stay six feet apart.
Follow the rule: A limit of two.

Follow me to the land of I don't care.
Follow me and I'll take you there
Just beyond that rainbow where
there are no rules.
You follow me, and I'll follow you.

Follow me to Never Never Land
We will get there hand in hand.

(118 words)
Pearl Ketover Prilik

Hi there Randi ...I'm singing along - lovely mantra for today -
stay safe

(14 words)

Ah, yes. Singing is good.

(5 words)
Daniel Paicopulos

Yes! You, me, us, and The Carpenters

(7 words)
Barb Hall

Song is such a powerful tool. Thank you for your refrain. Let's sing a song.

(15 words)
Mrs. B

I like that. Reminds me of what I have seen people doing on facebook. One way to get together while staying apart.

(22 words)
Austin Hill

LOVE the last stanza!

(4 words)


(1 words)

So true! And I'm glad we have this community to poem together!

(12 words)

Like the positive tone of this... much needed.

(8 words)
Austin Hill

Sink or float,
we're in the same boat.

(8 words)


(1 words)

Ouch.... I've seen that too.

(5 words)

Pearl, this is so lovely and yet so filled with sadness. I love your poems - I'm so glad you are back for another PAD!

(25 words)

The sadness at the end is powerful...

(7 words)


(1 words)

Hahaha! Good one!

(3 words)
Austin Hill

Is she missing?

(3 words)

Loved the baked cookies scent!. Fun poem!

(7 words)


(1 words)

Great stuff...should be a public service announcement on Twitter!

(9 words)

This is so nicely penned.

(5 words)

~ Unpolished Opinion ~
I follow the instincts that live in my gut
learning to test and trust them a lot
with large matters and small, rely

on their nudging in pondering all
manner of judgement -all open
responses for good or for bad

Our hearts learn life lessons
by failure and strife -by trial
by error, winning or losing

we strengthen our gifts, hone
confident answers and tuck
instincts to turn to deep in
the gut

(78 words)

Follow me

Look back
Can you see me?
I've been protecting you
Following you on your journey

(18 words)

Follow the Dream

that's what they always say
follow your dream
but what of us who once dreamed
and grew old and lost trying?

I suppose dreams can be followed
until the sun sets
and there is no mirage to chase

(c) Neetu Malik

(45 words)
Bill Kirk

Follow Or Lead! But Think!
By Bill Kirk

Consider the many ways
There may be to do
This or that thing--
Some ways more or less
Successful than others.

Such ways, many or few,
May become known to us
In all forms and fashions,
Either to follow or disregard--
Instead, choosing
A different path of our own
Whether tested or proven.

Yet, musn't considerable thought
Have been given the chance
To shred the hows, the whys
And the wherefores,
Before our decision is made?

And if, once committed to a course,
Our choice falls short,
Mightn't we still opt to unchoose?
That is, shouldn't we
Be allowed, to, yet again,
Go forward just as boldly,
Reclaiming and rejoicing
In our freedom to rechoose?

Follow or lead, indeed! Yet think!
Clearly, such is the way
To seek the good, better, best and
Most choice worthy path--
Whether our own or another.

(150 words)


Follow the buffalo herd
For the new world is comin'
Follow the sacred words
From the tribes of long ago

When the birds pitch is crying
When the sun turns deep red
The black leather book's a dying
Loves spirit set free to roam

Mother Nature, she carries you home
Just as life blood follows the stream
O'r dreams & breath & hardened bone
From the Tribes of long ago

Scorched soil will show the way
Left foot, right foot, travelin' on
Until the river splits, between the bay
Mother Nature, she carries you home

Caves of horses, bison and birds
Drawn on the map of our DNA
It is there we find the simple words
At the fingertips upon the stone

Follow the buffalo herd
For the new world is comin'
Follow her sacred words
From the tribes of long ago

Mother Nature will carry you home
Mother Nature will carry you home
Mother Nature will carry you
If you follow the buffalo home

(168 words)

Follow a Lone Crow: a Day 3 #NaPoWriMo/GloPoWriMo2020 solo #Renga

gray sky

the back-and-forth swaying

of bare branches

a street suddenly empty

of pedestrians

a wrapped package

left out on the front stoop

trembling hands

heart racing just entering

the local supermarket

A descending crow in flight

no sign of its murder

so silent

within these closing-in walls

another Friday

A caught breath at every

curious throat tickle

Follow a lone crow

still no way away from

this pandemic time

(80 words)
Margot Suydam

Poem-a-day #3 is a response to prompts from Poetic Asides and NaPoWriMo (Write a poem that makes use of our resource for the day: an online rhyming dictionary

Follow the Rhyme

It's about time
we turn back
shut the lamp

and decamp
follow the rhyme
of ribbon given

straw hat pillow talk
and hostas stalk.
We all saw that

losses billow, walk even
as the director flowers
his final frame in hours.

Such a shallow mirror
of flame can still burn
in error and heaven

forbid his coffee mug
cracks, falls on the back
of another smug projector.

(98 words)
Rie Sheridan Rose

Follow the Cat

If you are in a hurry
to get where you belong...
follow the road signs
and then you can't go wrong.

If you want to stroll
through trees of green...
follow the dog
and he'll show you where he's been.

If you have a sense of urgency--
perhaps someone is sick--
follow the ambulance
and you will get there quick!

But if you want adventure,
and wonder in your day...
follow the cat
because he knows the way.

(81 words)
Marie Elena

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

It wasn't a twister,
but a whirlwind of words
that whisked me away,
introduced my would-be Dorothy
to this would-be Scarecrow
who blows me away
with his way with words,
as very few can.
Our story began across a lake
and make no mistake,
he's my partner in rhyme.
He believes he's no longer
in his prime,
but I'll tell you this (and you'd agree)
that his prolific poetry
has no specific begin and end time.
And moreover, he'll turnover
every tune or turn of phrase
to raise the bar.
He's the pace car.
And he will always be
the poetry man,
to me.

(c) Marie Elena Good, 2020

(114 words)
Cynthia Wooten


I look behind
and see the younger me
always searching
books piled up
trying to find answers-
Finding always
more questions
more rabbit holes
no end to the places to look
to learn
to find
to know.
years and
more books.
Wanting to understand
to find peace
and meaning.
Old now
I stumble
and reach out -
to help one
who needed even more
than me.
And in that outstretched hand
while trying to
lead -
I was led.
An answer,
there always
with no open eye to see it.
I was found
and brought to
I finally could follow.

(106 words)

Follow Me Down

Decide now if it is worth it
Of everything we can be
We won't be the same after this
Now, or forever

Darkness is part of the choice
Over the past, I can only
Wish to forget the scars
Needled into my future

Dedicated to follow me
On the promise that nothing
Weakens our grip during the
Nights we will have to endure

With only a single flame to
Enlighten the corners of doubt

For I need to show you the stars
Are there like vows
Let me lead you down
Like we will live forever

(99 words)
Michele Cable

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

I don't have ruby slippers
Pigtails are not my style.
I don't have a little dog
to scamper by my side.

But I am in search of someplace
Is it behind some emerald gates?
Do I have to fight an evil witch
to sooth my soulful aches?

They say to follow this brick-paved path
Is an action a person takes
believing that it will lead to good things.
If that's so, I am on my way.

I'm not pursuing ruby jewels
Or a ride in a horse-drawn coach.
I have a brain, a beating heart,
And I think I'm pretty brave.

They also say, and I believe it's true
That there is no place like home.
That's what I want - you hit the nail on the head,
But I want home like it used to be.

(142 words)

Chaos Control
By Evan Sachs

You ask the world of me and I cannot
Comply in any meaningful manner
So I'm not worthy of your loveliness
Nor am I strong enough to let you go
You get to lean on me and promise me
I'm your splendid, colorful butterfly
Caught in a net and collected and pinned
Or a gray moth to your flickering flame
I must overcome animal instincts
And just be the man we need me to be

(80 words)

Follow Me

I'll take you down a dark hole
Depth and destination unknown
A leap for the fickle

I can take you for a wild ride
leave the world flying by
grasping life so tight

Let's share in depraved desires
Tread along a dangerous path
venturing near damnation

(48 words)
De Jackson

follow the yellow brick

our way south hard and fast
and furious as all
{get out},
watched the sun dip low and
slow like a lemon
lollipop song.

clicked our heels
and kicked 'em up,
headed for AnywhereButHere
and OverThere and
someplace we might (un)square
our shoulders and shed
our tired skins.

it took all the last
{heart, brains, courage}
we've got,
but we spent it well
and let our souls
go rogue
just romp
and roam,

only to find
there's no place


(89 words)

Follow the Comet

Faint globe greenish
in Ursa gifts
icy gas ball

that's come calling
rare comet gleams
Atlas charts path

straight through northern
spring starry sky
Taurus in May

as it hurtles
hard towards sun
happy nerds hedge

their bets hoping
no twilight takes
away the view.

- Lelawattee Manoo-Rahming

(51 words)
Michelle Hed

Follow the Breadcrumbs

Nuggets of information
foraged from the forest floor,
leads to the glimmering light
of the morning rays
shining on the sleeping curls
of the child lost in the woods.

(32 words)

Follow the Scent/Smell - April 3, 2020

It pulled me up the hill
school bag across chest
a bandaid holding
wounds together
uneaten peeled orange
in lunch tin.

I picked up the scent
earlier than usual.
Ordinary school day turned
duel between girls.
Blouse ripped,
skirt torn.

I knew this stretch
of the road
with closed eyes and more.
I got there on time
at 3:15p.m. following the scent-
tomato paste, thyme,
onions and sweet pepper-
my mother's pot of peas and rice.

(83 words)
Janet Kay Gallagher

Day 3
3 April 2020
Janet Kay Gallagher

People try to make us do what they want
We are to color inside the lines
Follow the rules
Be good, don't fuss

We do as we are told
Sometimes a giggle escapes
In an inappropriate place
Someone has a frown on their face

We've learned the lessons
Our imagination climbs to the clouds
And says I want to be free to be me
Follow your heart

(78 words)

Follow at a Distance

Follow at a distance,
Don't tailgate.
Keep your face out of my rear view mirror.
Never awaken the road rage monster
that sleeps within me.

Let my finger gesture this warning:
Follow at a distance,
Mind the gap.
Don't push me over the limit.
Relax, enjoy the drive.

Opportunity to pass me by
may appear just around the bend;
unknown, a state trooper lies in wait.
Best to follow at a safe distance.
Destinations arrive in good time.

Lorraine Carmanna

(84 words)

Too true of too many of us!

(7 words)

ha! you and I had similar themes.

(7 words)
Alphabet Architect


It is a bold command.
No less do I demand
From curious crowds that formed
Drawn by wonders performed.
Who do you say I am?
One sent from God's own hand?
Come. Follow me. Take the risk.
Even my chosen will wince
In the end.

To follow is to love
Me more than family;
Me more than all your wealth;
Me even more than self.
To follow means a cross
Borne daily at great cost.
From what must you walk away?
From all that's in the way
Of the cross.

What will there be to gain?
Peace, when you're feeling pain;
Grace for your suffering;
Joy in this offering;
My Spirit filling you;
Heaven when this life is through;
And blessings on this earth
Eternal in their worth.
Follow me.

(132 words)

Follow Wisdom
(Interlocking rubaiyat)

I'll follow wisdom when I can
Of wisdom's pathways, I'm a fan
But often I'm not even close
Yet, I go forward with a plan

Of wisdom I need extra dose
My dumb mistakes seem more than most
But I can learn from my mistakes
I try to stay on tippy toes

I see a chasm, put on breaks
Some caution is what wisdom takes
God's wisdom offers hope and light
Foolishness brings pains and aches

God's generosity is high
For wisdom to the Lord I cry
I know my God has great supply
I know my God has great supply

(105 words)
Cam Yee

Clever title and concept carried well throughout the poem. Enjoyed the rhyme which felt very natural, never reached for. I'm a fan if Clem (and Clem's mom).

(27 words)
Sheryl Deel


A world pandemic, Covid - 19 Virus
has painted a picture
of darkness, doom and gloom.
Afraid of catching this virus,
people have panicked to extreme,
stockpiling basic necessities in greed.
Everyone tries to find a normal
in a world filled with fear,
searching for answers, hope, a means to an end.
Some have disregarded the warnings,
scoffing and laughing at the thought,
while others armor up excessively.
The death toll continues to rise
as we seek shelter from this storm,
but there is no end in sight.
Most are keeping distance.
No more handshakes or hugs.
Personal contact, now limited to our homes.
Stay home orders have been executed
but some don't care at all;
putting everyone at risk with careless action.
We should change our ways;
adapt to this moment in time;
exchange our spoiled lifestyle for one of thanks.
Let us see the positive effects
that this virus has bestowed
and exchange the darkness for the light.
Many seem to have an endless supply of time
to share with their family,
time we have all been longing for.
Imagine an extensive break
from work related stress;
replaced by relaxation with a game, craft or book.
Let's be thankful for food, water, electricity,
fresh air, flowers, sunshine
and night stars that twinkle bright.
It's human nature to be concerned.
Let it not steal your joy.
Live for today, tomorrow was never promised.
Perhaps you'll dust off your Bible,
read some verses to quiet your soul,
kneel as you pray to the One who's in control.
Hide not in fear in your dwelling place.
Come outside, find comfort and peace.
You need only to look up and follow the Light.

(284 words)


Bouncing off the limestone bluff
Meadow Lark's song repeats in delayed harmony
Woodpecker's drumming creates a syncopated beat
Children's whoops and hollers add improvisation
to the unwritten score
Even with no true source
the circling hawk still searches
takes another pass
encompassed by his screeching chorus.

(49 words)

Follow the flow
Of this
New corona roll
Out of bed
Into slow
No go
What's at home
That old task
At last
No excuse
So loose
Or tight
Some fright
For some
Not fun
Stay alive
Flow and thrive
Despite the drudge
Release a grudge
Find your way
At home, today.

(53 words)

Follow the Directions

On the label
for use
in case of emergency
from your flight attendant
on the map
of the manual
at the destination
in your heart.

~ pcm

(33 words)

follow the story

lemmings are a lie
they never ran off cliff sides
one after the other after the other
a carefully crafted illusion - for entertainment value

now the illusions are grander
and the cliff steeper
and even though the lemmings never jumped
we do
and we're falling
one after the other after the other

(56 words)

Follow the Compassion

Portia called it mercy
a quality of God
flowing like rain from above
blessing both
giver and receiver

Not the money
Like those gouging, padding,
taking from the weak
or worse
those working to help the desperate

(40 words)
Robert Lee Brewer

"Follow the Followers"

In the beginning, it was so easy
to know where to go, because I was told
what to do and when. Sit here, raise your hand
to speak, and say "here" when your name is called.

We'd play Follow the Leader and Simon
Says-all hoping to fit in better than
anyone and win. But then, the world starts
to change one small decision at a time

until I'm the one with kids looking up
for directions. Simon says stand on one
leg. Simon says touch your head. Simon says wash
your hands. Simon says stay away from your

neighbors. Sound your barbaric yawp! I don't
know the rules anymore and feel like I'm
following a light only I can see:
Should I follow the others or my gut?

(131 words)

Follow The Light

You go ahead of me, leading the way
I follow the light as the night turns into day
My foundation is solid not sand
The storm is strong but my house will stand
To live is simple in this I abide
The road is narrow, which very few find
Ask, seek, knock, the door is opened
never locked
Clean up my stains before I complain on your spots
No worrying about necessities, faith and trust is key
Love my neighbor as myself
Put you before anything else
If they ask me to go a mile with them, you say go with them two
If my heart is pure I know I'll see you
You go ahead of me, leading the way
I follow the light as the night turns into day


(136 words)

Follow Your God-Given Dreams

Follow your God given dreams
Don't look to the right or the left
But all is not what it seems
Follow your God-given dreams
Love and truth are like streams
Hate and lies leave you bereft
Follow your God-given dreams
Don't look to the right or the left

(53 words)

Follow the Blossoms
by Beth Weaver-Kreider

Step, Golden Child, onto the pathway:
follow the blossoms strewn on the pebbles.
Pink-flowering trees and golden-bloomed bushes
line the trail that calls you to wander.

Follow the blossoms wherever they lead you.
Heed only the call of aroma and color
as your feet take the rocky trail into the wild-lands,
away from the village, away from the hearth-fires.

The stories will tell of your innocent spirit,
naive, how you trusted the universe,
never believing that anything
out in the wildwood could harm you.

But you, like the Fool, have kept your eyes open.
You know of the risks, you know of the shadows,
but something else calls you to step beyond boundaries
out to the wildwood, where dangers await you.

Ahead of you, waiting around every bend in the pathway,
are challengers, riddles and questions to answer,
witches to work for and riders to follow.
Now you will have come to the edge of your trial.

Step, Golden Child, into the clearing.
Now you are nearing the challenge you came for.
This is the moment you've trained your whole life for,
to follow the blossoms to where they may lead you.

(198 words)

Following Me

Some conferees that I crossed,
They must have thought me a boss.
Behind me, O dread!
I turned and I said,
"Do not follow me, I am lost!"

(30 words)

Follow Me, Follow You.

Follow Me, Follow You.
Through the door.
Follow Me, Follow You.
On the front room floor.
Follow Me, Follow You.
Through the House.
Follow Me, Follow You.
Running from the mouse.
Follow Me, Follow You.
Up the thirteen steps.
Follow Me, Follow You.
Kissing each other's lips.
Follow Me, Follow You.
Heading straight for the bed.
Follow Me, Follow You.
Kissing each other's bald head.
Follow Me, Follow You.
Having sex with each other.
Follow Me, Follow You.
What a fantastic gay lover.

(87 words)

October 1969

Follow, follow, follow, follow,
follow the yellow brick road
we sang as we skipped along.
October's golden carpet
spread out before us.
Again and again we tried
to match the steps
of Dorothy and the Scarecrow.
Follow the beat, she said.
Follow my lead, she said.
Again and again our legs
tangled. No matter.
Laughter and song and
October's golden carpet
carried us home.

(66 words)
Crystal Amaya

Follow Life on the River.
By Crystal Amaya

When springtime arrives, the bear cub steps out for the first time.
Getting a chance to open his eyes and see the tranquil river close by.
Blind by his curiosity, he walks to the her and is taken afloat.
She directs him to the journey that shows what is life.

Follow life on the river.

She leads him down the river to see the Northern Pikes.
They witness the spawning of eggs that will hatch in no time.
Naive to the fish's life, he wonders why they leave without her kin.
The river senses his unease and comforts him while he is distraught.

Follow life on the river.

She steers to a dam, a home built by beavers' tails and hands.
Layers of sticks and mud, hugging over their precious life.
Unaware of the beaver's way of live, he tries to understand why.
The river senses his confusion and leads him to see the predators that await on land.

Now you know life on the river.

(174 words)
J.lynn Sheridan

Maybe I could follow the directions this time. [?]

Follow the Whispers

There, a little too close, a golden-hearted fevered mom
--a Lindsey/Nora/Penny/Willa/Mia--
whispers a wish provoking a clumsy prayer
for the child at her side, face scrawled in tears and smudge,
wailing inside a spiral of gloom, dragging along an innocent
ache for a friend's hand to hold.

(59 words)
J.lynn Sheridan

The Corona Whirlpool

There, a little too close, a golden-hearted fevered mom
--a Lindsey/Nora/Penny/Willa/Mia--
whispers a wish provoking a clumsy prayer
for the child at her side, face scrawled in tears and smudge,
dragging along an innocent ache for a friend's hand.

(42 words)

Who is not afraid
to die,
to follow the light
leading us
away from this world?

Even if life is a struggle
and sometimes I can't breathe,
I want to finish the puzzle
and have all the love I can bring.

Here's to the prospect
of continuing to dream.

(49 words)

follow your dreams

follow your dreams
they may some day
come true

they did for me
I dream of meeting
the love of my life
who became my wife

for eight years
she haunted my dreams
then one day
she walked off a bus

out of my dreams
and into my life
becoming my wife

based on true story see my blog entry the world according to cosmos (https://theworldaccordingtocosmos.com) for details or see "dreams and the Unexplainable" published in 2016 by the Chicken Soup for the Soul publishers

(88 words)
Dennis LeMahieu

Every night you take off
Into your dark World
Fifty dollars
In your Bra
. My donation
You say u needed
a Doctor's Prescription
I've never followed you
.Just funded you
Me the fool

(38 words)
Sara McNulty

Follow A Parolee?

come one,
taunts his old friend.
For once, take a chance,
put it in your pocket.
Fearful friend scoops up a watch.
The two stroll slowly toward the door.
Alarm goes off, guard grabs feckless friend.
Parolee pulls out gun, is shot by guard.

(49 words)
Linda Rhinehart Neas


Was it so long ago, that time when we sat -
sun to face, wind to hair -
laughing as the children rain screaming
in circles across the beach,
eager to be the first one in the waves -
the first merperson to shed their earth boundedness?

When did I become that version of you?

How is it that suddenly, I am the familial Matron,
to whom those same children -
now with babes of their own -
come to in times like this?
Times of crisis and fear.
Times when even a walk on the beach
is forbidden, let alone a gathering
of those I love the most.

Will I be as wise as you?

Your wisdom hid from me during those early years.
But, today, as I step carefully into your shoes -
the ones that left prints on the hearts of so many -
I realize you were wise beyond your time.

Still unsure of how to go, I think -
What would Momma do?

Then, with a knowing that comes from deep within,
I follow proudly in your footsteps,
knowing as I move forward,
you are a part of me.
I will not fail.

(202 words)

Following Breadcrumbs

Bits and pieces, scattered,
left behind. Some names, dates,
like a trail of breadcrumbs
beckoning me to follow them
into the past. A yellowed photo
fallen from a forgotten album -
a girl with my eyes, living in
another age, I wonder if she
knows that I have her name?

(52 words)
Sara McNulty

A beauty!

(2 words)
Sara McNulty

I hear a song, with a beautiful refrain.

(8 words)

a very fun and honoring poem!

(6 words)
Sara McNulty

Perfect description of the Man!

(5 words)

I thought my life was churning fast
with each day the same as the last.
Now, I watch the clock stuck at midnight;
It won't move forward
not without a fight.

Today, my life is on hold and
I'm left out in the cold.
I used to follow the clock's hands
wanting more time, but
now, still, it stands.

(59 words)

G. Smith
Follow Me,
Just two words,
Follow Me;
By the Sea,
Of Galilee,
Two small words,
Follow Me.

He met His disciples where they were.
Mending nets or in a tree,
And called them each by name with,
"Follow Me."

Follow Me,
Just two words,
Follow Me;
By the Sea,
Of Galilee,
Two small words,
Follow Me.

He met the woman at the well,
As she was drawing water,
And told her all about herself,
Though she was Jacob's daughter.

Follow Me,
Just two words,
Follow Me;
By the Sea,
Of Galilee,
Two small words,
Follow Me.

I know I've stumbled on my way,
But when I turned around,
I didn't have to look at all,
To see that I'd been found.

Follow Me,
Just two words,
Follow Me;
By the Sea,
Of Galilee,
Those two words:
Follow Me.
Follow Me;
Follow Me.

(147 words)

Follow Me

All I ask
is for you to
never forget -
follow me -
through the
rumble and

From one side
of the globe
to the other -
follow me -
across oceans
currents and

(38 words)
Bruce Niedt

Sorry to be a "Debbie Downer" today, but I need a few days to blow off this anxiety and depression I'm feeling from all this nonsense. I hope to write something more uplifthing as Ii work through this.
Today's NaPoWriMo prompt is to take a random list of about ten words, then run them through a rhyming dictionary app to get words that rhyme or nearly rhyme with them, and use this word bank as the basis for a poem. I went to my go-to for word banks, the Sunday Whirl blog, which gave me the following: trapped, stash, hand, land, maze, chatter, wreck, last, back, armed, crawl, saw. I used all of them, and some words from the rhyming app, for this:

Follow the Maze

Trapped in a shut-down land
where one hand washes the other -
in the basement, a toilet-paper stash.
TV chatter that after a while
doesn't even matter,
armed to the teeth with numbers, numbers -
and an amazingly bureaucratic wreck
that couldn't get out of a corn maze
with a chain saw, everything slowed
to a crawl. People need breathing room
and machines, and their jobs back,
and cash back, and no more fear
of inhaling someone else's bad air.
But the last buck just got passed back
to the one who had it first,
and someone who squirmed past me
may have just passed me their germ.

(234 words)

I Want to Follow a Hawk

I want to follow a hawk.
Not follow like on the internet,
although that's cool.
You can watch a hawks' nest through a webcam
and see their hatchling --
two eyes on a ball of fluff --
and the Mom and Dad hawks.
They lower their rapier beaks
to tenderly touch the head of their chick.

No, I mean follow a hawk before parenthood.
When she's single. Or in a relationship, but not yet
I mean, before the eggs.
Before the nest.
Before the tree In a great location next to the river
where the hunting is good with lots of mice and rabbits
and dead things on the highway.

I want to follow the hawk and soar.
I would sail in her slipstream and tilt
with the rising breeze, finding more sky
than I ever knew was there.

I want to follow the hawk
up to the thinnest clouds
I want to scream with the hawk
when the world blurs and the sun gets sharp.
I want to follow that hawk.

Then she tucks in her wings
and plummets.
Hurtling down with her predator's glare
fixed on her prey.
Silent now, she creases the sky,
her feathers like a skin of steel.

I want to follow that hawk.
Do I dare?

(220 words)
amy todd-paine

"Platform Building"

Crossing the wild borderlands between lawn and forest
natives plunge headfirst into feral forsythia,
ancient golden fortress entangling high into the darkened hemlocks.

Stacking rotten lumber plank by plank, maneuvering now
ceilings onto limber frames, reclaiming possibilities,
construction by jump ropes and imagination secured.

Waking clouds of dust at ground level,
cast-off winter coats clear the earthen stage
for the evening's impending performance.

Rehearsing lines for an audience of two,
actors smear ash on faces and limbs, concocting electrifying
stories of dangerous animals sure to delight.

The heralding red bird cries out from above,
and the forest leans in,
trembling in anticipation.

(104 words)

Follow My Words of Woe

Working and
Whistling away
Waiting and
What happened
When the
World stopped

Washing hands
Watching the news
Worried prayers
Wishing and
Writing away
When my
Work stopped

Wounded and
Wincing now
Weary and
Wasting away
While wrangling
With written
Words of woe

(c) chip conrad
April 2020

(56 words)

The old yellow dog
Runs in her sleep,
Following ghost rabbits
Deep into dreams.

(16 words)


I have tumbled into
the nightmare. Woke up

afraid and lost in a
landscape where vandals have

spray-painted the road signs
with the vocabulary of fear:

Wear a mask
Keep out

I search for a map
that has not yet been made

try to fashion a compass
from fever and dry cough

reach for a guiding hand
that is forbidden to touch mine

listen to the distant drumbeat
follow it slowly, slowly

circling ever so slowly,
back home to my heart

where I shelter in place
shelter in place.

(91 words)

Follow Through

I will do the dishes;
Oh, but I wanted to
Check this online.
COMPLETION. Where was I?
I will fold clothes;
Oh, but I'm working
On a project.
Wait, Facebook had
That one thing,
Here's another, and another.
COMPLETING. What's left?
I have finished
Nothing, and now
My time is gone!

(68 words)

G. Smith (BMI)
Gathering 'round the table,
Shuffling the deck,
Dealing 'em our to everyone,
Count 'em just to check.

Sort your cards,
Bid your hand;
Think it out,
Make your plan.
Follow suit,
Play what's laid,
Heart for heart,
Spade for spade.

Diamonds aren't forever,
Hearts are easily broken,
Aces and eights and red jacks,
Are curses best not spoken.

Sort your cards,
Bid your hand;
Think it out,
Make your plan.
Follow suit,
Play what's laid,
Heart for heart,
Spade for spade.

Bridge can be a challenge,
Canasta and bunco a chore,
Gin's a sin at my house,
We don't play it any more.

Sort your cards,
Bid your hand;
Think it out,
Make your plan.
Follow suit,
Play what's laid,
Heart for heart,
Spade for spade.
Heart for heart,
Spade for spade.

(138 words)

Sweet. I like "I want to finish the puzzle..." Perhaps we all do.

(13 words)

I love the image of the circling hawk still searching. Wonderful poem.

(12 words)
Rie Sheridan Rose

Absolutely lovely poem. Love the variable rhyme...

(7 words)

Wonderful poem with the perfect ending.

(6 words)

Follow Me Down

the rabbit hole to Mar-a-Lago.

Two. Five. Seven.
Paint the white roses red,
get rid of the windmills
or it's off with your head.

Two. Five. Seven.
The Orange King arrives with his PAC,
Sleepy Joe Rabbit is late
Alice wants to turn back.

Two. Five. Seven.
Greenland is not for sale,
the golf game is delayed
while The Orange King rants and yells.

Two. Five. Seven.
Alice chats with Obama the Cat,
Queen Ivanka is incandescent
and we can't have that.

Two. Five. Seven.
The Orange King yells, "Traitor!"
Alice is perplexed
The Orange King fires the waiter.

Two. Five. Seven.
It was a perfect call,
go get Duchess Pelosi
we'll have her take the fall.

Two. Five. Seven.
Poor Alice wants to leave,
this world is very scary
too much like reality TV.

(138 words)

v=My Tears followed My Sorrow

Loving and losing
Go hand in hand...
I knew saying goodbye
Would crush me
Like a boulder
Landing on me in deep water.
I would either struggle to get
Out from under it,
Or I drown.
Some days
I am drowning
Most days
I am struggling.
Lately I am drowning,
But I am not giving up.
I know there is a peace
That will heal my heart,
But that will not happen
For I am broken in my grief.
Doesn't mean
It will last forever, but
For now, my tears
Are falling,
For they follow my sorrow
In losing you after loving you.

Mary Elizabeth Todd
April 3, 2020

(114 words)

Follow Fellow Fallow Full

In the musical My Fair Lady
Henry Higgins is made to say
"The French don't care
what you do,
actually, as long as you
pronounce it properly."
In fiction,
magicians pair
sound and quite precisely posed
intention to open things that someone closed
for a reason. The rest
is always a quest
to find hat misbegotten sod
blessed or cursed by god
or gods with the mojo for reversal
without rehearsal.

(75 words)
P.A. Beyer

Just follow the script, please

Life is a play already written
Where we wait and wait for a second audition
Never aware of the teeniest of facts
That the reviews are always awful
And the director's been sacked
And the lights are a'blinding
And the props are all cracked
And the curtains are tattered
And the roses are black
And the only ovation's
From a hairy guy named Max
Yes, life is a play already written
It's just not worth the price of admission
But you'll never get your money back

(91 words)


Pink glitter covers her smiling face
Her mind is in Outerspace
But no fool is she
She can make one dollar into three
Her charisma will spellbind
Her voice can lead the trusting bind
down the rabbit hole wishing well
that will certainly lead to a living hell
Her true friends will follow her to the ends of the earth
They will regrettably watch her death unfold
but will soon witness her rebirth
because the magic in her soul can never be controlled
because the magic in her soul can never be controlled

(99 words)

Maia Madden

Follow No One

When no one is your dictator
You can be wise and free
To learn the lessons offered
Not follow some decree
Unless it's for protection
Not a leader's vain direction

Learn to ask, learn to question

You will lose the gut reaction
If you follow what you're told
You will fail to hear the message
That the heart sends to the bold
Who will listen and will hear
The difference between truth and fear

Learn to ask, learn to question

And never bow to evil
And never be so blind
As to forget man's highest calling
To forgive and to be kind
Follow no one, be your leader
Do what's right, not what is easier

(120 words)
Linda Voit

Follow With Care

There are leaders who should not be
followed, who demonize different, equate
violence with strength and compassion
with weakness, attack dissent and truth
and science, criminalize those who seek help
and suggest you are better off drinking
the Kool-Aid.

Linda Voit

(44 words)

Follow Me Not

Follow me not
because I seemed wise
or because I courageously
faced my demise;

follow me not
because you were mine
though we parted too soon to compose
our last line;

follow me not
with words in your hands
rhythms bound in your breast by two bright
golden bands;

follow me not.
Because poems die
in otherworld strangeness where I
go to lie.

(c) 2020, Damon Dean

(70 words)


I follow the sound
of my voice
like cracks
in the sidewalk
making that sound
only the buried should hear

My ears below water
deafened by muted fugues
of voices I can't seem
to cover up

I take hold of hushed
tones and pedal points
and weave them through
the pile of lacing cards
hiding beneath the bed
choking on dust

I close my eyes and
wish it away in the
orange and brown
afghan that reeks
of mothballs and
burns like poison
oak on my tears

Shattered glass
on the no-wax
vinyl floor--
a caesura
in the song

A breeze
blows through
my Holly Hobbie

I wait
holding my breath
counting the rows
of green in the rug
until the pattern swirls
and changes

until the thunder stops
until it is safe to come out
until we can sit at the table

and hold hands
and say grace
and eat my chocolate cake

(158 words)
Alaska Christina

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

It twists and winds
This journey from here to there
And all the places in between

Like the daffodils that bloom in spring
A promise of the seasons to come

Like the facade of the Brooklyn brownstones
A hint of the sturdy foundation below

Like the asphalt gravel dirt road laid out wide ahead
A way to race, shimmy or dawdle ahead

It twists and winds
This journey from here to there
And all the places in between

(86 words)

She Said Follow Me to the River...

She was standing there
On the side of the road...
She had a sign that said,
"Follow Me, follow me
To the river. Won't ya just try."

She came from out of town.
Some said it was Alabama
Others said Ohio, but
No one really knew.

Each day she stood there
Waiting by the side of the road.
That sign never changed,
"Follow Me, follow me
To the river. Won't ya just try."

She was a pretty thing,
But her eyes were strange.
Some said she was crazy;
Others said she was a witch.

She stood there waiting
Holding up her sign
That never changed,
"Follow Me, follow me
To the river. Won't ya just try."
One day a man stopped
And she was found
Laying cold by the river.
Some said the man killed her;
Others said she was crazy
And took her own life.

No one ever really knew.
They just knew
Someone followed her
To the River, and
She didn't come back.

Mary Elizabeth Todd
April 3, 2020

(178 words)

I'm partial to cornfields, and I laughed [?]

(8 words)

Nice rhythm

(2 words)

This is a wonderful read.

(5 words)
Brian Slusher


And opinions expressed in this poem
Are those of the Muse and do not
Necessarily reflect the official policy
Or position of any known Universe.

Inventions and imagery performed
Within this poem are only flights of fancy.
They should not be utilized in real-world
Analytic products as they are based

Only on very limited and dated open-
Source inspiration. Assumptions made
Within the poem are not reflective
Of the position of any omnipotent entity.

(77 words)

Follow the Markers

Each path is marked, the wood signs
weathered, salt eaten, tilting against the tides.
We paddle silently beneath the mangroves
across oyster beds. I think of Indians, certain
of their place, knowing how to find their way,
two hundred years ago harvesting waters that now
struggle to support life. It's an ebb and flow,
a delicate ecology. Here, water shimmers so clear
I can see flounder, a small nurse shark, sea cucumber,
a rusted beer can. The paths are marked, but among
the mangroves distance lies to inexperienced eyes.
East becomes west, or north. Each mangrove knot
looks like the next. Snowy egrets flaunt their yellow feet
and tell me nothing. We'll find our way before dark. Fear
will send us further asea. For now, we sit bobbing
in the drift, wait for a sign to point us home.

(142 words)

Follow Blindly

As oh falls changing all clangor calls
Means the news be confused so befuddled
Oh does wonder grows wand curio
Closes eyes listens glistens now puddled
Needn't look the songbook screams and squalls
Ears enough not so tough blindly follow
Fall, oh, fall. Madly now. Furio

gpr crane

(50 words)
Anders Bylund

Follow the Instructions
Follow the instructions
When you're trying something new
Follow the instructions
If it's all the same to you
Follow the instructions
If you can, and if you want to
Follow the instructions
If you don't, your failures haunt you
Follow the instructions
When you want to do it better
Follow the instructions
In spirit, to the letter
Follow the instructions
Every day and every night

Follow the instructions
When you need to do it right.

(79 words)

Follow the Signpost

The vapid shell of loneliness
The ache of reminiscence
The screaming of the silence
The echoes of the dreams
The stains of mascara'ed tears
Running down my cheeks
Empty eyes
Looking back from the mirror;

Once I believed love was forever
I built (sand)castles in the air
Now crumbed to dust and blown away

Shards of shattered dreams
Pierce my soul
Rainbow dreams dissolve into sludge
Candles of hope melt into
Congealed shapeless mound of naught.
Flames of passion stabbed to death
With icicles of indifference.

Far away in the recesses of my mind
Struggling to survive, and thrive,
The niggling fear
Of turning that corner
And starting anew.

(112 words)

"Follow Me"

All around me I see
a clamor of colors and voices,
an inescapable rush of words and pictures,
crowds of people from the ding-bing-bling of my screen.

I hear the requests to
like me,
heart me,
agree with me,
play with me,

Follow me.

And I think back to a time
before screens
when it took a day to get a call back
and Mom never knew what I was doing.

But still there were the demands to
be liked,
have a crowd,
fit in,

and the teenaged ringleader told us to

Follow me.

Tonight the memories of years past push my screen to a drawer
and I pose a question to the quiet.

I hear a still voice,
a request to

take up your cross,

the unheard,
the unseen,
the unliked.

Follow Me.

(140 words)

Where is the Love? Follow the Joy.

Joy and love
Equal parts nice
Equal parts tough
Equal parts heavy
Equal parts light

In a world where darkness tends to dwell
Be light
In a world where heaviness breaks you down.
Be joy
In a world where the strength of the powerful overrules the strength of the weak and powerless
Show me how
To follow joy
To find the love

(69 words)


Given a statement I gravitate to its opposite
as if solving antonym puzzles or demonstrating a physical law
Pointed East, my heart goes West when told to follow

"He's the perfect man for you" is hard frost
to invisible shoots underfoot after a third date
Given a statement I gravitate to its opposite

Given: The easiest way from point A to B is a straight line. Explain.
I climb a mountain, circle a lake, drop in on C
as if I'm solving an antonym quiz or demonstrating a physical law

The world stretches out at my feet, my oyster, my stage
I withdraw into myself, closing the shell, closing the curtain
Pointed East, my heart goes West when told to follow.

(122 words)
Empress of All

I both saw it and could hear those raucous crows! Nice.

(11 words)
Empress of All

I was (and still am) always the shortest. Love, love, love that last line.

(14 words)
Empress of All

A tune has power - it acts as balm. Yes, sing that song!

(13 words)

A Follower's Folly

My soul is bent on argument with God
Whene'er I hold in heart redemption's plan
and grasp within my mind the wicked span,
the space across the chasm He did trod --
It seems a waste that justice spared the rod,
for, Lord, we earned our penalty, each man
in fire and flesh, to finish what began
in beauty -- took we hold and made it flawed.

So how now, Lord, did You ordain to break
our bonds of sin in flesh of Thine own Son
and rabble wash with blood of Holy One?
My miscreant mouth can't help buy cry, "So cruel!
Unfair to Him!" e'en as I reach to take
that lavish gift that rescued me from ruin.

(123 words)

Follow You

I choose to
Follow you
On each day

About you
Each new day

Hoping to
Hear from you
All the day

Only you
Each weekday

To love you
All my days

(36 words)


I am unfolding you carefully and smell oldness
I had no idea you existed as wrapped up as I
was with my GPS, and before that my digital
compass which followed my ancient compass.

But never have I ever used a map--an actual
paper, true rendering of the earth's surface;
a folded and hard-to-refold--map.
I admit I am breathless and fascinated

to observe your intricacies as I spread you
on the car seat beside me.
My little GPS map fitting on my iPhone
screen with its red marker to mark my locale

is definitely handy but not nearly as detailed
nor interesting as this thing I hold in my hand.
Never have I ever considered the number of lanes
and tiny man-made lakes near where I live.

Now--what was I looking for? Oh yes, my house.
Unlike my GPS, the paper map doesn't show
my exact address, but the street is good enough.
Never have I ever been so surprisingly impressed.

(167 words)
Linda Voit

Way to capture a good lesson from a classic!

(9 words)

Follow the Ancient Paths

I see many roads, but which should I choose?
At the crossroads, I ask for the right path,
the ancient way marked out on my behalf.
Many view its rules and become amused.

They refuse to follow this blessing way.
They want to go their own way, following
their nose to a wisdom of their choosing.
"Look, this way is wide and pleasant," they say.

The ancient path leads to rest for your souls.
It is overgrown, full of danger and strife.
but if you brave it, there's abundant life,
His presence, and your name in The Lamb's scrolls.

(103 words)
Robert Lee Brewer

"Follow the Followers"

In the beginning, it was so easy
to know where to go, because I was told
what to do and when. Sit here, raise your hand
to speak, and say "here" when your name is called.

We'd play Follow the Leader and Simon
Says-all hoping to fit in better than
anyone and win. But then, the world starts
to change one small decision at a time

until I'm the one with kids looking up
for directions. Simon says stand on one
leg. Simon says touch your head. Simon says wash
your hands. Simon says stay away from your

neighbors. Sound your barbaric yawp! I don't
know the rules anymore and feel like I'm
following a light only I can see:
Should I follow the others or my gut?

(131 words)
Linda Hatton

Can't Follow the Sense

He said, "Follow
the clues," but
I have no clue
what that means.
How can I see
through the slats
in that rickety
bridge to play
games, decode
riddles, & dig
through old slides
to figure
out names?
You hid them so well,
& now how in the hell-
o, am I to say goodbye?
Why do you want me
to figure out
who you were after
you've died?

(73 words)

Millennia of Moments

Sunrise bleeds freely into night now
and day into day,
spilling lifetimes onto the canvas
of our cosmic revolutions.
Each juncture stitched to another,
holding rotation's spin
as a twinkle in time, and I'm dizzy,
my sight is splintered.
He came and went and will again.
True in today's trappings,
true in the freedom we can't feel just yet.
Hush, don't despair.
But rest now, and birth a believing
of righteous, ready love.
Steady on and on, like a palm parade
and loud like "Hosanna!"
Save, Lord, come quickly and save.

(94 words)

great observations!

(2 words)

Follow Jesus

He is the way
echoing in your heart.

(10 words)


Follow the leader?
I don't think so.
I'll follow the facts of those in the know.

Follow the leader?
I won't even try.
He can't even tell the truth from a lie.

(c) 2020 Patricia McCarrol

(37 words)
julie e.

Follow Me Home

I keep dreaming
I'm heading home
Is it a certain house
a certain garden
or is it wherever
I am?
I keep dreaming
and I'm painting a
painting a room
bringing beauty
from worn and old
I'm hanging white curtains
that stir in the breeze
I sit in daylight
by the window
and smile...
Home is in the
work of my hands
and the beating of
my heart
so follow me
follow me

(78 words)


They jingle, jangle, jingle when I'm shod
And when I'm shut of my past, I don't
Need 'em any more
I wear them anyway. They remind me
I ought to recall the paths I trod that
Went nowhere. No matter how far I walked,
Nothin' came of the trip.

Sometimes I was awake enough to just
Walk away. Sometimes the path led to
A cliff and I sputtered whoa! Let's us turn
About and find us a new road. Some were
Seductive and others were dead ends.

From time to time I figured out how to
Diverge and sometimes I got just
Plain stuck in the dust. Or the mud. Whichever
You want to say, and had to shuck my boots and spurs
And get clean - start again the next day. God,
Even He rested on the seventh day.

And the next day might'a been better or worse,
But it was a change.

(c) M C Lauderdale

(161 words)
De Jackson

follow it down, add sugar

this poem
is drowning
in ade
just today's


(17 words)

Follow Your Heart

Follow your heart
For deep down in the heart
Is the music of your soul
The music that only you can hear
The music that leads the way
Uniquely crafted for you

Follow your heart
To gain insight into your being
Your truth.

(46 words)

April 3, 2020
Directions to My Version of Yoga "Happy Baby"

lay down flat on the bed
pull knees to chest and link arms underneath them
roll from side to side
smile as you do it or laugh out loud
do twenty rolls in all
at end reach hands between your legs and hold inside of each ankle
just like a happy baby 'till you topple to one side or the other

postscript: Thich Nhat Hanh says
"A smile is yoga of the mouth"

(84 words)

Follow me little stray
soon to be Trixie
Be my best friend.
If you follow me
I know you like me.

What's in it for you?
endless petting
a best pal
and witty conversation.
Follow me little Trixie.

(40 words)

April 3rd, 2020 Day 3 Challenge

Follow Not Your Heart

Follow not your heart
For logic may depart
If all will do their part
We'll capture cupid's dart

(28 words)
Robert Lee Brewer

"The Well"

Sometimes I wish I could erase an entire day
or year. Somehow I think I could do everything
better if I just had a magic reset button I could
carry around. And here we are miles apart

thinking the same thoughts in different ways.
How could I possibly wish away all the things
that went right to justify removing the should-
have-beens that constantly tug at the heart?

(70 words)
Khara House


As a child,
there was a corner of the world
I could touch.

Every night,
pressing dark cool skin
to the shimmering windowsill,
the space beyond awash in stars
and frosted breath, all the universe
collected in the yard
where howling
and hooting
and roosting things nest
beyond view.

There beyond
the cracked walls and creaking floors
I wandered,

standing still,
pouring out wish after wish like
paving stones arching
their way to celestial bodies that, too,
were mine.

All the while knowing

age would come,
and with it a death to dreams,
or so the stories wove against
my tapestry,

telling me
that one day I would look back,
aged skin afraid to touch
the pane, the glass that burns,
a warning that the world beyond
is too big to touch, too much for wishing,
all the wind-blown aspens whispering,

so much for dreams.

(146 words)

"Armchair Wishes"

Buried Alive!
The headline proclaimed.
He was still breathing,
He still ate his chips,
Drank sodas and beer,
Virtually lived
By watching TV
Reality shows
Of people doing strange things
That no one really does.
But it kept his mind off
What he really wanted to do
But was scared to.

(53 words)


Wishing is something that I love to do.
Wishing I was there, being closer to you.
Wishing that my car will simply stay together.
Wishing that I will never lose you forever.

Wishing that the sun would never go down.
Wishing that I was not scared of a clown.
Wishing everyone was full of love and hope.
Wishing that I didn't slip on the bath soap.

Wishing that this virus will stop and set us free.
Wishing you were here, like when I was three.
Wishing the dreams wouldn't become real.
Wishing that the nightmares didn't get a sequel.

Wishing us a healthy and safe remaining life.
Wishing that maybe one day you will be my wife.
Wishing everyone a happy and healthy weekend.
Wishing you all to stay safe, you are my friend.

(135 words)

Grant or take

To grant a wish or just take it
You look up at the night sky
Which star do you spy
Do they all have wish power
You say the crafted words
Into the universe they fly
Her hand is in your reach
Someone else takes her hand

(50 words)

Think First

Action is good,
it's how things get done.
No lives will be saved
if nobody throws a rope,
but I wish people
would think first.
How many times have I seen
a rope thrown to the drowning
when floatation devices
sat unused on a chair
sunning themselves
and drinking pear cocktails
or nobody thought to
pull the plug?
There was a drain in that pool
you stupid fool
but no, you threw
a f*****g rope
you unthinking dope.
It makes me so mad
I just lean back and mellow,
sip my Old Fashioned
and eat my bowl of Jello.

(101 words)

#Random Wishes#

Every night I make a 11:11 wish
that the poems I shall write tomorrow
won't turn repetitive,
won't smell like a stale food of yesterday,
won't bleed the blood of a menstruating woman
and won't make me laugh on my own self.

I have a small home,
a real home made up of blood and mass,
it is set up on the base of my body
and gives me chills every time.
It makes a wish to never be forgotten
for the people it made a place in its heart
who takes the power to brush away
its strength of memory.

It's 3 a.m. of a summer night,
the sky outside is clearer than anything,
deciding how to welcome the sun
to please it for a scorcher day than the previous one
and efforting to paint it with the best hues of love.
Here, I'm gorging out all my thoughts
spending a sleepless night on the wish
of getting my previous lover back.
I am longing for the warmest hug
which I never get from my recent one
as he dwells on the small talks
and leaves me on the alleys
of my previous one every time.
We never value the comfort
until it fades away
from our reach.

Let's take a pause.
a short pause.

I have again started writing the bullshit
which nobody pays a heed
and my wishes are getting scrapped again.
My 11:11 wishes finally dissolved,
and its evanescence makes a clear picture
of a full moon night,
an aggressive moon like me ready
like a newlywed bride to make a hard love
with his husband that apparently is the sun.

Wait. What?
Need a serious pause to think.

I feel like I'm crazy for love.
So crazy that nothing comes in my mind
rather than some stolen kisses,
uncontrolled touches,
unwilling desires and hardcore love.
My mind asks what would be the last word
Juliet said to Romeo?
Did she want a opened heart of him
or a little bit of his smile that stayed longer on her lips?
A long sigh! Nobody knows.

It's 4 a.m. of a summer night,
now I know the reason,
every bit of it.
My poems are repetitive
as they come out of a 11:11 wish,
not from the dictionary of love.
They stink like a stale food
as they come out of a 11:11 wish,
not from the freshness of love.
They bleed the blood of a menstruating woman,
as they come out of a 11:11 wish,
not from the positive facet of love
and of course they make a bad fun of me,
as they come out of a 11:11 wish,
not the comics of love.
Everything goes wrong with this 11:11 wish.
I wish to never wish on something
as a random person like me
dwells in the random thoughts
who writes the random poetries
influenced by a random stroke of love
to make a random good out of it.
I am the random poet,
prefers to flaunt her randomness
in front of the world.

~ (c)storytellersuchismita

(513 words)
Margot Suydam

Poem-a-day #4 is a response to prompts from Poetic Asides and NaPoWriMo (write a poem based on an image from a dream).

Wishful Dream

I have left
the front seat
open for you

stood up even
as your red-eyes

your cab shabby
night rocker
remains empty

ever since
the fireplace
went dim chimney

the final flight
of winter's waste

on you wishes
still I wait
for the evening

train, rained on
and benched
by all those lost

not the bygone
but leaves leftover
-- it's not about time.

(90 words)

If You Wish Upon a Horse

"If wishes would bide, beggars would ride...
If if's and and's were pots and pans, there'd surely be dishes to do." Scottish/English proverb

When wishful day delves extra deep
Beware of whose counsel you keep
Beware of conditions conjunction
To tools which no longer have function
This horse requires pasture good vet
Vaccines not invented as yet
Food wishes entail washing dishes
Hard work adds the zest to delicious

gpr crane

(77 words)

Wishy Washy

If ever a genie should say to me,
"I shall grant thee wishes three. Choose wisely!",
flight, perfect health, and immortality
my choices might be, maybe not, maybe.

(30 words)

A Wish

Wedding bells. Plans. Happiness.
Ultrasound and Doppler scans,
Why did she die?

Surprise party - eternity ring.
Glow, share, rejoice.
Why did she die?

Life, love and laughter.
Hopes, wishes, dreams.
Why did she die?

Pink booties, scented candles, musical mobile.
Heirloom eiderdown,
Lace curtains,
Nursery furniture.
Why did she die?

Drab days
Vacant stare
Empty cot
Meaningless existence
Endless days -
Infinite emptiness.

Why did she die,
A wish, unfulfilled,
Never to be born?

(77 words)
Joseph Hesch

I Wish I Knew

I've hidden them beneath the socks,
in drawers and the back of my closet.
Like those secrets you can't tell
when you blow out birthday candles,
or when a star bails out of the heavens.
They've shown up fully-grown and so real
they wake me in dreams, their cousins
from the aspiration side of the family.
Why do I keep them so long they've
become lost in every dark right angle
of my bedroom? So long they've become
rusty, moldy, fuzzy, mistaken for
lusts, desires, fancies, yearnings,
vicious fishes, delicious dishes,
but no longer my as yet unanswered,
long-desired, might-as-well-be-expired
I-want-this-so-bad-it-makes-me-tired things?
I wish I knew...
And now I have another one.

(116 words)
Modern Day Magi

Wish for a better place

I want to live in a better place
A place where I'm wanted
A place where I can handle what comes my way
A place where people know me
A place where I get to know others
A place where I can talk
A place where I listen intently
A place of brotherhood
A place of generosity
A place where offenses are few
A place with principled leaders
A place with new things to learn
A place like here
Just a few changes necessary

(89 words)


We understand
with the dandelion

that the way to make a wish
is to be sincere
to focus
to gather your intention
and then blow the whole damn thing apart

so that all parts
- light, gentle, designed for journey

can float and lift and drift
in a breeze

random and tender

just on their way now

some catching light

will grow into another weed
radiating like a little sun
for a time
then aging into another

- gathered puff of hope.

(84 words)

W e the people are
I n love. The
S tatus Quo
H as gone

(15 words)

Go Ahead, Wish For It All

A wish may make my heart ache
as I covet my neighbor's greener grass
crave French chocolate rolls for breakfast
bring desire to levels I can barely live with
so best I just hanker for my everyday blessings
fancy what's right here before me
hunger for a plain fresh-baked biscuit
pine for nothing beyond my reach
thirst for hot coffee and iced tea
yearn for my earthly possessions
sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh

(79 words)
Tom Hayes


Those many years ago
the fairies flew away.
The genie's bottled up
or that is what they say.
I wonder if my wish
went wandering unheard,
for I've never seen the outcome
that would have been preferred .
Did the Wishing star lose its power?
Has the wishing well gone dry ?
I've never seen a good result
and often wondered why.
So much for those wishbones
that I broke in two
and all those Birthday candles
upon which I blew.
I've only had one single wish
across these many years,
and yet I am still waiting
and watching through my tears.
My single wish for Peace
has gone unanswered.
If all the wishing tools don't work,
It may be time to pray.
For peace
Just peace.

(130 words)


(1 words)
Sheryl Deel

like this!

(2 words)

thank you. originally inspired by my young sons battle with Type 1 Diabetes...but it fit the theme so I decided to share it here. it's the first time I've let this one see the light of day.

(37 words)
Nancy Posey

Three Wishes

Certain I'd squander wishes
granted by a genie or fairy godmother,
I squabbled over the fine print.
Could I, perhaps, make a wish
for more wishes,
keeping back a few
like insurance
or folding money hidden
in my sock?

Older now, I see that wishes
come with no rules,
no guarantees.
The limit of three
was there all along
to help me consider my true desires.

How funny, too, that love--
like wishes--
comes with no limits,
no guarantees,
only the wisdom
learned on the other side
that I can't use it up.
The more I love,
the more I am able to love.

And that, I know now,
was my wish all along.

(116 words)

Wishing Well
By Evan Sachs

I wish I knew what to write
Or whether I should even bother
But somehow, it dont seem right
To toss a coin into the water

Coin tosses are 50/50
So try to wish for things as likely to be fulfilled as not
Or try granting your own wish by being the change you want to be
Saves on quarters

I wish for an end to social distance space
Or perhaps a redefinition of term
Social distance should mean the distance of an embrace
Not arms length, in so many words

(96 words)

wow that is excellent - thank you for sharing!!

(9 words)

Reflections on the St. Stephen's College Massacre

In a corner of the old church yard,
next to that tombstone that's
drifting deep into damp peat,
there's a small plaque beside
the Yew tree remembering
a child killed in Hong Kong
on Christmas Day 1941.

I wish him God's speed and peace.

(51 words)

coins become wishes
rattling in our pockets
thrown into deep wells
can't hear the dreams echo
when they reach bottom

(20 words)

a birthday cake
with no candles
I wish for more years

(11 words)
Nancy Posey

Don't you wish

Don't you wish you'd noticed

without the reminder, the interruption
of what you thought was normal life,
that about this time every year

the daffodils planted long before
you moved in, the hyacinths sprung
from bulbs you placed by the mailbox,
the rosebush from the cutting
in your great grandmother's yard
even the asparagus hiding
in a corner of the flower bed

Don't you wish you'd noticed

how they return with a faithfulness,
an abundance, a kind of multiplication
bringing to life the mathematics
worksheet bearing the marks
of repeated erasure
of self-doubt and disbelief

Don't you wish you'd noticed

the pink bow on the mailbox
around the corner, could it be
six years ago? Now a bicycle
with training wheels, a dad
running behind holding the seat.

Is it too late now to ask her name?

(140 words)

Sit By

I wish to sit by a slow-moving stream
and not have to worry 'bout saying a thing,
and know that You love me no matter what I've done.

Whispered words of wisdom directly from the One
spoken to my ears effervescently.
I'm thankful that You came 'round to sit by me.

(c) Chip Conrad
March 2020

(58 words)

Dating App

I wish you had swiped right
But it was not to be
And someone out there
As I speak
Is wishing that of me.

(26 words)

Tangled Wishes

I'm working a cerise hibiscus
into flour sack toweling
broad pink petals
green leaves, ridges, veins

double strands stay straight
but thoughts tangle
a hundred skeins from the past
replete with knots and snags

replays of past missteps
the endless bipolar loop
that traps anxiety and fear
that I wish I was not part of

but actual thread snarls
demanding refocus
to tease a knot almost
invisible back into line

the break leaving gaps
so that memory's cycle's broken
miles of ranchland unfurling
on the network's cooking show

I move then to drive northward
to mail cards and letters
bearing greetings that transcend
this quarantine, ponder love

its multiple strands frequent
tangles endless stitches in
strange fabrics quilts towels
bibs runners all holding

thousands of ins and outs
needle thread knot repeat
the onward of this bipolar knowing
there's smooth on the other side.

(146 words)
Crystal Amaya

A Letter to My Future Lover
by Crystal Amaya

You and I have not met quite yet,
but I write to you to show you my adoration.
I wish for your deep affection,
For you already have earned mine.
You'll be everything I ever dream for.
So pure!
So divine!
I've been longing for such a feeling.
So blissful!
So magnificent!
We'll build upon our sacred union.
Very powerful that it is untouchable.
So, when the moment you come to bless my life,
I hope that everything will be alright.

(90 words)

a Wish

a wish
a fish that considers your bait

a wish
a swish of emotional wait

a wish
a dish seeking hungers to sate

a wish
a cruel squish of reality and fate

a Wish
a hope cast aloud, as a prayer
to a Listener out there
known to love,
known to care.

(c) 2020, Damon Dean

(58 words)
Tom Hayes


writing notes
on paper slips
in paper boats
floating out to sea
will they find their fate
or become
empty wishes
blown across the water

(27 words)
Robert Lee Brewer

"The Well"

Sometimes I wish I could erase an entire day
or year. Somehow I think I could do everything
better if I just had a magic reset button I could
carry around. And here we are miles apart

thinking the same thoughts in different ways.
How could I possibly wish away all the things
that went right to justify removing the should-
have-beens that constantly tug at the heart?

(70 words)
taylor graham


What I wish is Arts and Nature Fest - Earth Day on the Divide. Cancelled along with all our other poetry events. I'll miss filing down to ponds in the Nature Area, sitting on wooden benches in midst of fresh spring green. Our open circle, a dozen friends taking turns reading poems; Gail on her recorder and Patti on her native drums. Remember the time Leslie sang a song of her own making, and someone's Shepherd dog cocked his receptor ears, eyes rapt in music; and a grasshopper landed on her sleeve, and stayed - did it wish to learn her song? Cedar bark houses in the meadow, and spirit of Coppa Hembo, peacemaker.

old chief nods to our
circle of poems, laughter,
April green sunshine

(130 words)

whew loved every visceral word of this

(7 words)
Brandi Noelle

Beautifully captured! Nicely done!

(4 words)

Wow. Grabbed me and kept me held.

(7 words)
Joseph Harker


Time, come loose-- let the past
spread out in mosaic. If I could
pick and choose, and only take
memories of friends and little wonders,
flashing peacock greens and blues--
just for a few moments. Just the scenes
that made life worth living. I know
how fleeting the present tense
can be-- in spite of that, I plead
for the power to draw it out now,
and then. Let these words be my device.
Let me unearth an hour to unblur--
lift it like a shield against the days,
as if I were blessed (and not a coward).

(101 words)
Daniel Paicopulos

Today is the grand natal day of the fabulous photographer-poet-philosopher, Hannah, so...

Hannah's Natal Day

My fire sign sister has
created a stir,
as today is her birthday,
passing by in a blur,
with friends sending wishes
from necessarily afar,
all saying the same thing,
how delightful you are.
I know this is the start of
a gorgeous next year,
as deep in our hearts,
we hold you so dear.

(70 words)

You are the spark
in the dark.
The only one
left to hold on.

You are worth more
than all the stuff
sold for gold -
You are my core.

Outside my window
waiting under the willow.
Inside my head
you dwell unsaid.

Patience I ask
of you today
as my soul is weary
from wearing this mask.

You are the spark
in the dark
The only one
I can hold on.

(72 words)

Orion's Wish

Beneath me
The globe has fallen silent
Desperate cries carry on a
desolate breeze
Our Milky Way shakes

I fling my belt
A string of tears
aching to comfort you
in fresh breath of air

The clouds have parted in
lazy surrender
heavy with disease
leaving scars thick
with the remnants
of how gorgeous you were
when you soared

When this is over I ask
Will you be kinder to Mother Earth?

(74 words)

well said!

(2 words)

There you go!

(3 words)

This Lamp Needs Polishing

Somewhere on a dusty shelf
in a second hand shop
sits a brass oil lamp
with a genie inside who
prays someone will
polish the tarnish and
unleash his powers
to grant wishes
that could change the world.

Lorraine Caramanna

(44 words)

A Barred Full Moon

You ask for so little-
a morsel of joy
a crumb of love
as you stand behind bars
in your dark cell, looking up
at a slivered moon

even the moon is never whole
on full-moon nights-
you draw images
cut out of imagination, always

all you wish for is denied
though your wishes are small
nuggets, as small as a smile
from the warden, perhaps,
or another cell mate.

(c) Neetu

(77 words)

Wish Poem - April 4

I never took it seriously,
a chicken bone wish.
My brother and I tightened
our fists around one half
each, more or less,
of brittle bone.
Looking up at the sky

Closing our eyes we knew
wild and willful wishes
were not prayed for,
not a part of our child's day.
Where was the fun
in a weightless wish
and the broken bone?!

(68 words)
Jason L. Martin

Waking in Tears

Insomnia cowers, conniving dreams
askew with treacherous telegrams,
transporting messages from beyond,
deconstructing circadian rhythms.

Interrogating me, you ask me now,
compellingly, "Did you murder me?"

Admitting nothing, yet the guilt I vow
while standing at this pulpit miserably,
you enforced the principles of truth,
and my visage hardly took a sleuth.

Suspecting you and I forever adjoined
in love and blood, I woke to disconnect,
distinguish me from you. Unbound to find
myself, remorsefully, my mother wrecked.

(81 words)

Down to the last avocado

If only I'd known
I would have planned better
had my hair cut, taken that walk,
had lunch with Shanna,
gone to Seattle.

If I'd only known
I would have worn the new sweater,
swam in the Rec Center pool,
given granddaughters the jewelry
I'd saved.

But, if wishes were horses
even beggars would ride.

(60 words)

The Wish of Stones

They were carved
With meticulous precision
To fit together to build
A wall so solid
That they seemed as one stone.
Each stone depending on each other
To carry the load, and to build
Seamless beauty
Perfection that is ignored
For it seemed ordinary
Expected and functional
And strong in the strength
Of the others.

We are each stones in a wall.
We each have our place
We are only as strong
As our weakest stone.

We have fallen in a jumble.
We are disorganized
And selfish.
We have lost our belief
In each other.
We have thought
Only of ourselves
And forgotten others.

The stones in the wall
Built beautifully
Leaning on each other
Wish that we could see
What they know
We are strong
In unity and helping
Those weak to be strong
It is not in tossing out
Those that seem useless, but
In making them useful
Does a wall of stone
Become meticulous perfection.

Mary Elizabeth Todd
April 4, 2020

(168 words)
Mariya Koleva

A child wishes happiness for her birthday
in the form of toys and many presents,
hugging her parents and kissing
her dolls and teddy bears
with innocent gratitude,
singing with her new toys
the happy tune of
love and a wish
that came true
all her
believing in
the joyful magic
that touches the eyebrow
of all innocent children
who, with simple and open hearts,
wish for a world full of happiness
abundant with many toys expecting
to be your faithful lifelong smiling friends.

(90 words)


I wonder why they write 'once'
in 'Once upon a time?'
What harm could 'twice' or 'thrice' do?
Would that be a crime?

A story unfolds everyday.
Everyone plays their part.
Some dreams are muted by the mind,
some wishes stay hidden in heart.

Can the lines on our palms foretell,
what fortune or failure awaits us?
Don't we wonder what Time has in store-
something good or ruthlessly malicious.

Reality may be too bitter to accept.
Fairy tales may be just gibberish.
Yet hoping is human nature,
a shooting star still carries a wish!

(96 words)
Cynthia Wooten


weightless things
Unless you give them teeth.
Buttress them with action.
windblown like dandelion fluff
sailing on a stiff breeze.
Nothing comes of them
unless they land,
and watered
take root.
Be careful what
you wish for,
they say.
But wishes don't
propagate results.
It takes doing
to turn them real.
So, idle dreamer,
you have no worries.
But you there,
you bold ones,
now you're another story.

(72 words)

*Advice From a Fairy Godmother*

Once upon a time
I too was a girl
who made a wish.
I wished for
a fairy tale romance,
a movie musical romance,
a soap opera romance.
Mostly I wished for
the love of a Boy.
And my wish was granted.
But life goes on beyond
happily ever after.
And I can neither
sing or dance.
And drama for entertainment
is no way to live a life.
So I say be careful
what you wish for.
But do go ahead
and make your wish
for though the Boy
is gone, the lessons
were well worth it.

(102 words)


My idle wish this afternoon
That time for once should fly
That we could wake up mid July
Safe, healthy and immune

(23 words)
Brandi Noelle

Lost Wishes

Where do all the wishes go
once they've been sent
out into the world?
Kissed upon a coin and
tossed into the sprays
of a fountain at the mall.

Or, what of the ones
sent through the air adrift?
With the breath of a child
dandelion seeds flitter,
carrying their wishes away.

Does that first star of the night
shine brighter than the rest
because of the infinite wishes
it carries?
The hopeful whispers cast out
into the night enhancing its sparkle.

Do eyelashes simply flutter
to the ground, their wishes
stepped on by passersby?
Do birthday wishes get
stuck in the hot candle wax
never to journey to fruition?

So many wishes in a lifetime
are made,
sent out into the great unknown.
Some come true while others
merely disappear...
where do they go?

(137 words)

Your well runs deep, good for you. I like it.

(10 words)

Your writing is a pleasure to read.

(7 words)

Home Street Surrealism: a Day 2 #NaPoWriMo2020 / #GloPoWriMo2020 #haibun

Am I asphalt. Am I blacktop and asphalt. Am I slanted and straight. What is slanted and straight. What is asphalt. What is the wind-swept lane that I am. What is the wind. What the wind is.

an empty street

Who lives on 24. Who works from home on 24. Who looks out a bay window at me. Who I look at through a bay window in 24. Who looks out, who dreamed of a full classroom. A classroom where students stood up and walked out. Who walked out as a supervisor sat. A supervisor sat, who looked puzzled. Looking puzzled, the dreamer from 24 said, "that was our last class."

a squawking trio of crows

What I am. What am I. What I wish for. What wish am I for. What does it matter. When has a wish come true? When has truth been a wish? What matters. Matters.

roost in a bare oak

(165 words)
Brandi Noelle

Beautiful sentiment and imagery.

(4 words)


(1 words)
Brandi Noelle

Ah, yes, fruitful simplicity. Lovely!

(5 words)

lovely esp like long and white and crisp

(8 words)


When I was a kid and was cooped up inside,
I wished for some pals in whom to confide
or a trip to the White House with Ike as a guide

or driving the car with two-speed Powerglide
with the girl from next door, who'd become my dear bride.
But then I'd remember, as Dad used to chide:

"If wishes were horses, beggars could ride."

(69 words)
roisin maguire

There's nothing to wish for
Because every moment is fully right
The ache in my knee
The lines on my face
The sun freckling the water through the salt-caked glass.

There's nothing left to wish for
Now my heart's desire has been granted to me.
Time, I cried
Give me time,
And now here it is, long and white and crisp like a wynding sheet

There's no need to wish, now.
Today and every day must be immediate
Each breath tasted
Each heartbeat relished
As the sheet unfurls, relentless, into eternity.

(93 words)


In the shallows, I wait.
Longing for the warmth of the shore...ever watchful of the deep and it's dangers.
I wait for you.

Wishing I could swim for you...seeing you struggle to stay afloat and knowing your battle is solitary.
Still, I wait.

The safe, dry land beckons me with raucous laughter of passersby who wonder why I wade hip-deep only to stare into the horizon.
Vigilant, I wait.

The dark, velvety deep sends shivery hellos...faint reminders of the unspoken horrors that lurk below the water's surface.
I wait.

In the shallows, I live.
Ever-present to the constant call of the deep...always watchful of the step off that steep shelf into the abyss.
I live with you.

One hand reaching to dry land...my limp float holds me in limbo neither there nor here.
Unmoving, I live.

The cold pulls at the sands beneath me...the warm air of the sun burns a reminder of brighter days above the drag.
Constant, I live.

My mind swirling with the extremes of joy before this limbo, and the secrets I drown in that lurk below the water's calm.
I live.

Oh, but what would I give to swim these waters for you.
I would cast myself into the surf with reckless abandon
and never once look back but to see you standing
fully in the safety of the sun.

How my heart would itself keep me afloat to know you could run freely.
Far from the shores of abandon, I would happily wave to the dry
and bear the full weight of your mantel with pride
in great joy of my task.

But such a privilege cannot be mine.
I can learn for you, and teach to you, and walk by your side.
Only you can learn to swim.

So here, in the shallows, I wait.
Burning in the sun.
Drowning in the deep.
I live.

(313 words)

Wishes of Calm

I wish I was better
At accepting and releasing
These harsh and vengeful feelings;
Instead I clench them tight
With no sense or foresight
Of the impact on my mind
Much further down the line...

I allow grudges to grow
And spiral out of control,
A seething, burning resentment
Beyond rational comprehension.
But one I am sadly convinced
Must be fed and continued
Despite the resulting tearful mood.

I only wish I could calm
This bitter and needless storm,
Rise above the temptation
To surrender to its frustrations.
Perhaps there is hope of redemption
If I consciously stop and pause
Before becoming a lost and rambling cause.

(110 words)


I wish the mirror carriers on a conversation
It would be a true rebuttal of your thought
Then you will see a reflection of life
Death will be staring back

(31 words)

Wish Upon a Coin

Silver and copper conspire
at the bottom of the fountain
countless wishes tossed in waters
forever lost to Poseidon

(23 words)

Some Are Disguised

unlike the trees--
which can focus
all their energies
on the work
of being alive
in the spring.
I make wishes.

(24 words)

"Dare we"

Are we to accept the world as it changes
Will spirits stay afloat
On a sea of turbulent yesterdays
Is there a safe port
To set sail for a brighter tomorrow
Dare we wish for normal lives again

(40 words)

The word for 'wish' is very old
It dates back to the cave
We very early learned to tell
the world just what we crave.

In Middle English, Wisshen
and in Fresia, they said wonskje.
The Dutch, they went with wensen
and the Danish hoped with onske.

Their dreams went forth and multiplied,
assuring their dispersal.
And when I wish, I only hope
the gods are universal


(68 words)
Anders Bylund

There once was a man from Berlin
The viruses made him stay in
With a flash of innovation
In his forced isolation
He ended up with a siamese twin

(31 words)
RJ Clarken

Dandelion Wishes

"Dandelions are the genies of the plant world." ~Devon Voyles

I made a wish and blew
on dandelions I held.
Each little pappus flew
with wishes so expelled:
Oh wishes - please come true!

I hoped: I'm full of hope,
but ask, is that enough?
I must not sit and mope.
Dark clouds, I shall rebuff.
My hope? We all can cope.

I dreamed a dream. I said,
"I dream of better days."
I want to look ahead
and not dwell in this phase.
I'll strive for that instead.


(92 words)


Don't wish upon a star, my child
For wishes carry weight
Hopes and dreams may fill your heart
But stars don't dictate fate

When wishes pile upon a star
They pull it from the sky
It plummets with a glitter trail
Falling from on high

There is a better way, my child
For hopes and dreams to grow
Take them to the God above
It's where the best ones go

Then spread your arms beneath the stars
In wonder and delight
Count them slowly one by one
And keep them shining bright

(93 words)

This is all I have today.

I wish...
I wish this virus hadn't happened like this.
Over a million infected people.
Close to sixty-two thousand dead and missed
up to today. It's unfathomable!

(33 words)

Wish blown on a dandelion

The dandelions will bloom.
In summer
I will seek one out
And play havoc
With my yard.
I will close my eyes and
Concentrate hard
On the wish I will
Send with those seeds
Into the universe.
"What wish?" you ask.
I cannot say
It has to be kept secret,
But I will say...
It is a very good wish.

Mary Elizabeth Todd
April 4, 2020

(71 words)

I wish it hadn't happened.
I wish nothing had changed.
I wish that just a simple wish
could get things rearranged.
Back to the way they used to be,
before this all began,
but that's not how it works.
So, we just do the best we can.
And someday, when it's over,
I hope we will understand
just how it came to this,
how it all got so out of hand.
And I hope we'll learn our lessons,
whatever they may be,
but that's not up to us yet.
We'll just have to wait and see.

(96 words)
De Jackson

eyelash flutter

we huff and puff and blow
dandelion f l u f f
from here to kingdom come.

go ahead,
rub the genie's lamp.
rub the buddha's belly.
catch that copper penny fountain
scent right between your teeth.

we are salt-over-shoulder safe,
falling for nothing.
pilfering stagnant stars.


(50 words)
Jane Shlensky


Fresh things are the first to go
then staples.
I have given up meat already.
I need little to survive

but sometimes
unwilling to suit up
to surgically remove abundance
from empty shelves
I dream of crisp apples
and ripe berries
I need little to survive

and since daydreams are free
I imagine swimming again every day
I long for cures to this and all diseases
I wish I could safely touch my loves
I hope we become better than we are
with this lingering isolation
I need little to survive

the perishables are gone, I think
suddenly moved to pity all that lives
my world reduced to what I have
what I love
what I am
and how to make that be enough

(125 words)

A wish is a stone
thrown with a spin
that skips over dreams
but sinks into truth.

(17 words)

Mermaid Wishes

Longing for a daring
underwater escapade.
Yearning to plunge in,
naked and afraid.
Aching for a chance to dance
with dolphins as they play.
Oh, to be a mermaid,
for a day!

Longing to swim in
to fish menageries.
Yearning to speak 'octopus'
beneath the azure seas.
Aching to breathe bare
enchanted water-air.
Oh, to be a mermaid,
young again and free.

Longing to dive deeper-
immersed in exploration.
Yearning to sing with whales
my tales of affirmation.
Aching to test my newfound strength,
and taste sea salt so delicious.
Oh, to be a mermaid
and feel
the sea's warm kisses.

(103 words)

If Horses Were Wishes

I swept the floor
The wishes were so thick
They swirled into the air
Got in my nose
And made me sneeze

"You can hardly get rid of the things"
She grumbled, holding the dust pan for me

"Will they decompose?"
I asked. "Or can we recycle?"

"I wish we could-
Oops, there's another of the damn things"

We watched it swirl from her mouth
Through the air
Joining the litter of lost wishes on the floor

"Thoughts and prayers"
I said as I swept
"I think it's a continuum
And wishes are squeezed in the middle"

She looked up at the ceiling
"Where did those things come from?"
She asked. "You pray?"

"Well, yeah, sometimes"
I said. "It's an old habit"

"It's gonna be hard to get up there"
She said. "I wish we had a ladder
-Oh, crap!"

We watched her wish
Float weightlessly for a moment
Then spiral toward the floor

"I used to wish for a better life"
She said. "I wished I was a poet"

I said "I never heard you rhyme"

"Oh yeah? Listen to this:

I once wished that jewels
Were just as cheap as talk
But if horses were wishes
Conquistadors would walk"

(205 words)

Wishful Thinking

A sun rises above clouds in water vapor
not the smog and industrial invader.
Coffee brewing from the hands of farmer's calling
not the land stripped from its natural falling.

I wish to wake to a morning that calls to kiss the earth
not in tragic mourning.
I raise my hands to the sky to feel the sun
only to hug my own
in toxic hand washing,
and food made from a laboratory coffin.

We are falling.
My body takes the bombings in coughing
and another day that is causing
the land, our babies, another day that is rotting.

We are falling.
My body will pass the tainted water
to my daughter
as she suckles me in hope for a better tomorrow.

Trees fallen onto high rise apartments
cluttered with toys bought from a dollar store department
that hopefully brings us joy
because we have destroyed
a planet in its warming.
Our true joy.

A warning that a storm is coming.

(163 words)


I wish for love
That fits like a glove
That brings much joy
For me to deploy

I wish for laughter
Till ever after
Let it be loud
So it reaches the clouds

I wish for peace
May our hearts be eased
To be together again
In this new terrain

~ Val the Wonderful

(55 words)

I Wish

"I wish," she didn't finish her thought
I didn't know her but she sat across from me
Her hands were tense like knots
Her eyes dark and dreamy

I didn't answer, the rhythm of the train
Filling the air between us
The window filled with color lanes
Greens, blue, and red rust

I was going home after a week
On the coast, selling possibilities
Trying to bridge the distance, I speak
"What do you wish? Loss of responsibilities?"

She smirked at my attempt
But her hands relaxed on her lap
She sighed with discontent
"I wish I had a better map"

"That would show the hazards of life."
I nodded in agreement
She turned back, silence a knife
Tempting me to bereavement

(124 words)

"I bought something from Wish, and it was nothing like the picture promised"

Girl, I get it.

My life is a big ole mess of bills unpaid, tasks undone,
romance obstructed, races unrun.

Diets forgotten, wrinkles displayed,
memory blurring, crows feet splayed.

Ten years seem like yesterday,
forty just a day more.
when I knew what I wanted
and couldn't wait for that door

to open to tomorrow
to unlock the gate
to reveal its grandeur
of that perfect, planned fate.

But the packaging gets warped,
and the dress is too tight,
the photo doesn't match,
and I think I just might

throw a pity party for the package, and my life, and my dreams.

Cause, girl, I get it.
It's just not what it seems.

(126 words)

G. Smith
What would I ask of a genie,
Should one suddenly appear?
Would my first request be for his best,
And release him after all these years?

Would I ask for unlimited treasures?
For wisdom beyond all human bounds?
For power beyond any measure?
To find what cannot be found?

I know I can't ask for more wishes,
Or to bring someone back from the dead;
Can't ask to have somebody love me,
At least that's what I've heard has been said.

I'd want my desires to be thoughtful,
Timely, but not made in haste.
Something with long lasting value,
Something that won't go to waste;

Yes what would I ask of a genie?
What would I want him to do?
I'd tell my one and only wish,
Is to give all my wishes to you.

(145 words)

Longtime Wish

I remember seeing her there
Slender figure, short blond hair
She glided across the country pond
Like at a fairy, I did stare

Of winter games, I was fond
Sled riding, snow angels and beyond
But I slid on ice in dowdy boots
I wished I could soar like the blond

And then one day just for hoots
We went to the rink, traded our boots
For skates like I'd seen several years back
Grace not one of my attributes

Skating skills my ankles did lack
I fell to my knees and on my back
Splat when I tried to spin or twirl
Lovely as a potato sack

When I go through gates of pearl
I wish to skate like that fairy girl
Spin and dip and leap and whirl
Spin and dip and leap and whirl

(139 words)
Linda Voit

The Cost of Wishes

We are raised to know that wishes cost a penny
at a well or fountain, unless we find a lantern to rub
or a golden ticket or we can see stars -
in which case, they are completely free.

We also know they are free on our birthdays
if we are willing to blow out candles and
keep the wishes secret. At weddings
we shower best wishes with abandon.

Usually we only see real cost when they do or do not
come true. Then we start warning others
to be careful what they wish for because we know
wishes sometimes cost more than we can afford.

Linda Voit

(112 words)


(1 words)

Weary Wishes

I'm weary of wishes that just don't come true
Tired of hoping for moods not so blue

Tired of pretending I love to stay home
Locked up like prisoners under a dome

The voice in my head says to just settle down
Be grateful for FaceTime, for masking my frown

Maybe God's Horsemen still wait for their cue
But I'm weary of wishes that just don't come true

(70 words)
Sheryl Deel


As a child, you make wishes.
Blow out the birthday candles;
make a wish.
Blow the dandelion seeds to the wind;
make a wish.
See a shooting star;
make a wish.
Coins tossed into a fountain;
make a wish.
As an adult, wishes are just Dreams.

(47 words)

Monarch flitting free--
The wish of a captive world

(10 words)

Wishing Star

Educated astronomers looked up
Star beckoned them to follow
As it still does to me

(18 words)

Just A Wish

Wishing the world was equal and just
Wishing the sheeple would open their eyes
But evil is present amongst greed and lust
I detest the raunchy despicable lies

(31 words)
Mrs. B

Jiminy Cricket used to sing a song to me
when I would watch him on the old TV.
"When You wish upon a star....
makes no difference who you are."
I would go watch for that star to shine
and then I would wish that wish of mine.
I would smile, though I really new
My wish might never come true.
But I held on to that wish tight
thinking one day it just might.

(75 words)
Alphabet Architect

( a triolet)

If all of your wishes appeared as thought bubbles
I'd make it my mission each wish to fulfill
I'd grant all your wishes by triples or doubles
If all of your wishes appeared as thought bubbles
And surely such granting would end all our troubles
For I would impress upon you my good will
If all of your wishes appeared as thought bubbles
I'd make it my mission each wish to fulfill

(77 words)
Bruce Niedt

Today's NaPoWriMo prompt is to write a poem based on an image from your dreams. They also suggested some idea generators on Twitter including "Magic Realism Bot", which really drew me in with its surreal whimsy. Since I almost never seem to remember my dreams anymore, I used it as my source of inspiration, but the images in the poem are all completely my own.

Ode to Magic Realism Bot
[after a thing on Twitter]

O Bot, I wish I could make my own dreams like you.
I wish I could play pinochle with cheddar cheese.
I wish that Peruvians could drink iced banana wine.
I wish for a private jet stuffed with pancakes.
I wish that dreams could unspool like vacuum cleaner cords,
and slide on linoleum until their hands were blue.
O Bot, give me dreams of major league toads in pinstripes,
or of Michael Stipe as a refrigerator.
Let me dream of falling from a seventeen-story toilet,
checking my cellphone shaped like a unicorn
before I land. Help me see Atlantis through a Coke bottle,
and play "Melancholy Baby" on a tube of toothpaste.
I wish for the ghost of Salvador Dali to pull off his mustache,
for hula hoops to grow from trees, for eight more days
of strawberry yogurt rain, for my bed to turn upside down
and shake me out before I disappear into the mattress.
O Bot, make this all happen every four hours,
and repeat as necessary.

(245 words)
Alaska Christina

"If Wishes Were Horses, Beggars Would Ride"

Riding through the dark night
Towards a precipice of light
Guiding the way home
For those who choose to roam
Dreaming of the days to come
Longing to leave behind where you are from

(53 words)

Stay Home Stay Safe

breathing room
in this house huge with
the leaf blower
the daily news
the onslaught of screentime
silent screamtime
restless sleeptime

maybe we'll try something new
or not
one shirt left to iron
one more phase of the moon
one falling star:
breathing room

(50 words)
Austin Hill

When the pandemic passes,
I shall click the justify option on the keyboard of my life
So that even the very
Heavens will align.

(c) April 2020 Suzanne S. Austin-Hill

(30 words)
Cam Yee


I wish I worried about the world,
The way you worried about the world.

It's not that I don't worry,
It just doesn't keep me up at night,
Like it does you,
Comparing the dark air
To the dark ocean
The distant sound of sirens
To the moan of whales mourning
You clasp your hands over your ears
When their music is too much
For you to stand.

I know you wonder what to do
To keep the bears from drowning,
The birds from flying south too soon,
The buds unfurling to find frost,
The night from never ending

And if you could I know you'd stand
On the shore with a sieve straining the
Salt water for the microns we shed
When we launder our clothes.

While I sleep.

(131 words)
Austin Hill

Wonderfully poetic!

(2 words)
Sara McNulty

One Wish

If we
all had one wish
we'd be on the same page-
to see this horrific plague end
right now.

(22 words)
J.lynn Sheridan

His Only Wish

When liver spots began to decorate his worn face like tiny flat brown moons, and an icing of treacle pressed against his sweating eyelids, when beauty
scars branded him and revealed his life story like woven worries that never unravelled, he replaced his wedding ring with a semper fidelis insignia ring. Because beneath his heart of gold lay a humble grenade sheltering deep in the night woods of his memory, a wishing they'd won that (un)forgotten frozen rage that stole the morsal of idealism planted in his depression era heart.

(93 words)

One Wish

I wish I had a donut.
I wish I was standing inside my favorite bakery
with some friends, all of us chatting and laughing
and breathing on each other.

I wish I could watch Judy study each tray of donuts,
trying to decide on a topping:
Lemonade shortcake or strawberry pie?
Chocolatey sprinkles or caramel swirl?

I wish I could breathe in the warm smell of
frying oil, powdered sugar, berries and coffee.

I wish I could sit with my friends at a tiny round table,
and pass pitchers of cream by hand,
and bite into the cakey sweetness and scatter crumbs
and let them fall where they may.

I wish I could be careless again.
I wish I could.
Most of all
I wish I had a donut.

(131 words)

If Only I Had

If only I had this one last wish
If only my mother took one last gasp of breath again
So I could say to her one more time
"You are not alone in death"
As she was never alone in life

If only these four walls wouldn't close in
Every time the guilt pops up
At not taking her to the hospital sooner
So I could hold her again
With my eyes of wonder
My heart of longing
And arms of tender, unconditional love

If only it wasn't her favorite day of all
The day before Christmas
When magic held on
To every note of a carol
Every carrot nose of a snowman
And every breath of a mesmerized family member
Adult or child

If only we had gone back
To that day and time
Well... then the trauma
Would simply be revisited...

(147 words)

The News Today

I wish I'd missed the news today.
Death and despair, while home I stay.
A boy I read, not older than mine,
Died today, before his time.

The virus, you ask, that covid-19?
Was she to blame for the horrible scene?
Tragically no, his death was a crime,
Shot down in his yard, he could've been mine.

The boy, I mean, an innocent at play.
His mother inside, while he slipped away.
How many times has my son done the same?
Alone in our yard, intent on his game.

As tragedy covers our world like snow,
Virus and shootings are dangerous foe.
And what can I do, alone in my room,
But cry for the loss, and pray it ends soon.

So, tears I'll shed for little ones,
And all the moms who've lost their sons.
But even as I cry and pray,
I wish I'd missed the news today.

(153 words)

Messing With The Muse

Call on your witchy
core with a bird whistle.
Make sure her yawn widens
and her big toe wiggles.

She's your Muse Sister,
you don't want her sleepy.
You want her eyes star-filled.
Be kind, she's a sweetie.

She will grant wishes
to the one who fishes
for the good heart riches,
who fills empty dishes.

She's a pure fairy
but she can get weary.
You make her a quarry,
(her wisdom turns bleary),

you'll mess up badly
with your poems sadly
you'll write even madly
your rhymes won't sync radly.

- Lelawattee Manoo-Rahming

(98 words)
Robert Lee Brewer

"The Well"

Sometimes I wish I could erase an entire day
or year. Somehow I think I could do everything
better if I just had a magic reset button I could
carry around. And here we are miles apart

thinking the same thoughts in different ways.
How could I possibly wish away all the things
that went right to justify removing the should-
have-beens that constantly tug at the heart?

(70 words)

I Wish for Peace During this time of crisis

I wish for peace and happiness
during this time of despair
pandemic fears all around us
death stalking us daily

I wish for health
amid the carnage
all around me

I wish for leadership
from our President
from our governors
and our congress

and most importantly
I wish that I will survive
with my love at my side
experiencing love
in the time of corona

(74 words)

OH I WISH . . .

Oh I wish I could write fast enough
To post a poem for everyday
But, I get preoccupied
Yes, easily led astray

I see many do get it done
That is style
Jealous of their talent
Unfortunately, it takes me awhile

Longing for some poetic words
To meet this posting time
Doesn't always work
It's hard to find that perfect rhyme

Confident I trudge on
Searching for phrases
That will be good enough
To fill the pages

At first I didn't want to post
Just reading left me content
But my friends said take the plunge
Oh, what torment

You need to get something out there
You don't have to boast
You have words to share
Practice makes it easy to post

Sure, it's scary doing something new
Please, just let it go
Post what you have written
That's how you will grow

Oh I wish I could write fast enough
To post a poem for everyday
Still, I have progressed
And yes, my friends say - hurrah

(174 words)

My Wishes For You On Your Second Birthday
(in April 2020)

muddy paths and
duck sightings
and tiny blue flowers

turtle on a log
and fish in schools
and laughter even louder

hugging trees and
whispering wishes
and sunny golden hours

(41 words)

If wishes were horses
writers would ride
the wish whish whoosh
of flowing manes, long coats,
quill and ink streaks,
sketching, scratching
eiderdown images
plucked from the breast
capturing light, speed,
and racing rhythm
of staccato hooves,
casting life into lines
projecting motion and picture
onto narrow
canyon walls.
A pauper picks them
from dipping branch,
fragrant, juice-filled
sounds and syllables,
then spins them into gold.

(67 words)
Marie Elena

Pardon? Maybe I Need Hearing Aids.

Which wish is which?
Witch wish is which?
Which witches swish?
Which swishes which?
Which wishes switch?
Which wishes swish?

(c) Marie Elena Good, 2020

Not much of a poem, but lots of fun to write!

(42 words)

Twinkling stars above above
God hear my plea
Send me someone like Ray's Evangeline
To hold, to hug
Let me kill all those nasty bugs
Newspapers bats
Oh, I'd do all that

I'd like to laugh
Under linen and lavender sheets
Sunday afternoons taking the laundry out in heaps
Floating blankets that drift up, crumbled in my fist
And from the hall, you'd walk in and laugh
Coming in to grab the other half
We all know it takes two to wrangle a fitted sheet . . .

I'd take you out
My car would get muddy tires
Blanket in the sun
Twirling daffodils under our thumbs
It'd be lively and lovely

I'd walk draping fingers, hand in hand
Grand giant oversized sunhats and sunscreen in my bag
Bringing enough for me,
and for you too,
Don't ya' see redheads burn easily, but I care about you too
Despite your protests, I wanna keep you
Keep you away from skin cancer and blistery, boiling sunburns at all costs, but-
We can walk along the sand
Go splash about in the foamy ocean
Search for seashells in the sand dunes

I'd take you to the festivals too
Introduce you to the depths of my cultural history
American Fireworks in July
And Japanese cheery blossoms springing up all over the coastal hillside
Dancing about in the streets
Trying sketchy things to eat

And I would take you out to concerts
Sitting in those plush sheets
Tossed programs crushed beneath our feet
Apologies if I take a yawn or two
Stretch my arms and appear to fall on you
I'm notorious for catching some zz's
But I'd still do my best to make you smile
If anyone would choose to stick around for a while

And late at night
Shoulder blades neatly folded under my back
I'll stare up at Evangeline
and the Blue Fairy too
Wondering when they'll bring me an angel too

(322 words)


I wish I had been there
Though I could have done nothing
To stop your death

I wish I had been there
Holding your hand
When you took your last breath

I wish I had called that morning
To say I love you one more time
To hear your voice again

I wish I could call you today
To say all the many things
I didn't get to tell you then

(72 words)

Wishes for a Gen-C Child

A child arrived today,
born in a hospital where
doctors and nurses
hurry along the corridors

no time for elevators
the staccato of their footsteps
echoes in the stairwells
everything is code red

an armada of high-tech machines,
each one a life raft
for the sick and dying,
blink and beep without end.

The new child knows none of this,
she knows only a sudden hunger
a pair of welcoming arms
the soft curve of a breast

the cadence of a familiar heartbeat
the pulse of sweet, warm
mother's milk, a gentle caress
a lull into dream-filled half-sleep.

The child is of a new generation,
a tribe christened Gen-C, born
amidst the crisis of Coronavirus--
tiny pandemic pilgrims.

And today for this Gen-C infant
I will use the flour and sugar
I have so carefully hoarded
and make a tiny cake

grace it with a single burning
candle, whisper a simple prayer
that she may grow strong, travel
this world unburdened of fear

be free to reach out, to touch
and stand close to friends and family
close enough that their heartbeats
become the familiar cadence of love.

(193 words)
Pearl Ketover Prilik

Falling Star

long ago soft summer nights
grandmother's green velvet
carpets and her contralto
voice clear sweet - Papa
humming - mullioned
windows flung open
to navied night as Como
sang 'catching a falling star"
and a tiny girl breathless in
a gown of grandmother's silk
slip - sank into the granted wish
of a summer sleepover

(57 words)
Tony Derbyshire


I wished for more time
So I may pursue my dream
Now there's no excuse

(16 words)
Pearl Ketover Prilik

Falling Star

long ago soft summer nights
grandmother's green velvet
carpets and her contralto
voice clear sweet - Papa
humming - mullioned
windows flung open
to navied night last Como
sang 'catching a falling star"
and a tiny girl breathless in
a gown of grandmother's silk
slip - sank into the granted wish
of a summer sleepover

(57 words)

As You Wish

The Bible says
if you delight in the Lord
He will give you
the desires of your heart.
But I'll tell you a little secret.

Before you dream of riches,
fame and power know that
as you delight in Him,
He changes what you desire,
before He grants them

(52 words)

Dark Nights
by Paula Riggs

the night, clouds cover
all hope of
shooting stars
and sending wishes to the
far side of the moon

(25 words)
Dennis LeMahieu

"Wish to undo "
Wish I could do over
My being
a know it all kid
Not listening to
my Dad's advice
Turns out he became
so smart
as I aged
Wish I could do over
not accepting
Parents dinner invitations
not spending alive
moments together
Wish I could do over
my empty headed education
deaf ears towards my
Wish I could do over
my wasted uncreativity
being a sleeping rock
Wish I could do over
my broken relationships
blowing away real love
Wish I could do over
..a broken
not fixing marriage
unknowing I
had what I was
always looking for
But not doing over
bringing into this World
.. two beautiful daughters
that make all the
Wishing Wells
Love Full

(123 words)
Sara McNulty

I like the path this poem took.

(7 words)
Empress of All

My heart responded to this. So poignant and timely.

(9 words)

Oh, I experienced this sleepover adventure with my grandmother!

(9 words)

Love this line: To find what cannot be found?

(9 words)

You captured a lot about wishes into your poem, well done!

(11 words)
Sara McNulty

Beautiful, Jane!

(2 words)
Empress of All

Beautiful, Jane. Thank you for these haunting images.

(8 words)
Sara McNulty

Love this!

(2 words)
Empress of All

Very cool.

(2 words)
Sara McNulty

Whimsical, lovely poem.

(3 words)
Sara McNulty

Well done, Damon!

(3 words)
amy todd-paine

Slow Down.

There is magic here.
Can you sense it?

Delicate apple blossoms imitating snowflakes,
unseen laughter tumbling around softened corners,
the recurring wish to postpone the shadows' lengthening.

Inhale deeply the innocent wonder.

For here there are children playing.

(40 words)

So many times
I've walked
To the stream
With a wish
To catch a fish,
Only to be
Cast away.

(22 words)
Pat Walsh

the wish
by Patrick J. Walsh

they called it the wish book
for the vast array of things
you could choose from
and its hope for better days
sparkled like a promise
as bright as its shiny pages

but it was the way your mom
let you find your favorite things
and how your dad smiled
at the choices you made
that makes everyone wish
that it was still around today

(71 words)


I wish I wasn't stuck inside
a tiny cardboard box.

I sit in the corner
knees to my chest
watching words swirl
around my head like
Bluebirds. Singing breathtaking sonnets
and ballads with flowery, inspirational words
invoking deep emotion
that resonates with the reader.
Vertigo swarms my brain
with the insecurities of it all.
My head on my knees, trying not
to hyperventilate, I feel the first burning sting
on the back of my neck. I hear the raging buzz.
Swatting at an invisible invasion, I catch a glimpse
of a hornet before it vanishes. Another burning sting
with laser precision lands at the back of my head.
Red welts on my hands, on my legs,
let me know it's not a hallucination.

I blink my eyes.
I'm standing beside the box.
I raise my foot and slam it into its side.
Yes, stupid I know.
So I do it again with greater force. The
box bounces into a nearby stream.
Thud! splash! I watch it float away
faster and faster downstream.
The box gets smaller and smaller.
Panic freezes in my chest and
I run after the box screaming,
"Wait, come back you took all my words!"
I stumble and fall
(predictable) then
face plant into bright, green plastic grass.

Scraped and bleeding, welts swollen with pus,
I support myself on one knee before trying to get up.
I look up and spot another box. "Seriously?" I sigh.
Wary, I tiptoe over to the box. Suspicious that
it could be a cluster of spiders or possibly a nest of scorpions.
"Hello?" I whisper.
I kneel down.
Ear to box, eyes alert, breath frozen, I hear--
My finger automatically reaches out to open it.

I jump back and one red word slips out from the top of the box.
B a l l o o n
It hovers, and my fingers pause before lightly gripping around the l l.
We float up, then sideways, sideways, up, up, up,
through the layers of the Earth's atmosphere.
We reach a vast universe of words.
Words of all colors and meanings. Simple words, difficult words,
long words, short words, old words, new words.
So many beautiful words.
I see my home below.
Billions of specs of dust moving, so busy.
Each trying to set itself apart from the collective
in a world that wants to keep us in a box.

(399 words)

A Lost Wish

When I visit the cemetery
of late night conversations,
of talks before departures,
of arguments and discourse,
the ghosts of every word
I didn't say linger.
They taunt me. Haunt me.
They flaunt the silence, drifting,
forcing me to wonder how it feels
to feel awe and terror while driving
through murky fog, to wish
there was a well made
for throwing away unwanted words.

"All is well." All is well,
buried beneath dust and sand,
dust and dirt mixed
with mulch made of wishes,
made of desires and grievances
and every branch born
of decisions forfeited.
No, you can't raise
the past; you can't conjure
the outcome dissolved
when you buried words struggling
to escape non-existence.
I wish. I wish I could.

(126 words)

Firefly Wishes

When I was a child, still afraid
of the dark that gathered around,
my father would point to the spark
of a firefly dancing across the dew
at dusk. It's a wish you know.
Go catch them, fill a jar with their glow
until wishes light your dreams and
keep you safe through darkest night.
And the moon was in her rightful place
smiling down and filling the sky with hope.
Look up. Even now
the moon is still in her rightful place
smiling down and filling the sky with hope.
--Christina Perry

(95 words)
Bill Kirk

Wishing Is For Wishers
By Bill Kirk

I don't believe in wishing.
I truly wish I did.
But wishes only truly work,
When wishing as a kid.

For kids know what to wish for,
And just how they should ask.
There's not a wish too big or small--
Nor far too hard a task.

A child's wish is quite simple;
Ne'er doubtful nor unsure.
Its form is clear and to the point
Its sentiments are pure.

A child will keep on hoping.
For hope's how wishing thrives.
In hope they know, although unseen,
Their every wish survives.

It matters not if wishes,
Might seem way out of reach.
Belief is where kids put their trust,
And trust is what they teach.

Though not a fan of wishing,
I truly wish I were.
Perhaps my wishes would come true;
My hope/faith--less a blur....

(142 words)
Empress of All

"My Wish"
My wish was...
Oh, sorry, I can't tell you or it won't come true.
But, if it will make you feel any better,
What I wished for myself, I wished for you.

Howdy, I'm posting this again as it somehow got released in the Day 1 section of the popped poems.

(53 words)
Michele Cable

If I Only Knew...

A few months back I felt
life's routines were a bore.
I longed for a change
I should not have complained.
'Careful what you wish for.

(30 words)
P.A. Beyer

Friday Night Fights

The broken plate
that missed the mark
always leaves a mark
on the inside
and the salty tears
are just desserts
to the finished bottle of wine
and I wish life fit
like a puzzle piece
perfectly aligned
but we're not even
from the same box -
not to mention
you don't have
the patience
and I'm doing
nothing but time

(64 words)

Nursery Rhyme for the New Plague
by Beth Weaver-Kreider

Ring around the rosie,
ashes, down we fall.
London Bridge is tumbling down.
Mirror on the wall:

I wish I may, I wish I might
see how my garden grows,
upstairs and downstairs
and a pocketful of rose.

Plague Doctor! Plague Doctor!
Whither shall I wander?
Only in your pumpkin shell
and to the gate. No further.

(66 words)
Maria Grace

I wish that I were not as I am
A two-fold creature, a contradiction,
A cross-grained, contrary, kind curmudgeon,
A selfish solitary, who can't help mothering
Friend and family; wry and reticent
A realist, and idealist- a difficult temper,
A burden (it seems) to self and others-
Though none of the others will let that stand.

I wish I were as I am meant to be,
Fearless and faithful, forbearing,fierce,
Slow to anger, and warm and wise-yet
Able still, to stand my ground, in calm
And quiet principle. To trust,
And not lose sight of hope, however dark,
The world may be. But I am me,
My fallen self, and not who I would wish to be.

(117 words)

G. Smith (BMI)
Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
Sometimes I wonder where you really are;
Shining down on me from somewhere far.
Twinkle, twinkle, little star.

Twinkle , twinkle clear and bright.
Through it all, you're like a guiding light;
I gaze your way now almost every night,
Twinkle, twinkle clear and bright.

Some folks say that I should wish on you,
I'm not so sure what good that would do,
Hanging up there in the evening blue,
I feel you're missing her, too.

Twinkle, twinkle through 'til dawn,
Then I feel like I can carry on,
The sun comes up and the pain is gone,
Twinkle, twinkle through 'til dawn.

Twinkle, twinkle friendly star;
Twinkle always, friendly star.

(121 words)
Janet Kay Gallagher

Day 4
4 April 2020
Janet Kay Gallagher

Some people I know
Waste time wishing
Not working to make them come true
No plan where to go

Wishing is fun
Dreaming is too
Ideas come from them
So you know what to do

Wish on a star if you want to
Wish your friends and family
Joy, health, and happiness
And good will come to you

(67 words)

She wishes

She wishes
for the sun
to shine brightly
upon her
dulled face

She wishes
for the rain
to shower
upon her
pale cheeks

She wishes
for the stars
to sparkle
into her
sleepy eyes

She wishes
for him
to find
her at last

When I'm famous

It doesn't matter now my sweet
But when I'm famous
Wouldn't you wish you'd
Spoken to that ponderous girl?

Insignificant maybe now
So trifling a smile
But wouldn't you wish you'd spared me one
That was worthwhile?

I won't need it now
Praises will do
They all love me
Superstars too

Look at me now my sweet
I'm tremendously famous today
Wouldn't you wish you'd smiled at me
Just once that day

(120 words)
Janet Kay Gallagher

Day 4
3 April 2020
Janet Kay Gallagher

Some people I know
Waste time wishing
Instead of doing
And have nothing to show

Wish on a star if you want to
But do the work to make the wish come true
Wish your family and friends joy, health, and happiness
And good things will happen for you too.

Wishing is fun
Dreaming is too
Ideas will come from them
So you know what you should do

(77 words)


Wishing with Longing
The heart spills its ache
as the waterfall's rainbow arcs
sending hues of fulfillment
and a sustaining glow
even after the colors fade.

Wishing with Musing
The idea struggles to form
as a dust speck blinks out of my eye
gazing clearly toward emerging thought
and finally it arrives, written down for future development.

Wishing with Annoyance
The day begins with slow internet
as the TV commercials grow louder
Sending the dog into incessant barking
and the car's front tire is flat
ever-wanting a respite of peacefulness.

Wishing with Regrets
The woman remembers black curls
as she wonders what would have been
had she let that crush develop
into what they both knew
would have been a lifetime together.

Wishing with Possibility
The future has layers of distance
as the clocks and calendars age
bringing new nows to wander through
and experience fulfilled desires
expressed only to the first night star.

(156 words)
Barb Hall


(1 words)

This is powerful.You really expressed A person's life.
"woven worries that never unraveled"really touched me.

(15 words)

WOW.I know this man. The brown moons, the insignia ring, the frozen rage. Good job!

(15 words)

YUM! Now I want a donut!

(6 words)
Maria Grace

I am now hungry for a donut [?]
I enjoyed this poem very much. Thank you.

(16 words)
Sara McNulty

Sure ain't! Love this poem, Sloan.

(6 words)
Empress of All

Yes. Live each day...

(4 words)
Linda Rhinehart Neas

That Lucky Star

First light in the evening sky,
bright enough to be seen
even though the dark has not truly descended,
I wish...
that "normal" would not include
face masks, gloves and social distancing.
I wish...
that those who lead would learn from mistakes,
not just keep repeating them at the peril of others.
I wish...
that those I love can feel my arms around them,
knowing that they are with me always.
I wish...
that the words here could fly to all,
ease pain and suffering, bring hope and light
on that first light in the evening sky.

(100 words)

I often wish ideas came, not in words
But images to bring my thoughts to life.
Instead of trying to describe some birds
I could think red or blue, without the strife
of angry clarity or softened hue.
Instead of writing death I'd show a grave
a dark hole open to the tearful view
of mourners gathered round the hole to brave
their crushing inner sadness and assuage
the picture of last hours spent in pain.
But words are sounds, vibrations in the air
and dissipate before we are aware

(93 words)

3 wishes haiku

Blow out the candles
Hold, drop coin in wishing well
First star make a wish


(19 words)

Maia Madden

Wishes and Regrets

Wishes often turn to regrets
As life blurs their edges
Once so bright and hopeful
They lose color like clouds at sunset
Shedding their brilliant shifting shades
Until night swallows them whole

But some wishes still are answered
The small forgotten ones that season
Our ordinary days with hope
Hummingbirds hovering over roses
The first sip of coffee on a cloudy morning
The tug of a child's hand begging for a story

A walk through April's greenest grass
Can bring a burst of happiness
As can rain on a sleepy Sunday afternoon
Reading under the soft shelter of blankets
All the unspoken wishes for peace and comfort
Are often granted, but seldom perceived

But the big wishes, for forever unions
For the perfect happy family
For belonging and doing good and finding meaning
All those fall like autumn leaves
Leaving only the memory
Of a lover's perfect touch

(153 words)

Good-Humored, Not Vicious, Wishes

What doth the humble gallbladder dream?
Its bile forlorn by all Mankind
Who rancor renounce but not the wine
Its toil on blue-grey brow wouldst gleam.
This dear little machine asks not glory
Discrete, it yields to livers' whim
So the pizza you ate won't make you grim.
Vessica bilaris, sweet amore!

~ pcm

(59 words)

If All Were Granted

If all wishes were granted, the sky could be pink,
oceans golden and trees blue.

If all wishes were granted, global warming might not exist,
our plague be history and have peace worldwide.

If all wishes were granted, borders would not separate
distant lover - in time, space and circumstance.

Some wishes are for childhood, some commonality;
others are mere dreams in the sphere.

If all wishes were granted, we would have no
hope, imagination or room for poetry musings.

(84 words)

The Album of Dreams and Wishes

Sometimes adventure must be found
Within the pictures in a book
Welsh valleys where ancestors trod
A village green , a fish filled brook
Markets filled with meats and plants
The local pub, an inglenook
Stone castles crumbling on a hill
Some roadside sheep and cawing rook
We dream of those we've never met
Who live in pages of a book

(67 words)

Beautifully written.

(2 words)

Wish poem

I recall a story in junior high
An alien grants three wishes
The protagonist wishes for a wife
And gets one. An Alien wife!

More famous is "The Moneky's Paw"
A talisman grants three wishes
The main character wishes for money
And gets some. At the loss of a son!

Then Disney's Aladdin pops up
A genie grants three wishes
Aladdin does not wish for himself
He frees another. He gets it!

It is always three wishes
Literature warns, "You won't get what you wish for."
You are the protagonist. Wish well
but not in selfishness. You'll Get it.

(101 words)

Wish Granters' Lament

O you selfish humans
How you disappoint!
Always asking for fame & money
Expensive cars you just wreck
One true loves you abuse
& animals you neglect
Even now, you've passed on your greed
even your children wish for material things

After millennia of grantings
Our own wishes go unfulfilled
You never ask for world peace
Clean water, air & untainted food
The safety of Mother Gaia
Or the animals she protects
not even the needs of family
friends or people you've never met

We, wish granters, have earned
bad reps through the ages
Granting wishes with conditions
and some mischievously misaligned
But you'd think by now
you humans would realize
we are tired of your nonsense
your selfish & petty desires

Those pennies you toss
& bones you break
falling stars
& rubbed bottles
None of it matters
'til you let go of ego
& only thinking of self
our ears are deafened
& our mouths are closed
no wishes will be granted
no, not a single one
We are on strike, you see
'til you humans have grown

(183 words)
Brian Slusher


Approach her slowly; you must not
startle a wish, especially one as high-
strung as this. Extend your hand
gently--a wish is a powerful animal
and needs to be respected, almost
courted. The wish may shy at first,
but once you touch it, feel it tremble
like a powerful engine idling, ready,
you'll know it's your wish to command.

Astride a wish, you cannot be
anxious, for the wish will pick up
on your fear. If your wish does
spook, sit back, sit deep, and relax
so you can keep your balance
and get the wish back under control.
Don't stiffen and clamp down.
If you haul back on the reins, the wish
may throw you--stay loose.

Whatever is alarming, ignore the object
and just work the wish, gradually getting
closer and closer to whatever the scary thing is.
It often just takes patience and exposing
your wish to more things, through going out
on the trail more often so your wish learns
to ignore the distractions. You and your
wish should be one: the world is not out
to get your wish, but you and your wish
are out to get the world.

(198 words)
Linda Voit

What a wonderful, vivid memory - and thanks for using so many senses to bring us along!

(17 words)
Kiril Kundurazieff

A Wish by Kiril Kundurazieff

Halfway through the night
I wake up with a scream
After confirming I wasn't dead
I remembered my dream.
I wished I could walk
Down a street, or two
Actually, all over town
Feeling happy